the first big hit of the earliest leading rock and roll group was

the first big hit of the earliest leading rock and roll group was

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Musical instruments whose own material is the sound generator are classified asIdiophones
Which of the following is not considered a mainstream country music star?Donna Summer
Which of the following was not a member of the Beatles?Bob Dylan
The harmonic progressions of rock are usuallyQuite simple
Which of the following statements is not true of Leonard Bernstein's music?It is frequently atonal
The dominant dance music of the 1970s wasDisco
Many of the bands in the second British invasion made use ofElectronic technology like computers
The Beatles stopped touring in 1966Possibly because some of their most imaginative effects were achieved in the recording studio and could not be duplicated in live performances
A variety show with songs, comedy, juggling, acrobats, and animal acts, but no plot, is calledA concept musical
Which of the following is not considered a mainstream rap artist?Bruce Springsteen
The Mikado, widely performed in the United States around the turn of the century, was written byW. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
Rock songsOften reflected trends in American life
The main section of a musical comedy song is called theChorus
Songs in musical comedies are usually in ______ form.32-bar AABA
Unlike the American musical, operettasAre generally set outside the United States
A method of singing used by males to reach notes higher than their normal range is calledFalsetto
The ________ is a long-necked lute with movable frets, seven strings, and nine to thirteen sympathetic strings, popular in north IndiaSitar
Ravi Shankar is the father ofNorah Jones
Which of the following is not true of the American musical?The composer of a musical normally writes the lyrics as well as composes and orchestrates the music
Which of the following does not have a distinctive leitmotif?Captain Kirk
Revues in the first decades of the twentieth centuryAll answers are correct: -were often satirical. -featured comedians who performed sketches. -featured pretty, scantily clad young women who sang and danced.
Musical instruments whose sound generator is a stretched skin or other membrane are classified asMembranophones
Rock has been an active force in the growth of the manufacturing and sale ofAll answers are correct: -electric guitars -transistor radios -records and phonographs
In contrast to opera, musical comedy tends toAll answers are correct: -use simpler forms -contain more spoken dialogue -use simpler melodies and harmonies
During the 1960's much of the rock music by black performers was calledSoul
The idea of musical themes for characters (leitmotifs) was developed by which 19th Century composer?Wagner
Chordophones are instruments whose sound generator is aStretched string
As rock groups and music grew more theatrical, Hollywood and BroadwayBegan producing rock-influenced musicals and film soundtracks
Among the instruments unusual to rock music used by the Beatles was theAll answers are correct: -harp -harpsichord -sitar
A typical rock group consists ofTwo electric guitars, electric bass, percussion, and keyboard instruments
Rock has been defined asVocal music with a hard, driving beat, often featuring electric guitar accompaniment and heavily amplified sound
The most important way of making music in most nonwestern cultures is bySinging
A performance style in which the phrases of a soloist are repeatedly answered by those of a chorus is known asCall and response
Rock superstars struck it rich throughAll answers are correct: -astronomical concert fees -movie contracts -record royalties
Which of the following musicals is not by Leonard Bernstein?Cats
The appeal of rock in the 1950s wasMainly to the younger generation
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, the ballet used in the climax of On Your Toes, was choreographed byGeorge Balanchine
________ began as a kind of rhythmically accented poetic recitation accompanied by a disk jockey who manipulated recordings on two turntables to create a collage of rhythmic effects.Rap
The instrument that most transformed rock from its early dependence on piano based instrumentation wasThe electric guitar
Early rock grew mainly out of __________, a dance music of African Americans that fused blues, jazz, and gospel styles.Rhythm & blues
Which of the following was not among the leading performers of rhythm and blues in the 1950s?Aretha Franklin
The choice of musical instruments in nonwestern cultures frequently depends onAll answers are correct
Ravi Shankar is a master of which instrument?Sitar
Since the 1960's most film music is composed byFreelance composers
Which of the following is not a function of film music?Provide songs for the actors to sing
A type of basic rock popular in the 1980s characterized by pounding drums, heavily amplified bass, and unrestrained guitars played at peak volume, is known asHeavy metal
One of the most important American composers of film scores who often collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock wasBernard Hermann
The first big hit of the earliest leading rock and roll group wasRock around the clock
Which of the following statements is not true?Improvisation is nonexistent in nonwestern music
Generally, musical comedy is in _____ act(s).Two
Which of the following is not a source of the American musical?The minstrel show
As part of the theatrical side of rock performances, many performers such as Peter TownsendDestroyed their instruments on stage
In the 1960s Ravi Shankar taught members ofThe Beatles
Alan Freed is best remembered as the person whoPopularized the term rock and roll
American musical comedy songs tend to be narrower in pitch range than operatic arias becausePopular and opera singers employ different vocal techniques
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