short musical ideas or fragments of themes that are developed within a composition are called

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Classicism, as a stylistic period in western art music, roughly encompassed the years1750-1820.
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and _____ were two of the more important preclassical composers.Johann Christian Bach
The typical orchestra of the classical period consisted ofstrings, pairs of woodwinds, horns, trumpets, and timpani.
A symphony is asonata for orchestra.
Political and economic power shifted to the middle class from the aristocracy and thechurch.
The prospering middle class in the classical period sought aristocratic luxuries such asAll answers are correct.
Joseph Haydn was content to spend most of his lifeserving a wealthy aristocratic family.
Composers in the classical period took middle-class tastes into account byAll answers are correct.
In the classical period, comic operas sometimesridiculed the aristocracy.
In Vienna, Haydn and Mozartbecame close friends.
Which of the following is not part of a sonata form movement?Rondo
Sonata form consists of three main sections: exposition, development, andrecapitulation
A transitional passage that leads to a contrasting section is called abridge.
A modulation from the home key to a new key in the exposition of a sonata form movement takes place in thebridge.
A feeling of harmonic tension and forward motion is created in the exposition of a sonata form movement bythe conflict of tonalities between the first and second themes.
Short musical ideas or fragments of themes that are developed within a composition are calledmotives.
The three main sections of a sonata-form movement are often followed by a concluding section known as thecoda.
Sonata form should be viewed asa set of principles that serve to shape and unify contrasts of theme and key.
Theme-and-variations form may be schematically outlined asAA'A''A'''A''''.
Which of the following elements is usually not changed in varying the theme in theme and variations form?Length
The _________ movement of Haydn's Surprise Symphony is in theme-and-variations form.second
The movement of a sonata-type composition that is often patterned after a dance is thethird.
The minuet as a whole may be outlined asABA
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the minuet?Quick, lively tempo
In many of Beethoven's works, there is a _______ movement instead of the minuet.scherzo
The scherzo differs from the minuet in that itmoves more quickly.
The rondo may be schematically outlined asABACABA
The return of the main theme in rondo form is all the more welcome because it is usuallyin the tonic key.
Because of its character, the rondo most often serves as afinale.
Symphony may be defined as a(n)All answers are correct.
The usual order of movements in a classical symphony isfast, slow, dance-related, fast.
The first movement of a classical symphony is almost always fast, and in _____ form.sonata
Which of the following is not true of the symphony?It is a musical composition for solo instrument and orchestra.
ABA form is typical of the minuet or scherzo movement and is also common in theslow movement.
The lyrical slow movement of a symphony is most often thesecond.
The last movement of a classical symphonyAll answers are correct.
A concerto is a large-scale work in several movements foran instrumental soloist and orchestra.
A classical concerto is a three-movement work forinstrumental soloist and orchestra.
The favored solo instrument in the classical concerto was thepiano.
Mozart and Beethoven wrote a number of concertos for their favorite solo instrument, thepiano.
A typical sequence of movements in a classical concerto isfast, slow, fast.
The classical concerto differs from the symphony in that it does not have a ___________ movement.minuet or scherzo
A brilliant solo section in a concerto designed to display the performer's virtuosity is calleda cadenza.
Which of the following statements is not true?Composers in the classical period continued to use terraced dynamics in their compositions.
Which of the following statements is not true of the music of the classical period?The basso continuo was the nucleus of the instrumental ensemble.
Which of the following instruments were not normally included in the classical orchestra?Trombones
In the classical period, serious composition was flavored byfolk and popular music.
A _____________ is a musical composition that is usually light in mood, and meant for evening entertainment.serenade
Which of the following statements is not true?The opening movement of a classical symphony is almost always slow and in ABA form.
Which of the following statements is not true?A typical sequence of movements in a classical concerto is fast, slow, dance-related, fast.
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