drawing attention to an area by contrasting dark and light is one way of demonstrating

drawing attention to an area by contrasting dark and light is one way of demonstrating

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Subtractive processes includecarving
Paper was invented inChina
Paleolithic simply meansold stone age
Slab construction and coiling are techniques used inceramics
Thodore Gricault's The Raft of Medusa effectively used ________ lines to create tensiondiagonal
The term "chiaroscuro" comes from Italian, and literally meanslight/dark
ghostlineguidelines that remain at the conclusion of a work of art, resulting from hard pressure to drawing surface
__________ involves heating a chunk of metal over a fire, then beating and shaping it with hammers.forging
The organization of visual elements in two-dimensional art is calledcomposition
in 1947, R. Buckminster Fuller patented the design that he is still best known for today, thegeodesic dome
a _________ is a designer's blueprint for a work such as a book of magazineslayout
the word intaglio isItalian for "to cut"
the use of steel-frame construction and the elevator made possible what type of architecture?the skyscraper
As seen in Hagia Sophia, the transitional section between the dome and the rectangular base is apendentive
Applying water-diluted ink to a drawing surface with a brush createsa wash
to prepare the painting surface, an artist usually applies aground
Which medium involves drawing with a fine wire onto a coated surface?metalpoint
rhythmindicates movement by the repition of element or objects
The first motion picture, Fred Ott's Sneeze was created by technicians in the laboratory ofThomas Edison
the design principle that is based on repetition is calledrhythm
Which of the following artists revived the traditions of fine pottery making among the Pueblo people?Mara Martnez
The first studies of motion using photography were made byEadweard Muybridge
The sculptor ___________ is known for re-creating ordinary objects on an heroic scale.Claes Oldenburg
Which of the following types of lines are used to create shading effects?hatching
The physical stability of a building depends on the ________ of its architecture.structural system
Running Fence, Surrounded Islands, and The Gates are just a few of the works created byChristo and Jeanne-Claude
a thick application of pain onto a canvas or other support is calledimpasto
The oldest cave paintings known today were made around30,000 B.C.E.
which of the following types of clay fires at the highest temperature?porcelain
blending/ transitionsthe gradual movement of one movement to another
Which of the folowing first allowed designers the means to communicate to a broad public??the printing press
In 1895, the Lumre brothers invented the firstworkable motion-picture projector
Weaving is created with two interlaced sets of fibers that form a grid-like pattern calledwarp and weft
an arch rotated 360 degrees on its axis is calleda dome
the most common medium for oil paints islinseed oil
for encaustic, the medium or binder is made ofhot wax
The term "trompe l'oeil" is French forfool the eye
In Janine Antoni's Gnaw, two 600-pound cubes of which materials were gnawed on by the artist?chocolate and lard
the large tower at a mosque where the crier stands calling the faithful to prayer is called aminaret
The parthenon and the Modulor were both designed according to a ratio known asthe golden rectangle
Drawing attention to an area by contrasting dark and light is one way of demonstratingemphasis and subordination
outlinea line that shows or created the outer edges of a shape
to "set type" means tocreate and place it into position
Which artistic role was fulfilled in Jahangir Receives a Cup from Khusrau?to record and commemorate
Of what artist was it said, "At last! A woman on paper!"?Georgia O'Keeffe
actual/ applied linea series of points that shows or created the outer edgers of a shape/object
One of the first artists to work with video wasNam June Paik
The American artist Barnett Newman said that he painted because he wantedto have something to look at
the spread of Islam nurtured a new artistic culture that has had a profound effect onarchitecture, textiles and ceramics
In printmaking, an impression isthe term for each individual print in an edition
the following factors have contributed to the influence of graphic design exceptthe rise of Nazism in thirties Germany
One reason that art objects from the Benin are in collection around the world is thatBritish forces attacked the Benin palace and looted much of its art
What event prompted Pablo Picasso to create the painting Guernica?the devastation of a Spanish city by Nazi bombers
The definitions of form and content include thatfrom is the way it looks; content is what the work is about
Conceptual art as seen in the work of Felix Gonzales-Torres stresses thatthe idea is more important than the object
The year 662 C.E. is significant to Muslims becauseit is the year 1 in the Islamic calendar
drawing attention

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