word, by default, places a tab stop at every ____ mark on the ruler.

word, by default, places a tab stop at every ____ mark on the ruler.

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HOMEENDHighlighted TextSelected TextText with slanted appearanceItalicized____________________ emphasize certain characters, words, and phrases to improve the readability of a document.Character formats_________________________ is the process of changing the appearance of a paragraphparagraph formattingresumeUsually contains the applicants educational background and job experiencePre-defined graphics in WordClip ArtTop portion of the documentScrollsList of additional commands availableSubmenuA(n) ____________________ is a proposal that usually requests funding for a research project.research proposalYou cannot change text formatting through the Reveal Formatting task pane; you only can view the formatting.FalseThe ____ toolbar contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a documentMiniThe ____ shortcut keys underline words, and not spaces.CTRL+SHIFT+WletterheadPreprinted on stationery that everyone in the company uses for correspondenceIndividually-added clips can be added directly to a slide or to the Art Organizer.falseThe pre-set settings on the computerDefaultThe pre-set settings on the computerDefaultPressing the ____ key instructs Word to replace a building block name with the stored building block entry.F3____________________ is text that does not print but is part of the document.Hidden textAfter you click the Draw Table command, the mouse pointer changes to the shape of a(n) ____.pencilAn efficient technique of applying the same character formats to several places in a document is to create a character ____.styleThe box that identifies the colors assigned to categories in a chart is called the ____.legendrulerused to change indents, tabs, and margins.What is the Microsoft Word file extension?.docDefines the appearance and shape of the letters, numbers, and special charactersfont____ is another term for document properties.MetadataThe ____________________ feature can be used to format and enter text, graphics, and other items.Click and TypeTo right-align a paragraph, use the ____ shortcut keys.CTRL+RWhen you drag the Hanging Indent marker, the Left Indent marker moves with it.TrueCTRL+B, CTRL+], and CTRL+U are all shortcut keys for formatting paragraphs.FalseThe shortcut keys for the _____ character formatting are CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS SIGN.superscriptcellThe intersection of a row and columnF3Pressing the ____ key instructs Word to replace a building block name with the stored building block entryWordArt like that in the accompanying figure is treated as Word text.falseThe left edge of the _________________________ shows the current page followed by the total number of pages in the document, the number of words in the document, and a button to check spelling and grammar.status barAppears gray and means not availableDimmed MenuLocated on the Selecting Rectangle; located at each end and in the middle and used to resizeSizing HandlesA resume allows you to elaborate on positive points in your cover letter.FalseTo convert a hyperlink e-mail address to regular text, right-click the e-mail address and then click ____ on the shortcut menu.Remove Hyperlink____ characters often are used in a table of contents to precede page numbers.LeaderItems like the phone number in the accompanying figure are copied from a(n) ____ document.sourceGraph places the contents of a table into a(n) ____________________.datasheet____ is a character effect available in the Font dialog box.engrave superscript all capsThe value axis is the vertical axis used to plot data on a bar, column, or line chart. True/FalseTrueEach ____ on the Ribbon surrounds a collection of groups, and each group contains related commandstabUses points as the units of measurementfont sizeEach time the ENTER key is pressed, Word creates a new paragraphtrueWhen fingers are already on the keyboard, it often is more efficient to use ____________________, or keyboard key combinations, to format text as it is typed.shortcut keysA note reference mark signals that an explanatory note exists at the bottom of the page as a(n) ____, as shown in Figure 2-1.footnoteCTRL+LThe shortcut keys used to left-align a paragraph arelegendis a box that identifies the colors assigned to categories in the chartPlanning Proposaloffers solutions to a problem or improvement to a situationTo delete a note, select the note reference mark in the footnote text by dragging through the note reference mark, and then click the Cut button on the Home tab.falseAs you type characters are inserted and all other characters are moved to the rightInsert ModeWhen at the rightmost cell in a row, press the ENTER key to move to the first cell in the next row; do not press the TAB key.FalseA(n) ____ is a dot or other symbol positioned at the beginning of a paragraph.bulletWhen the 25th item is copied to the Office Clipboard, Word deletes the last item to make room for the new item.FalseEach of the following is a type of proposal except a(n) ____ proposal.expenseWhen the height of the cell is close to the same height as the text, differences in vertical alignment are readily apparent.FalseTo chart a Word table, like the one shown in the accompanying figure, first start Graph and then select the table elements to be charted.FalseWhat is a default?A setting that an aplication establishes when it is installed, but which dcan be changed by a user at any time.The ____ is a blinking vertical bar that indicates where text, graphics, and other items will be insertedinsertion pointSara anticipates that she will be working on her projects on both a computer in her office and on a computershe has at home, and she would like the capability to move projects back and forth easily between the twomachines. What is your recommendationUSB flash driveWhen you point to an icon on the Select Browse Object menu, Word displays the associated command name at the top of the menu.TrueWhen the same word is used in multiple locations or a word is used that was not quite appropriate, a thesaurus can be used to look up a(n) _____, or a word similar in meaning.synonymDraw Table featureUsed To create a more complex tableInsert SmartArt GraphicTo display the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box, click the ____ button on the Insert tabUse the SHIFT key to select more than one area of text to apply formatting to.falseFont size; 1 point = 1/6 of an inchPointPlaced on the edge of the Word WindowDocked ToolbarWhere the clip Art is located or storedClip OrganizerUse the ____ button on the Layout tab to create two cells from one in a table.Split CellsWhat do you clll a Word feature that prompts you for information one step at a time and then generates a formatted document?A wizardAs shown in Figure 1-2, a(n) _____ is an on-screen note that provides the name of the command, availablekeyboard shortcut(s), a description of the command, and sometimes instructions for how to obtain help aboutthe commandEnhanced ScreenTipOne way to delete a note is to click immediately to the left of the note reference mark in the document text and then press the ____ key twice.DELETEHeaderis text that prints at the top of each page in the documentUsed to turn certain keys or modes on or offStatus IndicatorsSets the tab stops, indention, adjusts column widths, and changes the page marginsHorizontal Ruler or RulerOne way to find a format is to use the Find and Replace dialog box.TrueWhat is a wizard?It's a document that Prompts you for information one step at a time and then generates a formatted document based on your answers.Which of the following changes you make to your text is an example of paragraph formattingputting the title in boldfaceIn a data source, fields ____.may be listed in any orderWhat are headers and footerstext that appears at the top and bottom of a pageWord indicates a null expression with ____.Word indicates a null expression with ____.To place a border using the same settings as the most recently defined border, click the ____.Border button on the Home tabWhat is the best way to create documents such as Resume's, Memos, Letters, and Publications on so forth?Why is this the best way?Templates,and WizardsThey save a lot of time____ is/are required information for a citation for a book in MLA style.Full name of author(s) Edition (if available) Publication cityTo insert a document into an open Word document, use the ____.Object button on the Insert tabHow do you create an Auto text entry?Type the desired tet, select the desired text, click Alt+F3 Enter a name for the auto text, press enterA minimized window fills the entire screen. _________________________False. A maximized window covers all of the screenWhat is the meaning of Table in Microsoft Word?A grid of vertical columns and horizontal rows.How do you format a numbered list?select the list, on the menu bar click format, bullets and mumbering, click on the numbered tab, choose the desired formatIn the accompanying figure, why is slide four selected?It is the current slide in the Slide PaneHow do you make sure that all the columns are the same width?Go to Format, click columns, and check the equal columns width box in the columns dialog box options.What is the function of the Hanging indent?To move all the lines in a paragrah inward from the left margin.The default view in Word is Web view. _________________________False. The default view is the print layout viewGraphical imagesGraphicsThe shortcut key, ____________________, positions the insertion point at your last editing location.Shift+F5Surrounds selected graphicsSelecting RectangleMicrosoft Office 2007 includes Microsoft Graph graphics, which are visual representations of ideas.FalseA(n) _________________________ is a specific location on a storage medium.folderCharacters appear thicker and darkerBoldDisplayed on the Windows ToolbarMinimizedIn a business letter, the complimentary close displays two lines below the last line of the message.TrueA new ____________________ must be created in a document whenever you want to change page formatting for a portion of the document.sectionformatting toolbarcontains buttons for changing character and paragraph formatting, such as alignment and type styles.When used properly, the _________________________ system can increase productivity and reducefrustrations by minimizing the time spent learning how to use Word.word helpIf you have multiple custom dictionaries, you can specify which one Word should use when checking spelling.TrueA document may wordwrap differently depending on the type of printer being used.trueChoosing well-coordinated colors and styles for text and objects in a presentation is possible by using ____________________.quick stlyesA short on screen noteScreen TipText appears with underscore under every characterUnderlinedWith a graphic selected, click the Recolor button on the ____ tab to display the Recolor gallery shown in the accompanying figure.FormatA(n) ____ contains instructions for filling areas of a template.content controlIt is helpful to display ____ characters that indicate where in the document the SPACEBAR or ENTER key, for example, was pressed.formattingIf the insertion point is positioned in the middle of a document when a second document is inserted, the first document is replaced by the inserted document.FalseThe category axis is the horizontal axis used to plot data on a bar, column, or line chart. True/FalseTrue_____ formatting is the process of changing the way letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols appearCharacterBy default, the Normal style places ____ points of blank space after each paragraph.10Word automatically numbers notes sequentially by placing a(n) ____________________ in the body of the document and also to the left of the note text.note reference markWith ____ editing, the selected item is moved to the new location and then inserted there.drag-and-dropThe MLA style uses the term bibliographical references for works cited.False____________________ is the amount of vertical space between lines of text in a document.line spacingClipboardThe ____ is a temporary Windows storage areaOn the horizontal ruler, an upside down T indicates a ____ tab stop.centeredA(n) ____________________ is a graphic that you create using Word.drawing objectShort horizontal line that indicates the end of the documentEnd MarkLocated on the Selecting Rectangle; located at each end and in the middle and used to resizeSizing HandlesFlush with the right marginRight - AlignedContains buttons and boxes and allows you to carry out some Word tasks more efficientlyToolbarThe Normal style does not put any extra blank space between lines when you press the ENTER key.FalseTo delete the contents of a cell, select the cell contents by pointing to the left edge of the cell and clicking when the mouse pointer changes direction, and then press the DELETrueThe column boundary, the border to the right of a column as shown in the accompanying figure, can be dragged until a row is at a desired height.FalseFeature used to create a complex tableDraw TableThe ____________________ on the Layout tab is used to make uniform the row spacing in a table like the one in the accompanying figure.Distribute Rows buttonWhen a section break is created, you specify whether or not the new section should begin on a new page.Truestatus bartells you what portion ofthe document is shown on the screen and thee location of the insertion point. It also displays the status of certain Word features.A saved document is referred to as a(n) _________________________.filePressing the _____ key on the keyboard displays a Key Tip badge as shown in Figure 1-4ALTTo delete a character in a document, click next to the character and then press the ____ key to erase to the leftof the insertion pointBACKSPACEA set of unified formats for fonts, colors, and graphicsthemeWord feature that fixes errors as you type them in the documentAutoCorrectTo select a sentence, press and hold down the ____ key and then click the sentence.CTRLFootnote text is _____.single-spaced, left-aligned, and a smaller font size than the text in the research paperLine spacingis the amount of vertical space between lines of text in a documentMicrosoft Office Word is a(n)full-featured word processing program that allows you to create professional-looking documentsA Microsoft Office Address List is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file.falseDefault alignment, flush with the left marginLeft - AlignedThe process of changing the appearance of characters on screenCharacter FormattingWord, by default, places a tab stop at every ____ mark on the ruler..5"You can make one color in a graphic ____, that is, removing its color.transparentText that prints at the top of each page in a documentheaderIf you hold down the ____ key while dragging the column marker on the ruler or a column boundary in the table, the width measurements of all columns appear on the ruler as you drag the column marker or boundary.ALTWhat is the file ext. for a word template?.dotA _____ consists of a group of frequently used styles formatted so they look pleasing when used togetherstyle setThe ____________________ is the top triangle at the 0" mark on the horizontal ruler shown in Figure 2-3.First Line Indent markerTo decrease a font size, use the ____ shortcut keys.CTRL+SHIFT+
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