medieval christians felt the ____ was more important than the ____.

medieval christians felt the ____ was more important than the ____.

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The content of a work refers to:its meaning
Deconstruction involves the belief that any imagea multiplicity of meanings
In a work of art, the word "composition" refers to:the arrangement of the formal elements of art
Art is whatever a society or culture determines as art (T or F)?True
Art is a:human phenomenon
Every culture, both past and present, has a word that corresponds to ours for art (T or F)?False
From the moment a work of art is made, its content is subject to change (T or F)?True
The role of the art critic is:to describe works of art and evaluate their significance
Context refers to:he social and political conditions that encompass a work of art
Contemporary art and popular culture often share the same images (T or F)?True
Lascaux's images probably had a(n) ____ purpose linked to nature's bounty.ritual
Australian Aboriginals painted "contour maps" indicating food and water locations; these maps were then ____ after a ritual celebration.destroyed
Mu Qi's Six Persimmons emphasizes ____ in life.meditation and simplicity
Warhol's work, such as Heinz 57 Tomato Ketchup celebrated the commercial art of ____.packaging, advertising
Ritual meals include:weddings holidays religious ceremonies meetings of government figures
Prehistoric artists painted images in the ____ of the caves.back
In most contemporary industrial societies, few people hunt and process the meat they eat (T or F)?True
Because water is essential for survival, various cultures have developed inventive systems for storing liquids using a variety of materials, including clay, leather, wood and straw (T or F)?True
Men from Northwest Native American tribes excelled at weaving symbolic, geometric patterns into their baskets (T or F)?False
Examples of ancient communities in which homes were close together in the same style include Catal Huyuk and ____.Pueblo Bonito
Trajan's Market has tabernas whose form and arrangement suggests a mall
The architect ____, who designed one of the first innovative tall buildings of the twentieth century, believed that form follows function in architecture (T or F)?Louis Sullivan
The earliest examples of domestic architecture feature group living (T or F)?True
Due to their technological innovations in structural engineering, by the first century CE, average Romans lived in heated apartment buildings with functional sewer systems (T or F)?False
In most cultures, symbolic meaning is frequently attached to public buildings but rarely associated with individual homes (T or F)?False
The concrete ____________________ of Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater show substantial influence from Japanese and Chinese architecture.cantilevers
The Native American ____________________ was originally a small tent used during the hunting season.tipi
20th century skyscrapers, devoid of ornamentation, are examples of the _________________________ Style in
Topography and technology are two of the most important factors when designing a building (T or F)?True
Some of the earliest artifacts believed to relate to human fertility come from the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods of history (T or F)?True
The Primordial Couple of the Dogon represents:the father and mother of all
There are many symbols in Jan van Eyck's The Wedding, including:oranges
An odalisque was a member of:a harem
In prehistoric times fertility was:an important concern
Regardless of time period or culture, fertility figures are universally female (T or F)?False
The Moche, the Maya and Alice Neel did versions of:pregnant women
Louise Bourgeois' Blind Man's Bluff is a sculpture of:bulbous forms
Historically in India, images of ideal erotic sexuality were ____.common in temples and miniature paintings
In nineteenth century Europe, ____ paintings were an acceptable way to present images of nude women.mythological
Images of Deities:vary from culture to culture can be male or female can not be represented in some cultures
From ancient Egypt came the convention of representing deities as:partaking of animal qualities
A Buddhist stupa, at first a mound tomb, was transformed into a relic:of a Buddha
When Christianity became the official state religion, Christ was shown as:a king or ruler
Depictions of ritual sacrifice were shown in many cultures, including:Christian and Mesoamerican
In Bali, religion is devoid of any artistic expression or depiction (T or F)?False
In Mayan culture, ball players were important members of society and ball games were seen as important religious rituals (T or F)?True
In which religion is god never depicted in visual form?Islam
A journey to a special shrine is called a:pilgrimage
The ____ religion in Japan teaches that forests and enormous stones are sacred dwellings of the gods of nature, who are connected to growth and renewal.Shinto
Mortality means:being subject to death
Greek grave makers usually showed:quiet, everyday moments
Modern cemeteries developed in response to an increase in urban populations and concerns about pollution and sanitation (T or F)?True
The Romans developed the concept of cemeteries with small plots marked by upright monuments (T or F)?False
Probably the most famous Islamic mausoleum is the:Taj Mahal
In Africa, ____ are venerated in sculptures.ancestors
The ____ Day of the Dead celebration is a remembrance of all the dead.Mexican
Tribute in Light was displayed in:New York
Ancient tombs were often oriented to the movement of:celestial bodies
Egyptian pharaohs were believed to be descendants of the most powerful god, Re, the ____.Sun God
Artistic devices used to glorify a ruler's image include an idealized image and:symbols
The twelve figures flanking the Emperor Justinian in this image allude to ____.the twelve disciplines
In ancient Hawaii, only royalty could own or wear precious objects made of:feathers
"Triumph of the Will" was a film glorifying:Hitler
Versailles was built in the ____ style.Baroque
The Maori Meeting House represented the ____ of a great ancestor.body
To remember military victories, the Romans built:arches
Picassos Guernica dramatized the 1937 destruction of the Basque capital during the:Spanish Civil War
The first to photograph war, ____ made 3,500 photographs covering both sides of the U.S. Civil War.Matthew Brady
Which of the following have symbolized peace in Western art:doves winged allegorical figures women
Art protesting a particular war was first seen:about 200 years ago
Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People is ____ in its portrayal of fighting as thrilling, dangerous, and liberating.romantic
Tomatsu Shomeis Woman with Keloidal Scars is an example of documentary photography (T or F)?True
Most social protest works of art are designed to prescribe specific changes and actions (T or F)?False
Yinka Shonibare's Mr. and Mrs. Andrews Without Their Heads is a parody of a work by:Gainsborough
Jacob Lawrence did a series of paintings describing the tribulations of:African Americans
Leon Golub's Mercenaries I is particularly imposing because of its:large size
Tomatsu Shomei's photographs are of victims of ____.the atomic bomb
The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti uses ____ as a protest strategy.narrative
In Pollocks Lucifer, the style of painting called ___________involved the motion of the artists entire body.action painting
Van Gogh's Portrait of Dr. Gachet featured ____ to show the artist's state of mind.thick paint
A successful portrait in art is usually considered someones likeness, not only in face but also in ____________________.character
Polykleitos invented and applied a system of mathematical proportions called the Canon for the depiction of Greek figures (T or F)?True
In Medieval Europe, human nature was held in high esteem and images of the body symbolized the purity of Gods divine realm (T or F)?False
Lucian Freud's Leigh under the Skylight is a portrait of:everyman
Frida Kahlo's many self-portraits show her face as:unemotional
Medieval Christians felt the ____ was more important than the ____.soul/body
Vincent van Goghs Portrait of Dr. Gachet was a vehicle for commentary about ____.the suffering inherent in modern, urban life
Chuck Close uses ____ to convey importance in his portraits.symmetrical
A full-body portrait is always a life-size depiction of an individual (T or F)?False
Italian Renaissance artists were strongly influenced by Hellenistic and Roman sculptures that were being excavated in central Italy (T or F)?True
Ritual tattooing was often used on the eastern islands of the South Pacific as part of initiation rites that prepared an individual for adulthood (T or F)?True
______________ photographs reflect socially prescribed roles and explore the nature of stereotypes.Sigmund Freuds
In the nineteenth century new technologies, such as ____________________, changed the understanding of the human body and the way art was
Yoko Ono was part of the ____ movement in New York, which sought to create art as an artist-initiated experience rather than an art object like a painting or a sculpture.performance
The Egyptian ____ canon, begun by Amenhotep III, was a new aesthetic which rejected the rigid, abstract style of the past for a more flowing, elegant, naturalistic approach.Armana
Many African sculptures considered the head and ____ as most important.neck
Art can forge racial identity and preserve the history and values of a(n) _______group.ethnic
In The Artifact Piece, Native American artist James Luna challenged the way contemporary American culture and museums have presented his race as essentially____.extinct and vanished
Shaughnessys Interior House Post both physically supports the Raven House and symbolically represents the__________________of the John Scow clan.spiritual and mythical foundation
The artist Tseng Kwong Chi made a series of photographic self -portraits where he posed in front of various American tourist sites to illustrate Asians looking at the West (T or F)?True
In the 1960s and 1970s, high profile art exhibitions in prestigious American museums frequently included work by women artists (T or F)?False
Artists such as Jacques-Lois David not only reflected the "reality" of gender roles, they ____ such "reality."enforced, created
Hung Liu examined the Chinese practice of ____.foot binding
In ancient Egypt, the human body was sculpted in different ways depending on the class of the person (T or F)?True
The painting Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus by Peter Paul Rubens is an example of ____ as subject matter.sexual erotica
Social rank can often be illustrated through ____.dress leisure activities scale
Because fantastic creatures do not exist, they can serve as ____.symbols
The unicorn became a symbol for ____.Christ
Animals appear in art in every culture (T or F)?True
Robert Smithson created earthworks because ____.he was interested in moving his art outside the gallery system
The Incan civilization in Peru produced huge animal drawings by scraping the desert floor to reveal the lighter-colored sand beneath it (T or F)?False
Many Islamic gardens stood for ____.paradise
Landscapes were popular in China and Japan because ____.cities were noisy, polluted and crowded
The European painter, John Constable painted his large landscapes outdoors from direct observation (T or F)?False
Ansel Adams' photographs emphasized the beauty of nature as ____.untouched by humans
The Impressionist artist _____________ was well known for his paintings of natural scenes such as water lilies and haystacks.Monet
Leonardo da Vinci was born in a village near _________.Florence
Which family ruled Florence during Leonardo's lifetime?Medici
How many of Leonardo's designs for war machines seem to have been put into production?None
For his Last Supper, Leonardo chose what moment of the biblical Last Supper?Jesus's statement that he will be betrayed
When he was preparing to enter the service of Ludovico Sforza, Leonardo wrote a letter detailing his skills at what?military science
Leonardo left many commissions unfinished (T or F?)True
Which of the following inventions did Leonardo not in some way predict?the jet engine
Leonardo's attempts at flight were based on what?his studies of birds
Leonardo da Vinci recorded the first case of arteriosclerosis (T or F)?True
What painting did Leonardo take with him to France?The Mona Lisa
The ultimate purpose of Visual Studies is to record the language of visual culture so that images have a universal meaning regardless of nationality or culture (T or F)?True
Western theater began as a form of worship of the god ____.Dionysos
Roman imperial baths, such as the __________ had libraries, art galleries, restaurants, bars, gymnasiums and offered theater performances, public lectures, and athletic contests.Baths of Caracalla
The Japanese theater musicians played a stringed instrument called a ____.samisen
The first examples of performance art were called ____.happenings
The North American Sioux Hoop Dance celebrated ____.springtime
Matthew Barneys CremasterI references Busby Berkley musical productions from 1930s Hollywood films (T or F)?True
The Mayans ritualistic ball sport has similarities to the contemporary game of ____.The Mayans ritualistic ball sport has similarities to the contemporary game of
The opening ceremonies for the Olympic games is an example of ____ a public exhibition on a grand scale.spectacle
Visual culture is an area of academic study that deals with the totality of images and visual objects produced in_________________, and the ways that those images are disseminated, received, and used.industrial and postindustrial nations
medieval christians

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