which of the following statements is not true of peer-to-peer networks?

which of the following statements is not true of peer-to-peer networks?

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What type of media transmits multiple signals simultaneously?Broadband
How are standards such as EDI used by businesses?To define how data transmits across transmission media
Which of following technologies is your new inventory tracking system at your small business most likely to use?UWB
What kinds of networks is a network topology in which a cable forms a closed loop, with all computers and devices arrange along it?ring
What kind of network must all of the computers and devices (nodes) on the network connect to a central device?star network
You are a technology expert and you have been asked to predict which techno ology will become the Internet standard for data transmission, replacing T3 lines. Which of the following are you most likely to predict.ATM
What is the term for the communication device that connects multiple computers together and transmits data to its correct destination on a network?router
What kind of communications device sends and receives data and information to and from a digital line, such as ISDN and cable?modem
Your school computer library has a network that connects computers and devices within a few small rooms. What type of network does it likely use?LAN
What is another term for servers that control access to the hardware, software, and other network resources?Host computers
What statement is not Tue of Wi-Fi?Even if two products are Wi-Fi Certified, they must share the same platform in order toil communicate.
What technology is your new wireless headset most likely to use?Bluetooth
What statement is not true of peer-to-peer networks?The network operating system is stored Jon a network server;
Which group developed the WiMAX standard?IEEE
What does EFT stand for?Electronic funds transfer
Your smartphone, digital camera, and printer are all part of a network in your workspace. What type of network is like in use?PAN
On a network if one node fails, as long as the node is not providing services to other nodes on the network, what happens?Only that node ins affected
What is the best description of a coaxial cable?Single copper wire surrounded buy at least three layers
What is not a dedicated like?Dial-up
What type of network does each computer have equal responsibilities and capabilities?P2P
What technology is the new tollbooth on the local highway most likely to use?RFID
You want to use the UMB cellular transmission standard on your new mobile phone. Which standard will you use?4G
You love to take pictures of your family. What standard do you use to print pictures directly from your camera?UWB
Which of the following is not a technology used by hot spots?UWB
What is the approximate distance most Bluetooth devices can be from each other to communicate, without using additional equipment?33 feet
Network servers and web servers are examples of what type of server?Dedicated servers
What is a NIC?A communications device that enables a computer or device that does not have built-in networking capability to access a network
What offers an alternative to infrared communications with high bandwidth transmissions?Bluetooth
What is the purpose of hubs and switches?To provide a central point for cables in a network
Which of the following statements best describes a BAN?A set of wearable or implanted body sensors that turn the body into a human router
What communications technologies does not use broadcast radio signals?IR
What is the term for a network that covers a large geographic area, such as a city, country, or the world, using a variety of wired and wireless transmission media?Wide Area Network (WAN)
You run a large network in which it is important to keep a duplicate of the central device in case the primary one fails. What category of network topology does this network use?star network
You are purchasing a new mobile phone, and are learning about categories of cellular transmissions. You ask the sales person what the "G" stands for in the categories. What does he reply?Generation
Which of the following has a port to which a cable connects in order to coordinate the transmission and receipt of data, instructions, and information to and from the computer device containing it?Network interface card
What term describes the process in which two more computers or devices transfer data, instructions, and information?Digital communication
What is a sending device?A device that initiates an instruction to transmit data, instructions, or information
When users log off a P2P network like the one in the accompanying figure, can others users still can access their hard disks?false
What has the following has the fastest maximum transfer transmission rate?UWB
Which of the following is not true of communications software?Email, FTP, and VoIP are examples of system software for communications.
Which network type connects each computer and device to a central device?star network
On what network do one or more computers act as a server and the other computers on the network request services from the server?Client/server
What is true of the installation of a network with multiple devices?It can span a larger distance than a bus network, but it is more difficult
What is a receiving device?A device that accepts the transmission of data, instructions, or information
What term is used to describe the time it takes a signal to travel from one location to another on a network?latency
What statement be describes the Ethernet netowkr standard?o central computer or device on the network should control when data can be transmitted
What is the definition of a protocol, as it applies to networks?A standard that outlines characteristics of how two network devices communicate
What is another term fro an Internet peer-to-peer network?A file sharing network
What best describes how the RFID standard works?The network uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object, animal, or person.
What is the term used to connect a device to network that has an IP address?node
Which of the following best describes DSL connections?Transmits at fast speeds on existing standard copper telephone wiring; popular for small business or home user
Which of the following technologies is your new remote control most likely to use?IrDA
Which of the following technologies is your new mobile phone payment device most likely to use?NFC
What is a 4G standard?LTE
What do privacy advocates worry can destroy a person's anonymity?RFID
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