which of the following ways can you collaborate on a presentation with a group of colleagues?

which of the following ways can you collaborate on a presentation with a group of colleagues?

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1. ____ view displays your presentation on the whole computer screen. 2. Content Placeholders : 3. A presentation with a clear message that reads like a ____ and is illustrated with appropriate visual aids will have the greatest impact on your audience. 4. After you enter text in a placeholder, the placeholder becomes a text ____ 5. Clicking the ____ button in the Themes group displays the Themes gallery window. 6. In ____ view, you have the option of saving your presentation to your computer or SkyDrive. 7. Normal view is divided into two panes, the slide pane and the __________ pane. 8. On the Ribbon, each set of primary commands is identified by a(n) ____. 9. The ____ is fully customizable. 10. The ____ organizes all of PowerPoint's primary commands. 11. The blinking vertical line that indicates where your text will appear when you type is called the ____. 12. The default view that PowerPoint opens in is called ____ view. 13. The New Slide button is in the Slides group on the ____ tab. 14. The Zoom slider is located on the ____. 15. Themes are found on the ____ tab. 16. Using ____ computing, you can take advantage of Microsoft Office Web apps to do your work in a virtual environment. 17. When you are typing in a text placeholder, which feature decreases the font size in order to fit the text in the placeholder? 18. When you embed fonts, the size of your presentation ____. 19. Where are the View Shortcuts buttons located? 20. Which dialog box do you use to embed fonts? 21. Which of the following is an exception to copyright protection? 22. Which of the following items can you import into a presentation? 23. Which of the following views has no View Shortcuts button? 24. Which of the following ways can you collaborate on a presentation with a group of colleagues? 25. With PowerPoint, you can import text, photographs, numerical data, and facts from files created in such programs as ____. 26. You can press ____ to decrease the indent level. 27. You can preview the look of a design theme before committing to it using ____. 28. Copyright law is a type of intellectual property law that protects ____. 29. Slide Sorter view is primarily used to ____. 30. The ____ view can be found among the View Shortcuts buttons. 31. The Quick Access toolbar provides immediate access to common commands that you use all the time, such as ____. 32. The Ribbon is made up of the following elements: ____. 33. Slide Show view displays thumbnails of all slides; use this view to rearrange and add special effects to your slides. 34. A Live Preview lasts about 2 minute(s) and then your slide reverts back to its original state. 35. A selection box has a(n) solid line border and sizing handles that appear around the placeholder, indicating that it is selected and ready to accept text. 36. A slide template contains text and object placeholders that are arranged in a specific way on the slide. 37. Considering the delivery location of your presentation is part of the planning process. 38. Printing pure black-and-white prints without any gray tones can save printer toner. 39. Unauthorized use of protected work (such as downloading a photo or a song from the Web) is known as copyright law , and can lead to legal action. 40. You can switch between views using the commands in the Presentation Views group on the VIEW tab. 41. You have the ability to create a new font theme from scratch by using the Create New Theme Fonts dialog box. 42. You print your presentation when you want to review your work or when you have completed it and want a(n) soft copy. 43. A text box and a digital image are both examples of objects. 44. Copyright protects the underlying facts or concepts, but not the expression of an idea. 45. Handouts are pages of your presentation that you print and distribute to your audience. 46. If you embed fonts in your presentation, you will not have to worry about the availability of those fonts on other computers 47. The Quick Access toolbar is only visible when the Home tab is active. 48. When you start PowerPoint, by default, the program opens in Slide Show view. 49. ____ view is a special view that you typically use when showing a presentation through two monitors. 50. Pressing [Ctrl] + ____ changes the current pointer during a slide show back to the arrow key. 51. All of the following are placeholders you can add EXCEPT ____. 52. All of the following are theme color options EXCEPT ____. 53. Animation tags identify the ____ in which objects are animated during slide show. 54. Document properties include ____. 55. During a slide show, which key is pressed to pause the slide show? 56. Exit and Entrance are.______ 57. In Presenter view, the next slide appears in the presentation appears in the ____ corner of the screen. 58. In the accompanying figure, the icon that shows the curved arrow that is pointing to the left will ____. 59. In the accompanying figure, the icon that shows two short vertical lines will ____ the presentation. 60. In the accompanying figure, the straight arrow pointing to the right will move the presentation to the next ____. 61. The ____ keyboard command erases an annotation drawing. 62. The Check Compatibility feature searches for ____. 63. The name of the author who created the presentation is included in ____. 64. To begin checking the spelling in your presentation, click the ____ tab on the Ribbon and then click the Spelling button in the Proofing group. 65. When ____ is selected under Advance Slide in the Timing group, you have to click to manually advance slides during a slide show. 66. When PowerPoint finds a misspelled word or a word that is not in its dictionary, the ____ pane opens. 67. When the Microsoft Translator analyzes text, the ____ may also appear. 68. Which key is pressed to go to the last slide in a slide show? 69. You can use the ____ to delete ink annotations. 70. A _____ can be inserted using the Text Box button. 71. A(n) _____ is an example of a data series marker. 72. All of the following are graphics file formats EXCEPT ____. 73. Although your e-mail program allows you to attach files, you can send a presentation using Outlook from within PowerPoint. Click the FILE tab, click Share, click E-mail in the center pane, then click Send as ____. 74. Among the options shown in the accompanying figure, the ____ option shows changes in values in relation to a center point. 75. Among the options shown in the accompanying figure, the _____ option tracks values over time.1. Slide Show 2. Can be used to insert text or objects such as clip art, tables, charts, etc. These will appear on any new slide (except the first one) but can be changed at any time. 3. Story 4. object 5. More 6. Backstage 7. Thumbnails 8. Tab 9. Quick Access toolbar 10. Ribbon 11. Insertion point 12. Normal 13. Home 14. Status bar 15. Design 16. Cloud 17. Autofit Options Button 18. Increases 19. Status bar 20. PowerPoint options 21. Fair use 22. Photographs, text and numerical data 23. Notes page 24. Through a shared workspace on the internet 25. Word, Excel and Access -all of the above 26. Shift Tab 27. Live Preview 28. Books, art, and the expression of an idea 29. Thumbnails of all slides 30. Normal, Reading, Slide Sorter 31. Undo Redo Save 32. Tabs, groups, buttons 33. False (Slide Sorter View) 34. False (1 minute) 35. False (dashed line) 36. False (Layout) 37. True 38. True 39. False (infringement) 40. True 41. True 42. False (Hard copy) 43. True 44. False (protects the expression of an idea but not the underlying facts or concepts) 45. True 46. True 47. False (you can see it always) 48. False (Normal view) 49. Presenter 50. Control + A 51. Background (you can add Content, Text, Picture, Chart, Table, SmartArt, Media, and Picture) 52. Primary colors, Accents colors, Hyperlink colors, text/background color 53. Order 54. Subject matter and author name 55. [S] 56. Animation categories 57. Upper-right 58. reset the clock to zero for the current slide 59. Pause 60. Slide 61. [E] 62. Unsupported features 63. Metadata 64. REVIEW 65. On Mouse Click 66. Spelling 67. Mini Toolbar 68. [End] 69. Document Inspector 70. Word processing box or text label 71. Pie wedge 72. HTML (BMP, PNG, TIFF are all graphic files formats) 73. Attachment 74. Radar 75. Line
76. By using the Reuse Slides pane, you can insert slides from another presentation or a network location called a ____. 77. Cells in the first or top row of a chart are ____ names and provide further information about the data. 78. Every chart has a corresponding ____ that contains the numerical data displayed by the chart. 79. In PowerPoint, you can insert documents saved in all of the following formats EXCEPT ____. 80. Once you have created a table, the ____ tab appears on the Ribbon. 81. PowerPoint uses ____ to create numerical charts. 82. Right-click a slide in the Thumbnails pane and then click ____ to create an exact copy of a slide. 83. The ____ button resets slide placeholders to their default position, size, and text formatting. 84. The Corrections button is in the ____ group. 85. The default 2D chart in the Insert Chart dialog box is the ____ chart. 86. The items shown in the accompanying figure are assorted ____ types. 87. The WordArt text styles and effects include ____. 88. To add a hyperlink to a slide, use the Hyperlink button in the Links group on the ____ tab. 89. To copy noncontiguous slides, open Slide Sorter view, click the first slide thumbnail, press and hold ____, click each additional slide thumbnail, release the key, and then click the Copy button. 90. To display multiple presentation windows side by side, click the VIEW tab in any presentation window, and then click the ____ button in the Window group. 91. When working with a table, press _____ to move to the next line within the same cell. 92. When you insert a slide from another presentation, the new slide has the design style and formatting of the ____presentation. 93. You can format any text with a WordArt style. Select the text, click the DRAWING TOOLS ____ tab on the Ribbon, then click a WordArt style option in the WordArt Styles group. 94. There are _____different types of pictures in Power Point. 95. You can insert a chart using the Insert Chart button in the ____ group, on the INSERT tab. 96. After you insert a table, the TABLE TOOLS DISPLAY tab opens on the Ribbon. False Design 97. BMP and JPEG are graphics format choices. 98. In a worksheet, the boxes with the letters across the top are column headings. 99. The Center chart type shows changes in values in relation to a center point. 100. The SmartArt text styles and effects include text shadows, reflections, glows, bevels, 3D rotations, and transformations. 101. The Large resolution setting, Computer & HD Displays ( 1280 x 720), is used for viewing on a computer monitor, projector, or other high definition displays. 102. To insert slides from another presentation into a current presentation, click the New Slide list arrow in the Slides group, then click Insert Slides 103. When you insert text from Microsoft Word paragraphs with tabs become slide titles. 104. You can create an individual text box by clicking the Data button in the Text group on the INSERT tab of the Ribbon. 105. You can hide a portion of the picture you don't want to be seen by cropping it. 106. To change text box defaults, press [Shift], right-click the formatted text box, release [Shift], and then click Set as Default Text Box on the shortcut menu. 107. Both types of text boxes can be formatted and edited just like any other text object. 108. Click a chart in the PowerPoint window and then move your pointer over each bar in the chart to see the data source values. 109. Paragraphs with one tab indent become slide titles when you insert text from Microsoft Word into PowerPoint. 110. The cropped portion of a picture is no longer available to you if you change your mind and want to show that part of the picture again. 111. You can use PowerPoint slides as graphics and later use them in other presentations, in graphics programs, and on Web pages. 112. You cannot add hyperlinks to charts in PowerPoint. 113. To select an unselected text object, press [____], click the text object, and then release [____]. 114. A ____ graphic is a professional-quality diagram that visually illustrates text. 115. A shape's red, green, and blue (RGB) color values are also known as its ____. 116. A SmartArt graphic consists of two parts: the SmartArt graphic itself and a(n) ____ pane. 117. Pressing [Shift] as you drag to create a shape maintains the shape's ____ as you change its size. 118. As you move the pointer over font names in the font list, the text on the slide displays a ____ of the different font choices. 119. If you want to customize the form (or outline) of any shape in the shapes gallery, you can modify its ____ points. 120. In the PowerPoint rulers, the current location of the cursor is identified by a small ____ in the ruler. 121. Instead of changing individual attributes, you can apply a Quick Style to a ____. 122. Other than the Slide pane, where can you enter slide text? 123. Some objects have an adjustment handle that can be moved to change the ____ of the object. 124. The ____ commands found on the Align list evenly space objects horizontally or vertically relative to each other or the slide. 125. The ____ toolbar is convenient to use for formatting text when the HOME tab is closed. 126. The Align commands are in the ____ group. 127. The Convert to SmartArt Graphic button is in the ____ group. 128. The Font Color button is on the ____ tab. 129. The Font Color gallery includes Theme Colors and the ____ Colors. 130. The PowerPoint guides appear as dotted lines on a slide and usually intersect at the ____ of a slide. 131. There are ____ categories of SmartArt graphics. 132. To move an object to the bottom of the stack, click the Send Backward arrow and then click Send to Back in the Arrange group on the DRAWING TOOLS ____ tab. 133. To replace specific text in a presentation, click the ____ tab on the Ribbon, then click the Replace button in the Editing group. 134. Which key do you press to create a new bullet? 135. You can copy a selected shape by holding down the ____ key. 136. You can press and hold ____ to turn off the snap-to-grid feature. 137. You can radically change how a SmartArt graphic looks by applying a SmartArt ____. 138. You can use the ____ command to replace one font for another in a presentation. 139. Design styles are organized into sections; the top group offers suggestions for the best match for the document, and the bottom group shows you all of the possible 3-D styles that are available. 140. Smart Guides help you position objects relative to each other and determine equal distances between objects. 141. A Quick Format is a set of formatting options, including line style, fill color, and effects. 142. A SmartArt Theme is a preset combination of simple and 3-D formatting options that follows the presentation theme. 143. If you press [ Tab ] as you drag to create a shape, the shape maintains even proportions. 144. The Format Shape pane allows you to change the size of a shape, as well as the rotation, scale, and position of a shape on the slide. 145. Pressing [Shift][Enter] while the cursor is in the text object creates a new slide with the same layout as the previous slide. 146. When you are working in Outline view, a new slide is created when you press [Shift][Tab] 147. In PowerPoint, it is possible to combine several shapes together to make a more complex figure. 148. Merging shapes, which combines multiple shapes together, provides you the potential to create a variety of unique geometric shapes that are not available in the Shapes gallery. 149. The Quick Access Toolbar contains basic text-formatting commands, such as bold and italic, and appears when you select text using the mouse. 150. There are nine basic categories of SmartArt graphics that illustrate text differently.76. Slide Library 77. Legend 78. Worksheet 79. .dot (YES .docx, .txt, .rtf) 80. Table Tools Layout 81. Excel 82. Duplicate Slide 83. Reset 84. Adjust 85. Clustered Column 86. Chart 87. (text shadows, reflections, glows, bevels, 3D rotations, and transformations) 88. INSERT 89. [Control 90. Arrange All 91. Enter 92. Destination 93. FORMAT 94. 14 95. ILLUSTRATIONS 96. False (Design) 97. True 98. True 99. False (RADAR) 100. False (WordArt) 101. True 102. false (Reuse) 103. False (Without) 104. False (Text Box) 105. True 106. True 107. True 108. True 109. False (without tabs become slide titles) 110. False (You can see it if you press crop again.) 111. True 112. False (You can) 113. Shift 114. SmartArt 115. Coordinates 116. Text 117. Proportions 118. Live preview 119. Edit 120. Dotted red line 121. Shape 122. Outline View 123. Most Prominent Feature 124. Distribute 125. Mini 126. Arrange 127. Paragraph 128. HOME 129. standard 130. Center 131. Eight 132. FORMAT 133. HOME 134. Enter 135. [Control] 136. [Alt] 137. Style 138. Replace 139. False (SmartArt ) 140. True 141. False (Style) 142. False (Style) 143. False (shift) 144. True 145. False (Control Enter) 146. true 147. True 148. True 149. False (Mini Toolbar) 150. False (eight)
Column - Line - Pie - Bar - Area - X Y Scatter - Stock - Surface - Radar - Combo -tracks values over time or across categories tracks value over time compare individual values to a whole compares values in categories over time Show contribution of each data series to the total over time compares between values shows stock market information or scientific data show value trends across two dimensions show changes in values in relation to a center point Use multiple types of data markers to compare values
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