reconstruction after the civil war was led by the ________ party.

reconstruction after the civil war was led by the ________ party.

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1. The term suffrage refers to the _______.right to vote
2. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the criteria for determining one's eligibility to vote were established by ______.state governments.
3. The Constitution was amended in ______ to give eighteen-year-olds the right to vote.1971
1. The Constitution was amended to allow women to vote during all public elections in _____.1920
1. Compared with Western Europe, the United States has a ________ turnout in elections.lower
1. The term turnout describes the number of people that _________.actually vote
1. The original purpose of voter registration was reduce corruption by making it more difficult to vote
1. Since 1960, blacks have _______________________________________.overwhelmingly voted for candidates from the Democratic Party
1. One reason that political parties and politicians view Latinos as a critically important group is _________________________________________.the Latino population in the United States is large and rapidly growing
1. The best explanation for the fact that Latinos have tended to favor Democratic Party candidates in national elections is that _________________________________.they disagree with the Republican Party's stance on immigration.
1. On average, more women vote for _________ candidates, and more men vote for _____________ candidates.Democratic, Republican
1. An example of the phenomenon called the gender gap would be thatmore women than men vote for Democrats.
1. Geographic regionnot a key factor in indicating one's level of participation?
1. Evangelical Protestants are more likely to be associated with1. the Republican party.
1. A political party isan organization that tries to influence the government by getting its members elected to office.
_____________________ in his farewell address, encouraged his fellow citizens to shun partisan politics?George Washington
1. One important cause of the United States' two-party system issingle-member electoral districts.
1. The plurality systemdevelops when the winner of an electoral race obtains more votes than any other candidate?
1. Third-party candidates are better off underproportional representation.
1. Throughout its history, American politics has been dominated nytwo major political parties.
1. The first party system was characterized by conflict between the _______________ and the_______________Federalists , Jeffersonian Republicans.
__________________ were the two major parties in the United States during the 1830s and 1840s.The Democrats and the Whigs
The issue of __________ led to the demise of the Whig Party?slavery
1. During the late 1840s and early 1850s, both the Democratic and Whig parties were divided byconflicts over slavery
1. From the end of the Civil War to the 1890s, the _________ Party was the party of the North, while the ___________ Party was the party of the SouthRepublican, Democratic
1. The program of Reconstruction after the Civil War was led by the.Republican Party
1. From 1896 to 1932, the ________ Party was the nation's majority party.Republican
1. 1. best indicated the downfall of the New Deal coalition.Richard Nixon's election in 1968
1. Historically, realignments occurwhen new issues combine with economic or political crises to mobilize new voters and persuade large numbers of voters to reexamine their traditional partisan loyalties.
1. A party's national committee doesNOT select presidential and vice-presidential candidates.
1. __________ were the most common favors political bosses distributed to loyal party members during the era of political machines.Jobs
1. An individual's psychological attachment to one party or another is called a partyidentification.
1. The wealthy is one group most likely to support the Republican Party.True
1. Between the Civil War and the 1960s, the ________ was a Democratic stronghold.South
1. Dealignment refers tothe decline of partisan attachment within the electorate, the growth in the number of voters identifying themselves as independents, and the rise of "split-ticket" voting.
1. National elections held in the United Statesthe first Tuesday of November every other year
1. When a congressional election is held that does not coincide with a presidential election, it is called a _________midterm election.
1. The primary responsibility for conducting public elections rests withstate and local governments.
1. During midterm elections, voters are voting formembers of Congress.
1. Primary elections were introduced by the _____________ in order to weaken the power of party leaders.Progressives
1. When a voter must be registered with a party prior to voting in that party's election, it is called aclosed primary.
1. If the winner of an election is whoever receives the most votes, regardless of the percentage of votes received, the candidates are running under a __________ system.plurality
1. Most European nations employ ________________________ system of elections.a proportional representation
1. Smaller and weaker parties are most likely to have electoral success under _______________ of elections.the proportional representation system
1. Plurality and majority systems tend todecrease the number of political parties.
1. A referendum isthe practice of voting directly for proposed laws.
1. The incumbent is the current officeholder, running for re-election.True
1. A major factor in John Kennedy's 1960 presidential victory over Richard Nixon wasthat Kennedy had a much stronger performance than Nixon during televised debates.
1. Political scientists call voters' choices that focus on future behavior ___________, while those based on past performances are called ___________.prospective voting , retrospective voting.
1. The right of candidates to spend their own money on running for office protected absolutely by the First Amendment, according to the Supreme Court.
reconstruction after

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