which structure is not part of the alimentary canal?

which structure is not part of the alimentary canal?

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Choose the list that presents the four stages of food processing in the order in which they naturally occur.ingestion digestion absorption elimination
When digested, proteins are broken down into _____.amino acids
When digested, fats are broken down into _____.both glycerol and fatty acids
Starch is a type of _____.polysaccharide
Your small intestine can absorb ____ without their being further digested.fructoses
Which of these enzymes begins the breakdown of starch?amylase
Starch can be broken down into the disaccharide known as _____.maltose
Protein digestion begins in the _____.stomach
What is the main component of gastric juice?water
_____ is secreted by the _____ and acts to emulsify _____ in the _____.Bile ... liver ... fats ... small intestine
What acid is responsible for stomach acidity?hydrochloric acid
Which structure is not part of the alimentary canal?salvilary glands
Which process is not required for an animal to obtain energy from food?excretion
True or false? One advantage of having a tube-like digestive tract is that digestion of all compounds can take place simultaneously down the tract.False
True or False? The liver is a component of the alimentary canal.False
Choose the correct statement from the list below.Proteins that are consumed in the diet are absorbed as individual amino acids following digestion.
Choose the correct statement from the list below.Carbohydrate digestion begins in the mouth with salivary amylase.
Choose the correct statement from the list below.Free fatty acid absorption occurs in the small intestine.
Different types of food are eaten by various groups of animals, but it is usually true that _____.cellulose digestion in ruminant mammals occurs before the ingested foods reach the small intestine
The "essential nutrients" for proper human nutrition include _____.calcium, sodium, potassium, and other minerals
Fat digestion yields fatty acids and glycerol, whereas protein digestion yields amino acids; both digestive processesadd a water molecule to break bonds (hydrolysis).
The large surface area in the gut directly facilitatesabsorption
Because the foods eaten by animals are often composed largely of macromolecules, this requires the animals to have mechanisms forenzymatic hydrolysis.
For ingested foods, the first opportunity for enzymatic digestion occurs in the _____.mouth
The lower esophageal sphincter surrounds the upper opening into the stomach. If this sphincter failed to properly constrict, there might be a problem with _____.regurgitation of acidic stomach contents into the esophagus, commonly called "heartburn"
In the digestive system, peristalsis issmooth muscle contractions that move food along the esophagus.
After ingestion by humans, the first category of macromolecules to be chemically digested by enzymes in the mouth iscarbohydrates.
Digestive secretions with a pH of 2 are characteristic of thestomach
Upon activation by stomach acidity, the secretions of the parietal cellsinitiate the digestion of protein in the stomach.
The bile saltsemulsify fats in the duodenum.
An enzyme with high activity in an acidic environment ispepsin
The absorption of fats differs from that of carbohydrates in that themost absorbed fat first enters the lymphatic system, whereas carbohydrates directly enter the blood.
The molar teeth of herbivorous mammals are especially effective atgrinding
A group of animals among which a relatively long cecum is likely to be found is theherbivores
The adaptations suited to a carnivorous diet includebile salts
which structure

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