which of the following was able to detect pressure?

which of the following was able to detect pressure?

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the Pacinian corpuscle and the free nerve endingWhich of the following was able to detect pressure
They are always depolarizing.Which of the following does NOT describe graded potentials?
olfactory receptorWhich of the following responded to a chemical stimulus?
increasedWhen the intensity of the appropriate stimulus was increased, the amplitude of the response _______.
threshold voltageThe minimum voltage that is required to generate an action potential is called the _______.
no change to the action potentialIncreasing the voltage resulted in which of the following?
hyperpolarizedAn axon that is more negative than the resting membrane potential is said to be _______.
It would change the membrane potential to a more negative value.If an increase in extracellular potassium hyperpolarizes a neuron, which of the following would be correct?
Some sodium channels have been inactivated and cannot be reopened immediately.Why does the threshold increase when the interval between the stimuli decreases?
another action potential can be generated provided the stimulus is large enough.During the relative refractory period, _______.
a second action potential is generated until the interval reaches the absolute refractory periodWhen the interval between the stimuli decreases, _______.
a greater-than-threshold depolarization results and sodium permeability into the cell increases to overcome the potassium exiting.When the stimulus voltage is increased, _______.
interspike intervalThe time interval between action potentials is called the _______.
increases the frequency of action potentialsIncrease in stimulus intensity _______.
the reciprocal of the interspike interval, and measured in hertzThe frequency of action potentials is _______.
the stimulus must be above threshold to generate an action potentialDuring the relative refractory period, _______.
C fibersWhich fibers generate the smallest value for conduction velocity?
the largest and most heavily myelinated axonsThe time interval for conduction would be shortest with
decreases the time between action potentialsIncreasing the amount of myelination _______.
the same for all of the axons and suprathreshold for all of the axonsIn this activity, the stimulus voltage used was _______.
the amount of neurotransmitter released and the amount of calcium that enters the axon terminalAt a chemical synapse, the intensity of the stimulus is coded by _______.
no neurotransmitter was releasedWhen the calcium was removed from the extracellular solution, _______.
the amount of neurotransmitter released decreasedWhen magnesium was added to the extracellular solution, _______.
divalent cationsCalcium and magnesium are both _______.
a small depolarization at the receiving end of the interneuronA weak, subthreshold stimulus will result in _______.
the moderate and strong stimuliWhich stimulus was at or above threshold?
the frequency of action potentials in the sensory neuron, the amount of neurotransmitter released at the axon terminal of the sensory neuron and the frequency of action potentials in the interneuronIncreasing the strength of the stimulus applied to the sensory receptor increased _______.
at the receiving end of the interneuronAn excitatory postsynaptic potential occurs _______.
electrical signalsNeurons and other excitable cells respond to stimuli by producing ________.
becoming more positiveDuring depolarization, the membrane potential is ________.
is absolutely refractory to stimulation during the time Na+ permeability is changing, and immediately following this changeA neuron ________.
is the sum of action potentials in many axons, is graded, and may be recorded from a nerveA compound action potential ________.
sciatic (tibial branch)Which nerve innervates the gastrocnemius muscle of the frog?
reveal an excess of Na+ ions in the extracellular fluidThe ionic concentrations in the interior and exterior of body cells ________.
a change in the permeability of the neuron to Na+ followed by a change in the permeability to K+An action potential results from ________.
by blocking receptors on the postsynaptic cellCurare causes paralysis ________.
which of

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