the cells of _____ and _____ have modified mitochondria.

the cells of _____ and _____ have modified mitochondria.

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Which of the following is true of secondary endosymbiosis?An organism containing an endosymbiont is engulfed by another organism and becomes an endosymbiont.
The cells of _____ and _____ have modified mitochondria.diplomonads ...parabasalids
The members of _____ are characterized by cells with small membrane-bounded cavities under their cell membranes.Alveolata
Golden algae, brown algae, red algae, chlorophytes, and charophyceans are some examples of protists that are _____.photosynthetic
Which of these groups consist of parasitic flagellated cells, such as Trypanosoma, the organism that causes sleeping sickness?kinetoplastids
Which three groups contain large algae known as seaweeds?brown algae, red algae, and green algae
Stramenopiles include all of the following groups EXCEPT ______.cellular slime molds
Which of these groups is characterized by glasslike walls containing silica?diatoms
Plasmodium, the parasitic organism that causes malaria, is a _____.apicomplexan
A paramecium is a(n) _____.ciliate
The largest seaweeds are _____.brown algae
All of the organisms classified as _____ move and feed using cilia.ciliates
Which group is characterized by cells with fine hairlike projections on their flagella?Stramenopila
Which of these algal groups possess a photosynthetic pigment that allows them to live in deep water?red algae
Which of these groups includes both aquatic decomposers and the parasites responsible for late potato blight?oomycetes
Which algal group has chloroplasts much like those of green plants in structure and pigment makeup?chlorophytes
Which of the following are two groups that are adapted to anaerobic conditions and contain modified mitochondria that lack DNA?diplomonads and parabasalids
Which species interaction applies to bees that harvest nectar and pollen from flowers?Mutualism.
Which process is not an example of consumption?Commensalism.
True or false? One example of a coevolutionary arms race is when faster deer evolve and favor wolves and cougars that have stronger eyesight and senses of smell.True
Which form of Plasmodium is the immediate cause of anemia in humans?Merozoites.
Which of the following statements about the Plasmodium parasite is true?Merozoites live off the hemoglobin and nutrients in red blood cells and divide to produce more merozoites, destroying red blood cells in the process.
How do humans combat infection by the Plasmodium parasite?Cytotoxic T cells destroy infected liver cells by recognizing a Plasmodium protein bound to an HLA protein on the surface of those cells.
A sign on the beach states, "Beach Closed. Red Tide." The organisms interfering with your use of this beach are probably _____.dinoflagellates
Many types of foraminiferans form a symbiotic relationship with _____.algae
What advantage do organisms that reproduce sexually have over organisms that reproduce asexually?Their offspring may be more adaptable to changes in the environment.
Which term describes the fusion of two gametes to form a diploid zygote?Syngamy
Which term describes the multicellular haploid form of a protist that shows alternation of generations?Gametophyte
Which structure mediates the attachment of spores to a surface on which to grow?Holdfast
Which of the following statements about Ulva's haploid stage is true?Haploid cells are produced by meiosis of diploid cells.
How does the haploid form of Ulva "switch" to its diploid form?Gametophytes produce cells that undergo mitosis to produce gametes that fuse to form a zygote.
True or false? Organisms that exhibit alternation of generations reproduce sexually in the diploid stageFalse
Select the four statements about Plasmodium that are true.(1) Plasmodium cells infect two specific types of cells in humans. (2) Plasmodium cells infect two specific types of cells in humans. (3) Plasmodium cells are transferred to humans through mosquito saliva. (4 )Inside an infected mosquito, haploid gametes fuse, forming a diploid zygote that develops into an oocyst.
Which of the following is a correct statement about slime molds?Cellular slime molds form masses when food is scarce, but their cells remain separated.
Plastids that are surrounded by more than two membranes are evidence ofsecondary endosymbiosis.
Which group is incorrectly paired with its description?red algae-acquired plastids by secondary endosymbiosis
In life cycles with an alternation of generations, multicellular haploid forms alternate withmulticellular diploid forms.
According to the endosymbiotic theory of the origin of eukaryotic cells, how did mitochondria originate?from engulfed, originally free-living proteobacteria
All protists areeukaryotic.
The chloroplasts of land plants are thought to have been derived according to which evolutionary sequence?cyanobacteria green algae land plants
Which of the following statements concerning protists is true?All protists have mitochondria, though in some species they are much reduced and known by different names.
A gelatinous seaweed that grows in shallow, cold water and undergoes heteromorphic alternation of generations is most probably what type of alga?brown
Which process results in genetic recombination, but is separate from the process by which the population size of Paramecium increases?conjugation
Which of the following pairs of protists and their characteristics is mismatched?ciliates-red tide organisms
A large seaweed that floats freely on the surface of deep bodies of water would be expected to lack which of the following?holdfasts
Which of the following is characteristic of ciliates?They are often multinucleate.
You are given an unknown organism to identify. It is unicellular and heterotrophic. It is motile, using many short extensions of the cytoplasm, each featuring the 9 + 2 filament pattern. It has well-developed organelles and three nuclei, one large and two small. This organism is most likely to be a member of which group?ciliates
Reinforced, threadlike pseudopods that can perform phagocytosis are generally characteristic of which group?radiolarians and forams
A snail-like, coiled, porous test (shell) of calcium carbonate is characteristic of which group?foraminiferans
The chloroplasts of all of the following are thought to be derived from ancestral red algae, except those ofgreen algae.
Which of the following are actual mutualistic partnerships that involve a protist and a host organism?all except that involving humans
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