which of the following is not a diagnostic feature of the chordata?

which of the following is not a diagnostic feature of the chordata?

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Which of the following is NOT a diagnostic feature of the Chordata?vertebrae
A unique feature of craniates is _____.the neural crest
What do lampreys, sharks, snakes, turtles, and cats have that a hagfish lacks?vertebrae
Jaws evolved _____.by modification of the skeletal rods that previously supported the anterior pharyngeal gill slits
The diagnostic feature of Chondrichthyes is _____.an endoskeleton of calcified cartilage
Most members of which of the following groups are most closely associated with a wet or moist environment?amphibians
Listed below are four adaptations of terrestrial vertebrates. Which is a characteristic only of truly terrestrial animals with no need to return to water at any stage of the life cycle?amniotic eggs
Which one of these chordate groups lacks a post-anal tail and a notochord as adults?tunicates
The common ancestor of all these chordate groups EXCEPT the _____ probably had paired appendages.lampreys
Which of these is the only chordate group that has hair?mammals
Which of the following statements about deuterostomes is false?All deuterostomes exhibit radial symmetry in their bodies.
Which structure is not an innovation that occurred during vertebrate diversification?Exoskeleton
True or false? An organism that is radially symmetric has many well-developed head regions.False An organism that is radially symmetric does not have a well-developed head region
Which characteristic distinguishes echinoderms from the other two deuterostome lineages?Their body plan
Which of the following statements about vertebrates is true? The development of an amniotic egg and internal fertilization allowed vertebrates to reproduce away from water. Birds are more related to mammals than to dinosaurs. The development of more efficient surfaces for gas exchange in reptiles stimulated expansion into terrestrial habitats. All vertebrates have jaws with which to catch their prey.The development of an amniotic egg and internal fertilization allowed vertebrates to reproduce away from water.
Which characteristics define a chordate?The presence of four specific morphological traits
Which structure can be used for feeding and gas exchange?Pharyngeal gill slit
There are three major groups of mammals, categorized on the basis of their _____.method of reproduction
A new species of aquatic chordate is discovered that closely resembles an ancient form. It has the following characteristics: external armor of bony plates, no paired lateral fins, and a suspension-feeding mode of nutrition. In addition to these, it will probably have which of the following characteristics?no jaws
How many of the following statements about craniates is (are) correct? 1. Craniates are more highly cephalized than are noncraniate chordates. 2. Craniates' genomic evolution includes duplication of clusters of genes that code for transcription factors. 3. The craniate clade is synonymous with the vertebrate clade. 4. Pharyngeal slits that play a major role in gas exchange originated in craniates. 5. The two-chambered heart originated with the early craniates.1,2,4, and 5 are correct
What do all craniates have that earlier chordates did not have?partial or complete skull
During chordate evolution, what is the sequence (from earliest to most recent) in which the following structures arose? 1. amniotic egg 2. paired fins 3. jaws 4. swim bladder 5. four-chambered heart2,3,4,1,5
Jaws first occurred in which extant group of fishes?ray-finned fishes
Which of the following belongs to the lobe-fin clade?tetrapods
Arrange these taxonomic terms from most inclusive (most general) to least inclusive (most specific). 1. lobe-fins 2. amphibians 3. gnathostomes 4. osteichthyans 5. tetrapods3,4,1,5,2
For the following item, match the extant vertebrate groups with the descriptions. Internal fertilization, leathery amniotic egg, and skin that resists drying are characteristics ofnonbird reptiles
Which of the following are the most abundant and diverse of the extant vertebrates?ray-finned fishes
A trend first observed in the evolution of the earliest tetrapods wasfeet with digits.
In which vertebrates is fertilization exclusively internal?reptiles and mammals
Which of these are amniotes? fishes placental mammals amphibians egg-laying mammals More than one of these is correct.more than one of these is correct
Why is the amniotic egg considered an important evolutionary breakthrough?It allows deposition of eggs in a terrestrial environment.
Which of these characteristics added most to vertebrate success in relatively dry environments?the shelled, amniotic egg
Which of the following are the only extant animals that descended directly from dinosaurs?birds
Examination of the fossils of Archaeopteryx reveals that, in common with extant birds, it hadfeathers
Why is the discovery of the fossil Archaeopteryx significant? It supports thephylogenetic relatedness of birds and reptiles.
Which clade does not include humans?diapsids
Which of the following could be considered the most recent common ancestor of living tetrapods?a sturdy-finned, shallow-water lobe-fin whose appendages had skeletal supports similar to those of terrestrial vertebrates
Vertebrates and tunicates sharea notochord and a dorsal, hollow nerve cord.
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