the term marble cake federalism is meant to refer to what development?

the term marble cake federalism is meant to refer to what development?

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1. How was the power in Congress divided under the Articles of Confederation?equally divided between states and federal government
2. What is the belief that political authority should rest with the people themselves called?popular sovereignty
3. What did the Three-fifths Compromise determine regarding population?every three of five slave would count as one representation of the state
4. What clause of the Constitution requires that states should normally recognize the laws, acts, and judicial decisions of other states?full faith and credit clause
5. How many branches of government were there under the United States' first constitution?one
6. Why was the Declaration of Independence a remarkable philosophical statement for its time?granted inalienable rights
7. In a federal system, how are governmental responsibilities divided?equally between states and federal government
8. Which president presided over the New Deal?Franklin D. Roosevelt
9. What are the specific powers granted to the national government in Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution called?enumerated powers (expressed)
10. What was Shays's Rebellion attempting to prevent?state of mass from foreclosing on the land of farmers - they refused to pay the taxes
11. What is the Bill of Rights?first 10 amendments
12. The ability of the president to veto a bill passed by Congress is a good example of what principle of limited government?checks and balances
13. What is the belief that you can influence how your government acts?Political ethicacy
14. What did the New Jersey Plan propose for Congress?equally
15. What are the three branches of government created by the Constitution?judicial, executive, legislative
16. To what did the Great Compromise lead?two houses - bicameral houses
17. What constitutional clause affirms that national laws and treaties, made under the authority of the Constitution, are the supreme law of the land?supremacy clause
18. What kind of government is formally limited by laws and rules?constitutional
19. The term marble cake federalism is meant to refer to what development?blurs the lines between different layers of government
20. What led the British to raise taxes on the American colonists during the 1760s?French and Indian War
21. In general, Americans' trust in their government has ______ since the 1960s.rapidly declined
22. How can government best be defined?
23. The source of an implied power under the Constitution is the ______ clause.necessary and proper (elastic)
24. A ______ is a system of government in which states retain sovereign authority except for powers expressly delegated to a national government.confederate
25. Which event was most influential in the rise of a more active national government?great depression
26. The ______ is the most important concept for the theory of
27. What is the first prerequisite to increasing political efficacy?political knowledge
28. Why is Shays's Rebellion significant?The articles of confederation wasn't working as designed - meeded a new government
29. What was the overall importance of the Supreme Court case McCulloch v. Maryland?Marshall decided - bank tax - interpreted delegated powers and laws to increase national power - said the government had implied powers to do these things
30. What is a representative democracy?you get regular opportunity to elect representatives for your government
31. What is it called when the national government funds a project that is actually implemented by the states?cooperative federalism
32. What type of power is possessed by both state and national governments?concurrent power
33. What does the supremacy clause say?constitution and all laws made under it are supreme - federal law is supreme
34. Who wrote the Supreme Court opinions in both McCulloch v. Maryland and Gibbons v. Ogden?John Marshall
35. Describe the history of American federalism in one statement.considerable debate
36. What are the three core values in American politics?liberty, equality and democracy
37. What are block grants designed to do?gives the states considerable say in how the money should be spent
38. What is it called if the federal government compels state governments to obey costly regulations but does not reimburse those costs?unfunded mandate
39. The constitutional idea of states' rights was strongest during which historical period?right before the civil war
40. The events that led to the Revolutionary War were triggered by which of the following?raising of revenue by increasing taxes
41. Which clause of the Constitution has been critical in allowing the growth of national power?commerce clause
42. What is the purpose of the Tenth Amendment?reserves power - keeps powers reserved for the states
43. What does the constitutional principle of bicameralism mean?two congresses
44. What is the term length of a member of the House of Representatives?TWO
45. Why was the decision in Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) important?SUPREMACY OF NATIONAL GOVERNMENT IN CONGRESS -
46. If a government led by a dictator was replaced with a government where a large number of citizens exercised influence over decision making, this change would be best characterized as shifting from what to what?autocracy democracy
47. What was the first written constitution for the United States called?articles of confederation
48. What is judicial review?where courts get to determine if actions taken by other branches are constitutional
49. At the Constitutional Convention, what was the plan to create a Congress where representation was distributed according to population called?Virginia Plan - representation by population
50. What was designed by the framers to be an office directly elected by the people?members of the house of representatives
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