which of the following is an effective use of nonverbal communication

which of the following is an effective use of nonverbal communication

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Which of the following principles helps provide a foundation for understanding communication?Communication is systemic.
The statement, "Communication is a process" implies thatcommunication is ongoing and ever changing.
According to the text, the essential components of communication aresource, message, interference, channel, receiver, feedback, environment, and context.
The principles of effective composition and speech delivery were first studied bythe rhetoricians of ancient Greece and Rome.
Speech communication is a diverse discipline involving a range of behaviors and situations. The common thread connecting all of these behaviors and situations ishuman symbolic interaction.
The classical rhetorician who noted that communication needed to be presented by "a good man speaking well" wasQuintillian.
Your textbook discusses the relationship between communication and ethics. One principle discussed is that unethical communicationmay, in fact, constitute effective communication.
Aristotle, a classical Greek rhetorician, argued that communication was most effective when a speakers character, or ________, was engaged in presenting truth.ethos (ethical appeal)
When individuals are involved in a simultaneous communication process, they are involved ina transaction.
"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" is a quotation that best illustrates the principle that communication issystemic.
Although communication can be considered both transactional and interactional, the prime function of the communication source/sender is toinitiate the message.
The Internet has made it much easier for people to access all types of information. Unfortunately, this has led to a greater tendency for some people toplagiarize.
Feedback is an essential component of the communication process becauseit serves as a corrective device.
Effective communication skillsare learned over time through instruction and practice.
Which of the following statements about culture and communication is most accurate?The way in which people communicate is primarily a function of culture.
Radio, television, telephone, and the World Wide Web are all examples ofmediated communication.
After finishing a lecture on thermodynamics, Arleen compliments Dr. Phen by saying, "Sir, that was a 'bad' lecture," to which Dr. Phen responds, "Why, what was wrong with it?" Which of the following statements about communication best illustrates Dr. Phens response?Meanings are in people.
Becky decides to translate her feelings of anger into words and communicate them to Brent. In doing so, Becky enacts the process ofencoding.
Josh and Mark take turns exchanging information about their plans for the day during their morning chat over coffee. Their conversation best demonstrates that communication isinteractive.
An important principle related to the basic elements of communication is that youare simultaneously a source and a receiver.
Kristen had a disagreement with Paul and told him that he was an idiot. Later, while apologizing, Kristen asked Paul to "forget that little comment." Kristen does not realize thatoral communication is irreversible.
Your boss walks by you in the hall, gives you a report, and says, "I need you to have a summary of that report done ASAP." You take the report home overnight, summarize it, and give it to your boss the next morning. Your boss takes the summary and complains to you, "I'm disappointed that you did not get it to me by when I told you to." This example illustrates the myth thatmeaning is in the words we use.
After receiving an email from her boyfriend stating that their relationship was over, Erin began translating the message into her own thoughts. This process is known asdecoding.
"I don't know why I bother taking a communication class! I simply do not have the knack for communicating very well, and will never improve!" This statement best illustrates which of the following misconceptions about communication?natural ability to communicate.
As a communication source, an individualdetermines the meaning of what is to be communicated.
Thinking of communication as a "cure-all" is a myth becausesometimes communication can create more problems than it solves.
During his telephone interview with IBM, Aaron answers a series of questions from Angela, a supervisor in the marketing department. What type of communication best describes their conversation?mediated communication.
"Communication is a personal event" describes what type of communication?intrapersonal.
According to the text, interpersonal communication must involvedyadic communication.
Which of the following statements best illustrates the point made in the textbook about whether or not communication is reversible?Speakers must explain and compensate for improper statements.
When we maintain our views even when the evidence suggests that our views are not correct, we are demonstratingperceptual set.
I perceive that Billy likes Christy because I always see Billy making an effort to sit next to Christy in class. The organizational function of perception governing my conclusion isproximity.
According to the text, what is at the heart of all communication?perception
In his assertion that "Nothing is clear in and of itself but in some context for some person," Robert Scott meant thatin the process of communicating with others, one persons perceptions are not more accurate than that of the other.
The process of perceiving combinesselecting, organizing, and interpreting information.
When we assess the number of mental structures a person uses, how abstract they are, and how they interact to shape that person's perceptions, we're assessing a person's level ofcognitive complexity.
The grouping of stimuli that resemble one another in size, color, shape, or other characteristics is calledsimilarity.
Cognitively complex individualsuse "person-centered" messages.
Tina dislikes a lot of television programming and therefore does not watch TV. Tina is engaged in selectiveexposure.
Suppose after a basketball game, the fans of Team A believe that Team B committed more fouls, while the Team B fans think that Team A committed more fouls. Assume that the officials called an equal number of fouls on each team. Which of the following organizational functions of perception would best help us understand how each team's fans viewed the facts differently?selective retention
The tendency to fill in missing pieces and to extend lines in order to finish or complete figures illustrates what organizational process?closure
Our interpretations of different stimuli are based onpast experiences and the opinions of others.
You arrive on a new campus to participate in an undergraduate academic conference. You are not sure where to find the designated building. You see a woman dressed in a suit with a briefcase walking by and stop her to ask for directions. Since you are a student and attend college, you decided to stop her because she looked like a faculty person. This example illustrates the fact that we interpret our perceptions based onpast experiences.
Which of the following metaphors best illustrates the role that perception plays in the communication process?Perception acts as filter.
Kaitlin continually communicates with Tiffany as if she was still a little girl. In Kaitlins eyes, Tiffany will always be "her little girl." This illustrates the fact that ________ can interfere with effective communication.perceptual set
Angela, who is five feet tall, and Tim, who is six feet tall, both decided to test drive a car. Tim thought the car was perfect whereas Angela did not because she could not get the seat close enough to the pedals. This example illustrates the fact that ________ influence(s) our perceptions.physical characteristics
According to the text, stereotypingoversimplifies and exaggerates human traits and qualities.
Many communication scholars believe that the greatest single problem with human communication is the assumption that our perceptionsare always correct.
You are having a terrible day. You woke up late and your car wouldn't start. Once you got to school you couldn't find a parking place in time and on the way to class you realized that you forgot the assignment (it's on your kitchen table). You walk in the door and your teacher comments that "it is nice of you to join us." You perceive that your teacher is verbally attacking you, even though similar comments (made in jest) on other days did not seem as bad. This illustrates that ________ influence(s) the way we interpret stimuli.psychological state
Instead of external factors influencing behavior you attribute the actions of others to being "that kind of person." This attribution reflects a(n)attribution error.
Which of the following statements most accurately describes the state of gender roles in our society?Gender roles are changing.
Cassandra has watched the show Grey's Anatomy for years. When she began to date Caleb she wanted their relationship to be just like Derek and Meredith's from Grey's Anatomy. Cassandra's viewpoint illustrates the fact that differences in perception can be affected bymedia.
Which of the following behaviors would be most helpful in improving your perception competence?Be willing to question the accuracy of your perceptions.
Which of the following would be most effective at helping you improve your communication competence?Avoid the tendency to assume too much about what we perceive.
According to the text, which of the following statements about the relationship between gender and perception are true?Women and men learn to understand the world differently, which results in a difference in the way they communicate.
Which of the following statements about ethnocentrism is most accurate?Ethnocentrism involves assuming that our view of our own culture is superior to any other culture's view.
The grouping of two or more things that are close to one another in space is known asproximity.
The sorting of one stimulus from another is known asselection.
To improve your communication competency, the book suggests that you A) recognize that culture does not affect perception.recognize that each person's frame of reference is unique.
Recent communication research on gender illustrates that in groups containing both females and malesmales take more turns at speaking.
Which of the following statements most accurately summarizes the relationship among self-image, self-esteem, and self-concept?Self-concept consists of our self-image and self-esteem.
If you introduce yourself as a mother, part-time student, or cashier at a local grocery store, you are giving some indication of yourself-image.
Our self-concept is determined byour experiences and communication with others.
Suggestions for improving your self-concept include which of the following statements?commit to improve or change
Which statement best describes the relationship between attitudes and beliefs?Attitudes include an evaluation of whether something is good or bad, whereas beliefs reflect the perception of whether something is true or false.
Self-esteem is defined asour feelings and attitudes about ourselves.
The commonly held idea that competent communicators should be ethical communicators best illustrates a(n)value.
According to your text, which model developed by John Kinch correctly illustrates the connection between self-concept and communication?perception of others' responses, self-concept, behavior, actual responses of others
Joshua gets up to give his business presentation and begins to sweat profusely. As he delivers his speech, his hands tremble and his voice begins to quiver. Joshua's reactions to giving his presentation reflect symptoms ofcommunication apprehension.
According to the text, our "social self-concept" is derived frominterpersonal relationships.
Michelle is very caught up in material objects. She develops her own self-concept primarily by figuring out "what she has" and "what she doesn't have." This focus on materialism is an example of a(n)value.
Beth continues to tell herself "I'm going to pass this exam . . . I'm going to pass this exam" as she prepares for her final exam in mathematics. Her expectations that eventually led to her passing her mathematics exam illustrate a(n)self-fulfilling prophecy.
Research about gender and self-concept has found thatwomen talk more than men about their relationships.
According to your textbook, males and females, in terms of gender, are relatively similar. As a result, male and female psychological differences are mainlythe result of cultural influences.
According to the text, self-concepts are often affected byour interactions with others and our past experiences.
"Honesty is the best policy" is an example of a(n) ________, whereas "People should be honest with one another" is an example of a(n) ________.belief, value
Self-enhancement (efforts to boost your own image) and other-enhancement (efforts to boost a target person's image) are forms ofimpression management.
When you use impression management to try and boost the image of a target person, you are engaging inother-enhancement.
According to research on gender expectations by Deborah Tannen, male communication styles are best characterized asa contest to preserve independence and avoid failure.
Regarding your understanding of "facework," which of the following tactics would be the most useful?flattery.
Brent has convinced himself that he is poor at math. When he registers for his required math class, he is convinced that he will earn a poor grade. As a result, he rarely studies, and receives a "D" in the class. This example most clearly demonstratesself-fulfilling prophecy.
Impression management strategies designed to boost your own self-image are referred to asself-enhancement.
Which of the following is an example of a value?Individuals should be more healthy.
Which of the following is an example of an attitude?Smoking is harmful.
According to Erving Goffman, facework refers to the tactics we useto present ourselves to others.
Which of the following is an example of a belief?Tobacco companies intentionally target youths in advertising.
Which statement is true about the effects of self-concept on communication?How others see us may relate to our communication style, which in turn is a reflection of our self concept.
Which of the following most accurately reflects the percentage of individuals who experience some form of communication apprehension?95 percent
A culture with an individualistic orientation would tend to stressachievement.
According to your text, during what age period do individuals develop a consistent gender identity?4-7
In an argument with her roommate, Elissa angrily yelled out, "You never take your turn at washing dishes! In fact, you never do any cleaning up around here!" Angela responded to Elissa's comments by yelling "Oh yeah, well you never help out with any of the groceries." The escalation of their conflict best illustratesthe pendulum effect.
Using names illustrates that language is a powerful tool becauset defines who we are.
Any given language has its own rules, such as the way to pronounce words and grammatical rules. This shows that language isa system of symbols.
There is a difference between the word "desk" and the actual object, because "desk" is just a word used to name the object and is not the actual thing. This shows that language isarbitrary.
The study of the meaning, or the association of words with ideas, feelings, and context is known assemantics.
If a government official describes an impending tax hike as a "positive economic inducement," she is most likely usingdoublespeak.
I ask you to get some information together on absenteeism rates for the hourly employees. You check the files from ten years back, collect the current time cards, and give me a 20-page report two weeks later. I wanted an oral report the day after I requested the information. This example most clearly illustratesbypassing.
A car salesperson using the term flea to identify a person looking for a bargain, and prisoners using the term shank to refer to a knife are examples ofslang.
Tiffany says "let's get going" to Arleen, meaning "let's start," but Arleen thinks Tiffany means "let's leave." This exchange illustratesindiscrimination.
Sam was talking to Juan about a teacher, and said, "My teacher is out to lunch!" Juan wasn't sure if Sam meant that the teacher was eating a meal, was unfair, was odd, or something else. Juan would have better understood Sam's message if Sam had been moreaccurate.
Which of the following terms best describes the situation that occurs when what is meant by a speaker is different from what is heard and understood by the listener?bypassing.
"As the doctor entered the room, he examined the patient's forehead and ordered a head CT." This statement best demonstrates that languagescan be gender-inclusive.
Which of the following scenarios, or examples, illustrates linguistic relativity?Two pen-pals, one from the United States and one from Australia, had trouble agreeing on what it meant to be successful.
The fact that there are over 330 languages in everyday use in the United States best illustrates thatcommunication is a symbolic activity rich in subtlety.
Words whose meanings cannot be understood by ordinary usage are referred to asidioms.
According to the text, muted group theory suggestsstatus and power are linked.
If I was in a serious car accident two years ago, the word "accident" may remind me of what happened, regardless of how the word is actually being used. This is an example of how a word hasconnotative meaning.
When individuals move between the language used by their coculture and the dominant cultures language, it is known asstyle-switching.
Which statement accurately reflects the relationship between gender and language?There are no singular gender-neutral pronouns in the English language.
Asking a friend, "Do you think my painting is beautiful or ugly?" most clearly illustratespolarization.
Communication is related to both language and speech. When reviewing the elements of language, the text states communication involvesthe exchange of meaning.
When Brent told Scott he was thinking of running for Congress, Scott responded rather negatively by stating, "Politicians are crooks and scandals." Scotts categorization of politicians reflectsindiscrimination.
An inoffensive or mild expression given in place of one that might offend is called a(n)euphemism.
The fact that there are 87 different definitions for the word house illustrates thatwords change over time.
The meaning of the communication act is inferred from the situation in what type of culture?high-context cultures
The study of meaning or the association of words with ideas is calledsemantics.
"Words have only one precise meaning analogous to a standard dictionary definition." This statement illustrates what type of meaning?denotative meaning
The theory that people from different language communities perceive the world differently is calledlinguistic relativity.
Active and direct language that brings urgency to a message is known asvividness.
Which of the following sentences displays the highest amount of verbal immediacy?We will have a great date on Friday.
To say that nonverbal communication is ambiguous is to say thatwe cannot assume that nonverbal behaviors have only one meaning.
While at the airport, ready to depart for college on the East coast, Angela turns to her childhood sweetheart, Jeff, and says, "I'll miss you," and begins to cry and hold him tightly. This event illustrates which use of nonverbal communication?complementing.
If you tell a person to go north to find a newspaper stand, and point in that direction, your use of nonverbal communication would be calledrepeating behavior.
When Zantel is sad and doesn't want others to know what emotions she is feeling, she will assume a "poker face." Zantels use of a "poker face" is a facial management technique referred to as what?masking.
Communication research indicates that in most situationsour nonverbal messages carry more meaning than our verbal messages.
Interpreting nonverbal behavior requires understandingthe cultural norms governing it.
During a basketball game, one of the players puts her hands together, forming a "T," in order to notify the referee that the player's team wants to call "time out." What type of body motion is the player using?emblem.
During his lecture, Dr. Soliz shakes his head up and down as a way of communicating "I am interested in what you are saying" to one of his students. In this instance, Dr. Soliz is using what function of nonverbal communication?regulating.
Which of the following is a reason why we should study nonverbal communication?It is more likely than verbal communication to be spontaneous and unintentional.
During a medical examination, Dr. Smith discovers a serious problem but attempts to hide his concern by maintaining neutral facial expressions. In this instance, Dr. Smith is relying on what function of nonverbal communication?deceiving.
According to communication researchers, eye behaviorcan influence attitude change and persuasion.
A team of researchers devised a classification system that divides body movements and facial displays into five specific categories. Which of the following does NOT belong to the five categories?affect regulators
Knowing that she had a problem interpreting nonverbal communication, which of the following will most likely help Kris improve her interpretation of nonverbal communication?use descriptive feedback
We see two people shake hands as they are introduced to one another, illustrating which category of touch?social-polite
When stepping off Air Force One, President Nixon would hold his hands up and use two fingers to convey a "V" for victory. In this example, Nixon was using what form of body movement to convey meaning?emblem
When you are waiting in line at class registration and begin talking to the person in front of you about the length of the wait, you roll your eyes and sigh. What type of behavior are you engaging in?complementing behavior
The notion that our direct eye contact with a friend may differ in meaning compared to direct eye contact with a stranger illustrates which characteristic of nonverbal communication?Nonverbal communication is dependent on context.
Looking for meaning by using more than one nonverbal message at a time is called thefunctional approach.
According to the text, gender differences in touching behavior suggest thatwomen seem to value touch more than men do.
Sean pounded on the table during his persuasive speech to emphasize a point. After his speech, the audience applauded. Later that evening, Sean used the same fist-pounding strategy when trying to emphasize to his wife that he did not want pasta for supper. She had a more negative reaction. This example illustrates whichNonverbal communication depends on context.
The replacing of one expression of an emotion with another that is considered more appropriate for the situation is referred to asmasking.
The sub-category of facial expressions that includes any movement or behavior of the eyes, is calledoculesics.
According to Edward T. Hall, which of the following spaces is NOT included in the study of proxemics?individual space
Of the nonverbal behaviors discussed in your textbook, which is considered the most important source of emotional information?facial expressions
Which mode of kinesics attempts to avoid emotional expression?neutralizing.
Which category of haptics is most likely exemplified through the action of a police officer frisking a perpetrator?functional-professional
Nonverbal communications, such as ________, add emphasis to the meaning of a word.tone of voice, volume, and facial expression
According to Dale Leathers, eye behavior can indicate degree of attentiveness, interest, and arousal. Which category of facial expression does this technique fall under?regulator.
According to Brownell's HURIER model of effective listening, the accurate reception of sounds involvesfocusing attention on the speaker.
Researchers suggest that listening is most closely linked with which of the following activities?comprehension.
Listening and hearing are different becauselistening is active, while hearing is passive.
When you listen to rock music because you enjoy it, you are doing which of the following functions of listening?appreciation or enjoyment
When listening to a lecture in class, you are most likely listening forinformation or comprehension.
When you are having a bad day and call to tell your best friend about it, you are probably expecting your friend to use which function of listening?empathic.
To listen empathically means tounderstand what the other person is feeling.
One barrier to listening is perceiving the topic or speaker to be boring, uninteresting, or unimportant. What should we do to overcome this barrier?Consider how the information might be used.
When listening to a speech on Spain, if we pay attention to the numbers and specific facts instead of listening for the major theme of the speech, it is likely we areconcentrating on details, and not on main ideas.
Which statement accurately describes the relationship between listening and education?Proportionately, listening is the most used language skill.
Total silence, smiling or frowning, and asking for clarification of what was received are all examples ofresponding.
The evaluating stage of the listening process involvesdetermining the intent of the speaker.
When a car manufacturer says "this is the best station wagon in the world" without giving any proof, the most appropriate thing you would do as a listener isassess the motivation behind the message.
Kevin has just lost his grandfather. As he shares his feelings of regret with his best friend Dan, Dan shows Kevin that he is aware of his feelings of loss and that he appreciates the hurt that Kevin must be going through. Which function of listening is Dan engaged in?listening with empathy
There are many things you can do to improve your listening competence. Which of the following is recommended?be flexible in your views
According to the International Listening Association, the process of receiving, constructing meaning from, and responding to verbal and nonverbal messages is calledlistening
Which of the following is a barrier to effective listening?avoiding difficult listening situations
According to your textbook, how much of his or her time does the average college student spend listening?46-55 percent
While listening to the presidential debates, Jody assessed the accuracy of each candidate's position and determined the reasonableness of their conclusions. In other words, Jody was engaged inevaluative listening.
The passive reception of sounds is calledhearing.
When your teacher listens to your speeches, he or she is primarily listening for the purpose ofevaluation.
To avoid some of the pitfalls or barriers to listening, you shouldconcentrate on the main ideas rather than the details.
When engaging in critical listening, the primary skill you need to have iscritical thinking.
When you actively make judgments about whether or not the message you are hearing is worthwhile, you areengaging in critical listening.
A person displaying effective listening competence behaviorsasks questions.
According to the National Communication Association, competent listeners demonstrate the ability tounderstand of the process of listening.
You are sitting in a late afternoon class. As you are attempting to listen and pay attention you notice you are getting tired and that your mind is really just someplace else. What barrier to effective listening are you exhibiting?faking attention
Judi Brownell suggests five techniques for memorization, a vital skill for competent listening. These strategies includeassociation, categorization, mediation, imagery, and mnemonics.
When you listen to assess the personal value or relevance in something you are most likely listening forenjoyment.
There are many reasons why a person may have a negative attitude toward public speaking. One of the most frequently mentioned is"I don't have anything worthwhile to speak about."
Included among the guidelines for topic selection is selecting a topicthat is familiar and interesting to you.
Which of the following is an example of an effective way to state a specific purpose?to persuade the audience that the Internet has three positive effects on society
According to the text, which of the following is a technique for selecting a topic?accessing the The Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature
Which of the following is a correct specific purpose statement for an informative speech on typewriters?to inform my audience of the four steps in the evolution of the standard typewriter keyboard
If you adapt your speech to the occupational and educational level of your audience, you are employing what kind of audience analysis?demographic.
In differentiating between captive and voluntary participants, it is important to remember that captive participantsmay resist participation.
The most important factor that contributes to an effective speech presentation isselecting an appropriate topic.
Which method of analyzing audiences is typically the most time consuming?survey interviews
"To persuade my audience to purchase Honda Accords," is an example ofa general purpose.
The education of the audience is a part of thedemographic analysis.
For speaking events that occur outside of the classroom, the general purpose is usually determined bythe occasion.
The goal of an informative speech is toshare information clearly and accurately.
Which of the following is a thesis statement?The three styles of architecture that will be prevalent in the 1990s are post-traditional, Euro-deco, and continental.
When using current media, beginning speakers are cautioned toavoid relying on the media for the entire speech.
An effective specific purpose identifiesthe general purpose of the speech, the audience, and the exact topic to be covered.
What is most clearly wrong with the following specific purpose: "Buying a pet"?It is not concise and carefully worded.
Which of the following best illustrates the notion of bias in a website consulted to find information on carcinogenic substances?a scientific study sponsored by a corporation
Of the following speech topics, which is most appropriate for a seven minute informative speech?the three effects of video games on children
Of the following speech topics, which is most appropriate for a seven minute speech?carbon dioxide emissions
Audience analysis includesa demographic analysis.
Effective specific purpose statements identify the topic to be covered, the audience, andwhether or not the speech is informative, persuasive, or entertaining.
GTM Corporation required all managers to attend a workshop on communication skills in the workplace. In this situation, the audience would be consideredcaptive.
Ali made a presentation to volunteers of the local Abuse Crisis center on empathic listening. The audience in this situation would be consideredvoluntary.
Common methods of audience research include which of the following methods?survey interviews
Developing a questionnaire is a difficult task, especially for beginners. According to your text, which of the following is a guideline for constructing a useful questionnaire?Keep the questionnaire as brief as possible.
Demographic analysis is a useful tool for understanding and analyzing your potential speaking audience. According to your text, which of the following variables are culturally determined?attitudes.
You have grown up playing videogames. In fact, you often joke with your friends that Nintendo did more to raise you than your parents. Because of this "expertise, you decide to give a speech on the history of Nintendo to your class for your persuasive speech. Which of the following criteria for the appropriateness of a topic is not met with your proposed speech?Will the topic meet the objectives of the assignment?
The Internet can be a valuable resource for information and a useful resource in researching your speech. The ability of individuals to author material on the Internet is a double-edged sword, however. According to your text, when evaluating Internet information, what question should you first ask of the source?Who is the author or producer?
Which of the following statements is the best thesis statement?Disk golf is an inexpensive, easy to learn, and therapeutic sport.
According to most college professors and professional speakers, every ten minutes of speaking time requires10 hours
_______ are an effective means of gaining up-to-date information from people who have specialized knowledge of your topic.interviews.
A critical step in the interview process includeschoosing the interviewee.
Which of the following is not a criterion for evaluating information on websites?links.
Telling my audience, "According to the communication scholar Mehrabian, nonverbal communication is important to observe in classroom settings," is an example of usingexpert opinion.
"In 1979, petroleum and natural gas contributed 67 percent of the total energy, while coal supplied only 30 percent. Electrical power increased from a negligible amount in 1900 to about 500 watts per person." The type of support material used in this example isWhich of the following is an example of an analogy?
"Imagine that you are in a situation where an angry mob has accused a friend of yours of a serious crime and they are going to hang him because they believe your friend is guilty even though he isn't. Your only chance to save your friend is to convince the unruly mob of your friend's innocence." This is best described asa hypothetical illustration.
When Martin Luther King, in his famous "I Have a Dream" speech, repeated the statement "I have a dream that one day" six times, but each time he repeated the statement he provided a different example, he was usingrestatement.
The function indicator ".com" of a URL indicates that the purpose of the website isto promote and sell products, or provide current news and information.
The function indicator ".edu" of a URL indicates that the purpose of the website isto provide factual information and explanations.
Which of the following are suggestions for doing research?Take notes.
An important first task that speakers should accomplish before writing interview questions and prior to conducting an interview is toresearch the topic.
According to the text, which of the following is an appropriate source of information one can use when researching a speech topic?yourself.
The difference between a mediocre speech and a good speech is foundin the speaker's ability to use supporting materials correctly.
In court cases, psychologists are often asked to provide what type of supporting information?testimony.
When giving a speech about the benefits of eating a particular brand of breakfast cereal, the most reliable and neutral expert opinion would come froma nutritionist.
An important difference between websites and print sources such as journals and periodicals is thatwebsites do not undergo the same evaluation and review process that print sources go through.
Tony, an international student, wanted to give an informative speech on his home country and culture. The best source of information for Tony would behis personal experience.
You realize that having another person's point of view or opinion for your speech would make your speech more interesting. The best source of information to consult to find that information would bean interview.
Statistics enable speakersto analyze specific occurrences or instances.
Which of the following is a suggestion for using statistics?Make sure statistics are from neutral sources.
One suggestion for using testimony is touse testimony when you need additional supporting information.
According to Aristotle, every speech has essentially which two parts?a statement and its proof
An advantage of using testimony in a speech is that it usually adds ________ to what the speaker says.trustworthiness.
Which of the following sources provide the most recently available information for speech writing?weekly magazines and research journals
"Selective admission is when a university does not admit a student unless he/she scores at least a 20 on the ACT test." This statement is an example of what type of definition?operational definition
"When I use the phrase 'race baiting,' I refer to the usage of any phrase with a historical background rooted in racial fears to induce current racist sentiment." This statement is an example of what type of definition?definition by example
When using statistics, you should always remember touse neutral sources.
The major difference between a ".com" site and a ".net" site isthe ".net" site is more likely to provide entertainment.
The best pattern of organization for a speech explaining how to make a wedding cake would likely betime-sequence.
If a speaker says, "We have considered the lack of an adequate number of highways in the United States; now let us turn to consider the safety of those highways," the speaker is using atransition.
A speech on space exploration consisted of the following outline: As a speaker, you would know that the type of organizational pattern illustrated in the above outline is atopical pattern.
Effective main points include which of the following elements?vivid language
The number of main points in your speech will depend onthe complexity of the supporting materials required for each point.
The most effective order for a presentation depends onthe topic, the purpose, and the audience.
Types of daycare facilities in the workplace, types of tsunamis, and types of flu vaccines are all ideas that could be addressed using which organizational pattern?topical pattern
"You should keep the four items I have discussed in mind in order to accept the following conclusion..." This is an example ofa transition.
Which of the following organizational patterns are most likely to be used when none of the other organizational patterns can be applied to the purpose of a speech?the topical pattern
An introduction to a speech includesmotivating your audience to listen.
The primary function of the introduction of a speech isorienting the audience to the subject and motivating them to listen.
The conclusion of a speech shouldreinforce what you want your audience to remember.
"Let me first illustrate" and "As you look at my chart" are examples ofsignposts.
An effective way to help your audience follow along with you is to useinternal summaries.
Which strategy gains attention and arouses the interest of an audience?asking rhetorical questions
Letting the audience know what you will cover in the speech is referred to asforecasting.
The functions of your main points are to provide principal subdivisions of your speech and todefine your thesis statement.
Which sequence describes the best way to approach outlining a speech?Begin with a preliminary outline, and then create a full-content outline, followed by a presentational outline.
When presenting the main points, you should be specific, use vivid language, andshow relevance.
When determining the number of main points in your speech, you should consider the time available, the content to be covered, andthe amount of information the audience can reasonably comprehend.
Which of the following is NOT a guideline for constructing a speech conclusion?Let the audience tie everything together.
During an informative speech an internal summary would go at the end ofa main point.
The type of outline that provides a detailed skeleton of the speech including main points written as complete sentences is called thefull-sentence outline.
The chronological organizational pattern is especially useful fortracing the relationships within a series of events.
When using presentational note cards, you should always remember touse abbreviations as much as possible.
Which of the following statements is a guideline for avoiding plagiarism in a speech?Whenever information is not your own, you should cite the originator of the idea.
According to the text, ethical speakersalways cite the sources of their information.
The advantages of manuscript delivery includeaccuracy and preciseness.
Suppose you were at a wedding reception and were asked to give a congratulatory speech to the bride and groom with no prior notice. You would be giving a(n)impromptu speech.
When you are giving a political speech where every word needs to be stated very carefully, the best delivery method would bemanuscript.
Although she prepared well in advance for her speaking assignment, Becky's high-pitched, squeaky voice became a distraction for her fellow classmates. In this example, Becky is struggling withvocal quality.
Which of the following statements accurately describes the relationships among the speaker, the audience, and speech anxiety?Speakers who have speech anxiety often overestimate how much the audience notices their behavior.
According to the text, speech anxiety is often created byfear of social inadequacy.
The key to successful control of speech anxiety isthe desire to control it.
Which of the following guidelines will not help reduce your speech anxiety?Focus on what other students have done wrong in their speeches.
The rate at which a speaker speaks is usually between120 and 150 words per minute.
When polishing your delivery you shoulduse slightly different wordings each time you practice your speech (unless the speech is supposed to be memorized).
Which of the following statements is most accurate about plagiarism?Plagiarism is when you use another person's ideas in such a way as to make it appear as if they are your own ideas.
Which of the following statements is true concerning the various methods of presenting visual aids?Use graphs mainly to display statistics.
Which term refers to a technique designed to reduce the tenseness associated with speech anxiety by helping speakers develop a new, relaxed response to the anxiety-provoking event?systematic desensitization
Toasts, acceptance speeches, and introductions typically call for which type of delivery?memorized.
When learning how to give a speech, manuscript delivery is often discouraged because itinvites the speaker to concentrate more on the script than on the audience.
Which of the following statements is a clear advantage of presenting bar graphs during a speech?Bar graphs are an excellent way to show comparisons of complex data.
Arleen has a clear and distinct voice. She also says her word-endings, never mumbling her words. According to the text, we would say that Arleen is doing a good job withintelligibility.
When displaying the actual object is not practical, the next best visual aid choice to consider using is amodel.
Which form of delivery provides the advantage of allowing the speaker to focus more on the delivery itself, rather than on what is being said?memorized delivery
Maya Angelou helps your textbook authors make the point that effective preparation involvesplanning and practicing the presentation.
Which statement accurately portrays the relationship between the speaker's voice and the speaker's delivery?Vocal quality is a highly accurate indicator of the presenter's sincerity.
Vocal variety includes which of the following elements?the speaker's use of pauses
What is the most likely cause of severe speech anxiety?hearing that presentational speaking is a horrible experience
The delivery style that gives you more control than the impromptu method yet does not require you to construct a manuscript is calledextemporaneous delivery.
Line graphs are particularly well suited forclarifying comparative data over time.
Using computer-generated visual aids is a very useful presentational device. However, beginning speakers use computer-generated visual aids erroneously in a few ways. Which of the following is a guideline for effectively using computer-generated visual aids?Don't overdo the computer-generated graphics.
Which form of visual aid serves best to display comparative information?bar graph.
The president's state of the union address is a good example of which type of delivery?manuscript.
When a real estate agent tells you how to distinguish between a good investment and a bad one with the motive to sell, the agent's goal ispersuasion.
Guidelines for choosing an informative speech topic include which of the following statements?Choose a topic that is important to you.
When a student giving a speech on solar energy explains how it affects us personally, he or she is using which technique for gaining audience attention?information relevance
When Elisa gave her speech, she repeated her main argument to help her audience's comprehension. She was using which organizational technique?planned repetition
Which statement accurately reflects the distinction between informative and persuasive speaking?The goals of the speaker distinguishes the two forms of speaking.
Successful speakers consider their audiences bycommunicating clearly and accurately.
Speeches about processes generally serve which two purposes?to increase understanding and to teach the audience how to do something
Information relevance refers to theaudience's need for the speaker's information.
The general goal of an informative speech is toincrease the knowledge of the audience.
"To share the increasing role of crisis hot lines in community health care," and "To inform the audience about J. K. Rowling's contributions to literature" are two examples of what type of informative speech topic?objects.
"To inform my listeners about the benefits of a Green Lifestyle," and "To help my listeners learn the differences between social aggression and bullying" are two examples of what type of speech topic?concepts
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