industrial production crashed during the cultural revolution because

industrial production crashed during the cultural revolution because

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In addition to factory work, many women in the USSR were employedin healthcare and education.
Joseph Stalin believed he needed absolute authority in the USSR in order tounite the country and make it strong.
Joseph Stalin placed a high value on motherhood because hewanted women to produce more workers.
Which of these statements accurately describes Joseph Stalin? Check all that apply.He restricted citizens' personal rights and freedoms. He held absolute power as a totalitarian dictator.
Why did the transition to collectivization result in widespread starvation?Peasants were not allowed to keep food until they met government quotas.
What was Joseph Stalin's goal in creating a command economy?to outproduce capitalist nations
How did the Great Purge demonstrate Joseph Stalin's paranoia?The purge targeted those who might challenge Stalin's power.
What is a collective farm?a communist farm
If the USSR's economy had remained agriculture-based rather than industrialized, thenwomen would have been much less in demand in the workforce.
The _____ was part of Stalin's secret police force.NKVD
Which were included among the "Three Principles of the People"? Check all that apply.Democracy Socialism
What is the current state of relations between the Communists and Nationalists in China?The civil war between the two parties has never truly ended.
What contributed to the downfall of China's republic?China's presidents did not have enough power.
If the imperial dynasty had continued to rule China, it is most likely that? NOT "Revolutionary Groups..."
Why did support from people in the Chinese countryside help the Communists more than support from people in the cities helped the Nationalists?? NOT "In the cities.."
Which statement accurately describes China after the Civil War?The island of Taiwan became known as the Republic of China.
As a result of the Long March, China's Communist Partygrew stronger and more determined.
What was the effect on China of the Boxer Rebellion?It led China to the verge of collapse.
What was most surprising about the outbreak of the Chinese Civil War?The Nationalist Party and the Communist Party formerly were aligned.
If the outcome of the Civil War had been different, how would that most likely have affected China?Unrest might have continued in much of the country because so many people supported the Communists.
Which president established a policy that was named after him and that declared the United States would help any nation resist Communism?Harry Truman
Which of the following phrases best describes West Germany after World War II?Democratic government
Which of the following best describes NATO?A military alliance of the United States and other non-Communist nations
How did the Soviets respond when East Berliners defected to the West in large numbers?They built a wall separating East and West Berlin.
The Cold War was a period of history during whichthe United States and the Soviet Union mistrusted each other.
Which statement best describes the United States and the Soviet Union during World War II?They were both members of the Allies.
Which of the following statements describes how the crisis in Berlin in 1948-1949 was concluded?The blockade was lifted, and Berlin remained divided.
After World War II, the Soviet Union turned many of the countries of Eastern Europe into _______ states.Satellite
Who were the two world superpowers after World War II?the Soviet Union and the United States
Which countries were made permanent members of the UN's Security Council in 1945? Select all that apply.United States Soviet Union France Great Britain China
The passage says that the partition of Koreadivided the country, both in its political and economic life.
Intercontinental ballistic missiles made it possible for a country possessing them tostrike targets far away.
Which of the following were results of the Korean War? Select all that apply.?
The two superpowers that opposed each other during the Cold War were the United States andthe Soviet Union
In what way did the political situation in Vietnam resemble that of Korea in the 1950s?Both Vietnam and Korea were divided into a Communist North and a non-Communist South.
Which country launched the first satellite into outer space?the Soviet Union
The map makes it clear that after World War II, Korea was adivided country.
The Vietcong were rebels in South Vietnam who wanted tounify the South and North under a Communist government.
Tensions rose as the two opposing superpowers competed for? NOT "Resources.."
Which of the following resulted from the Vietnam War? Select all that apply.Vietnam is united under a Communist government. Support for the containment of Communism lessens. Anti-government feelings spread in the United States. Communism spreads to Laos and Cambodia.
How did the U.S. role in the Nicaraguan civil war change in 1982?The U.S. government stopped official funding for the Contras.
How did Guatemalan policy most affect U.S. interests?? NOT "Guatemalan had vast..."
By engaging in proxy wars, were the United States and the Soviet Union able to avoid involving their own military forces? Why or why not?No, both countries still fought in proxy wars but not directly against each other.
_______ describes the process of a country bringing an industry or sector under government control or ownership.Nationalization
During the 1980s, profit from the sale of weapons to Iran was used to? NOT "Start a proxy..."
The mujahideen were fighters in Afghanistan whorebelled against the communists.
Which terms describe the countries with which the United States and Soviet Union attempted to ally during the proxy wars? Check all that apply.?
Given that the Soviet Union fought in Afghanistan, why was it considered a proxy war?The United States did not directly engage in battle.
During the Cold War, what was the stated main objective of the United States in engaging in proxy wars against the Soviet Union?to spread democracy
Why did President Jimmy Carter believe that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan posed a significant threat?The Soviet invasion was likely to expand into neighboring countries.
Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal during the Suez Crisis. What does this mean?The Egyptian government took control of the canal.
In the Iran-Contra Affair, why were weapons sold to Iran, which was designated a state sponsor of terrorism in 1984? Check all that apply.?
Which organization was created in the 1940s to help nations resist communist influence?the Organization of American States
Which type of policies made U.S. leaders believe that Jacobo rbenz, the democratically elected president of Guatemala, was a communist sympathizer?rbenz's land reform policies
Which is a common tactic used in proxy wars?? NOT "Controlling another..."
In the era immediately following the coup that overthrew Jacobo rbenz in 1954, how did the United States maintain its influence in Guatemala?? NOT "American operatives..."
Which figure emerged from the August Coup as a national hero in Russia?Boris Yeltsin
After dtente was abandoned, the U.S. president believed that the Cold War could be won byoutspending the Soviet Union on weapons.
Ultimately, the reforms initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev led tothe downfall of the Soviet Union.
Which of these were included in the SALT I treaty? Check all that apply.a cap on nuclear arms a limit on launch sites
How did changes in the Soviet Union affect people in other communist countries?? NOT "Cubans rioted..."
Which of these resulted from Gorbachev's perestroika policies? Check all that apply.?
Which term best describes Mikhail Gorbachev as the leader of the Soviet Union?reformer
What prompted the change in Ronald Reagan's approach toward the Soviet Union during his second term?a change in Soviet leadership
How did Boris Yeltsin become the president of Russia?He won the country's first open election.
Which of these was a feature of the relationship between the Soviet Union and the United States in the era leading up to dtente?arms race
Germany was reunified in1990
What was the Berlin Wall?a wall that separated East and West Berlin
What happened in Poland in 1989?Lech Walesa became the first freely elected president.
What happened when the Czechs tried to implement liberal reforms in 1968?The USSR and other Warsaw pact nations invaded.
If East and West Germany had not reunified, it is most likely thatWest Germany would have grown much stronger than East Germany.
What best describes Yugoslavia before its breakup?It was home to many ethnic groups.
...? NOT "The Family's close..."
Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution in China in response toNew economic policies that threatened social equality.
What event ended the Cultural Revolution?Mao Zedong's death
Industrial production crashed during the Cultural Revolution because? NOT "People revolted..."
China modernized its military under Deng Xiaoping by? NOT "increasing its size and updating technology..."
A ________ is a group of people who live together and share responsiblities and resources.Commune
The cultural Revolution ultimately failed becausePeople began to seriously question communism.
Mao Zedong's government took control of farms in China through...
The main goal of China's first five-year Plan under Mao Zedong was toSpur economic growth.
What proposed changes in 1960 caused Mao to launch a Cultural Revolution? Check all that apply.To allow workers to compete for wages. To permit farmers to sell excess crops. To encourage farmers to own private land.
What unintended result did Mao's cultural revolution have on China?It paved the way for western-style economic and political development.
After Mao Zedong died in 1976, Deng Xiaoping became China's leader and adopted _______ as the country's main goal.Modernization
A protest at Tiananmen Square in 1989 convinced China's leaders tocrack down on democratic protests
Which explains a difference between Deng Xiaoping and Mao Zedong in regards to economic policy?Deng sought to modernize China by introducing capitalism in a limited way, while Mao rejected all capitalist ideas.
How did Deng Xiaoping's economic policies change Chinese culture?? NOT "They closed the income..."
A _________ is a group of people who live together and share responsibilities and resources.commune
What unintended result did Mao's Cultural Revolution have on China?? NOT "It caused the spread..."
Deng reformed China's education system because? NOT "Chinese cultural teachings..."
The Cultural Revolution ultimately failed becausepeople began to seriously question communism.
The main goal of China's first Five-Year Plan under Mao Zedong was tospur economic growth.
What is gross domestic product?total value of goods and services produced in a country in a year
How did the collapse of communism affect the European Union?It caused the European Union to expand as more nations joined
The European Economic Community was created toimprove trade between European nations.
Former Communist nations began to join the European Union in2004
When the Soviet Union collapsed, most people were? NOT "Ready and eager..." OR "angry and stubbornly..."
Based on the excerpt, the European Union values both economic development andrespect for cultures and traditions.
The European Union created a new form of currency called theEuro
What is the most likely reason some former communist nations refused to adopt the euro as their currency?They felt unready or unwilling to merge with the European Union
Twenty years after the fall of communism, what problem does Belarus face?? NOT "a critical shortage..."
Which best characterizes Europe in the period between the signing of the Schuman Plan and the formation of the European Union?Nations took sizable steps toward cooperation.
What is a tariff?a tax on goods leaving or entering the country
What happened when Hungary opened its borders?Thousands of people left East Germany.
Genocide is defined asdeliberately killing people for religious, ethnic, or political reasons.
When Serbia used murder and terror to eliminate Muslims, they called the policyethnic cleansing
Per capita income is defined asaverage amount of annual income earned per person in one year.
What negative effects did East Germany experience after reunification?many business closings slow economic growth
Which best describes men in the USSR under Joseph Stalin's regime?They were in demand for industrial jobs.
Deng Xiaoping felt that the first step to modernizing China's economy involvedrestoring the education system.
The Allied leaders were meeting to discuss which of the following?Europe's future now that Germany had been defeated
Dictators of _________ states use terror and violence to control their populationstotalitarian
Which best explains why the guards are displaying books?The "Little Red Book" explained Mao's Communist ideology, which all people in China were required to read.
Which of these was true of the Contras during the Nicaraguan civil war?The Contras received support from the U.S. government.
The most important goal of the Schuman Plan was toattain stability and peace in Europe.
In __________, the Sandinista rebels overthrew the government of Nicaragua.?
industrial production

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