which of the following best typifies the meaning of the sapir-whorf hypothesis?

which of the following best typifies the meaning of the sapir-whorf hypothesis?

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communicate effectivelyAccording to survey companies, the most important quality they look for in a job applicant is the ability to:
paraphrasingthe act of repeating what you think you heard in your own words
ethosciting the qualifications of the sources used to support an arguments is using this type of appeal
vocal and visual cuesWhen adults attempt to determine the meaning of a statement they rely primarily on
TrueTrue/ False In communication systems all parts of a system interact and affect each other
ethos, logos, and pathosWhat are Aristotle's suggestions to use when sending a message?
the physical surroundings in which one speaksAccording to the SMCRE model of communication, what best describes the environment of a speaking occasion?
the central routeWhat refers to the way audience members elaborate and scrutinize the messages based on arguments and evidence?
TrueTrue/ False Nonverbal communication is culture bound.
interpersonal communicationThis study of communication includes defining one's self and communication in relationships
your language shapes your perceptionWhat best typifies the meaning of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis?
perceptual checkinga skill that helps us understand another person and his or her message more accurately
activelyHow do we receive stimuli from around us
always has communicative value and may resemble verbal communicationPrimary characteristics of nonverbal behavior include
empathyThe ability to comprehend the feelings of another person
face-to-face communication between two people also includes social media, texting, email, etc.Interpersonal communications refers to
illustratorvisually showing what you are describing verbally
TrueTrue/False Humans assign meaning to communication, even when there is no message.
TrueTrue/ False Language can change over time
False; confusion increases as language becomes more abstractTrue/ False The potential for confusion decreases as language becomes increasingly abstract.
feedbackA listener's verbal, visual, and vocal responses to a speaker's message
cognitiveThe component of our attitudes based on what we know and what we things is call the ____ domain
selection, organizations, and interpretationPerception involves
TrueTrue/ False When in the presence of others, it is virtually impossible for humans not to communicate.
credibilitya receiver's perception of a sender's competence, goodwill and trustworthiness
messageAs speakers, the communication variables over which we have the most control are the ____ variables
neutralThe process of communication is ethically ______.
comprehensible and relevantThe Elaboration Likelihood Model suggests that an audience is more likely to elaborate on a message when they most perceive that message to be both
different types of appealsAristotle introduced the concept that effective communication is comprised of
soft skillsCommunication majors develop
words are arbitraryWords are not the things they represent. In other words,
channelBased on the SMCRE communication variables, the physical medium through which communication occurs is called the
transactional modelThe most accurate model of communication represents it as a
rememberingthe final stage of listening is
supportiveThe opposite of defensive communication
affectionWhich type of need can only be fulfilled through interpersonal interaction:
disclosure of voluntary, private, and sensitive informationThe process of self-disclosure includes all of the following
False; not always positiveTrue/ False Interpersonal relationships are always positive situations
False; not all maintained similarlyTrue/ False Friendships are maintained similarly, regardless of the intent of the relational partners.
organizational communicationThe ways in which groups of people both maintain structure and order through their symbolic interactions refers to
False; Every team is a group, but not every group is a team.)True/ False Every group is a team, but not every team is a group.
don't evade. Put the answer in it's best lightIf you are asked a question in an interview that you do not want to answer, it is best to ____.
"I" languageOne of the most efficient methods for developing personal relationships within an organizational setting is with the descriptive " _____" language
climateThe emotional tone of a relationship between people who are interacting is know as the communication
False; it is importantTrue/ False The post interview phase is a relatively unimportant part of the interview process.
TrueTrue/ False Conflict occurs anytime two or more people have goals that they perceive to be incompatible
TrueTrue/ False Multiple cultures may exist within a single society and geographic region
punishment powerThe ability to withhold from followers what they want
cognitive paradigmAn implicit characteristic of group members
openYour name, hometown, and college major are the kind of details that you freely share with others, known in the Johari Window as __________ information
False; credibility is the perception of the audienceTrue/ False Leaders have expert power if they have earned certificates or degrees in the subject areas for which they are providing.
lazes faireThe least directive style of leadership is ________.
collaborationWin-Win is best associated with which type of conflict resolution
competitionWin-Lose is best associated with which type of conflict resolution
intimacyHow psychologically close or distant people perceive each other, and the degree to which you perceive someone approachable
individualismCulture influences in the United States tent to place a high value on
geneticsnow considered the primary cause of communication apprehension
positive visualizationimagined self delivering a successful presentation
False: focuses on the problem not the personTrue/ False Constructive criticism should focus of the person, not the problem
TrueTrue/ False It is natural to be apprehensive about public speaking
driverThe personality type that is described as focused on results, taking charge, and liking challenges is
specificWhen providing praise it is important to be as______ as possible
Formality, social customs, and style of dressWhat are dimension of cultural diversity
high contextThe cultures that rely heavily on subtle nonverbal cues to convey meaning utilize which of the following orientations
rehearse the statement, make a request, select the appropriate time to speakWhat is a guideline for handling conflicts assertively
hostile work environmentConditions in the workplace that are sexually offensive and intimidating
the grapevineInformal communication networks consist of
orientation, conflict, emergence, reinforcement.stages in group problem solving
quid pro quosexual harassment when you are promised something if you do something else
walk, gesture, and speak in a conversational mannerAn extemporaneous speaker should
extemporaneousA ___________ style of delivery is almost always preferred
during the introductionThe relevance of your message to the audience should be established
increase retention of the messageA speaker who repeats maing points or ideas during a speech will
signpostsVerbal cues indicating the organizational relationships of speech points
likely to use personal pronouns and simplified terminologyEffective spoken language is more _______ than written language
Confident, Comfortable, and CompellingWhat are the "C"s of extemporaneous delivery
monotone vocal inflection, verbal fillers, and pronunciation errorsThe delivery factors that reduces speaker credibility and persuasiveness
motivationa function of a good introduction
TrueTrue/ False Beginning a speech with a quotation is one way to build readability with the audience
A closing statement that utilizes new evidence to support your main pointinappropriate to include during the conclusion
a review of your main points, returning to the theme you established in your opening, challenging the audience towards actionAppropriate to include in the conclusion
get the listeners attentionA rhetorical question is best used to
persuasionthe act of motivating others through communication to voluntarily change a particular belief, attitude, or behavior
FalseTrue/ False no matter who your audience is, your credibility remains the same
performance orientationseeing your presentation as needing to be perfect and viewing the audience as a group of critics
extemporaneousthe most effective delivery style to build a rapport with your audience is
issue is personally relevant to the audience.The text contended that being forewarned is being forearmed when the
central route processingpersuasion achieved by the quality of the argument contained in the message
Innoculationtheory focuses on creating audience resistance to counter-arguments
to make a connection from one main idea to another main ideafunction of transitions
audience's perceptionA speaker's credibility resides within the _____.
compare your topic to something the audience is already familiar withWhen explaining a complicated concept or process, you will usually be most successful when you ______.
TrueTrue/ False An important principle to remember about gaining and maintaining attention is to always relate your topic to the audience
the number of repetitions, their wear-out pointsThe effectiveness of argumentation repetition will be depend on
reducebeing disorganized in a presentation will _________ the speakers credibility
TrueTrue/ False Reading your PowerPoint sends the message that you are not the presenter but you are the narrator
identify specific competing arguments and directly refute themResearch on one-sided versus two-sided messages suggests the most persuasive approach is to
Use of phrases not sentencesWhich of the following is a good rule for visual aids
TrueTrue/ False Using personal stories in tandem with statistical supports the most persuasive strategy for public speakers
which of

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