which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds?

which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds?

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the fourth rule of firearm safety is "keep your finger ___ until ready to shoot."outside the trigger guard
___ is a term that describes the size of a rifle or handgun bore. This term also describes the size of cartridges used with different bores.caliber
which of the following is the best way to make sure you have the proper ammunition for your firearm?match the information on the firearm's barrel to the information on the cartridge or shotshell before you shoot
when you know a firearm's effective killing range, you can determine:when a shot will give a clean kill
what is good marksmanship?hitting the target accurately and consistently
sighting-in a rifle means:lining up the rear and front sights.
you're ready to shoot a rifle. You should draw a deep breath and then:exhale halfway
there are four standard rifle firing positions. choose the steadiest.prone
which shotgun choke is the most open?cylinder (unchocked)
what distance should be used to patter a shotgun?the distance you expect to be from your quarry
when you shoulder your shotgun, what part of your body should fit snugly against the stock?cheek
You point a shotgun at a moving target. You swing the gun faster than the target is moving, so that the muzzle passes the target. Then you fire. This method of shooting is called:swing-through
All hunters should take several steps to prepare for each hunting trip. Which step will increase your hunting success and add to your enjoyment?learn about the game you will hunt
You wait for game while sitting or standing in one spot. This hunting strategy is called:posting
You shoot a deer. You do not see it go down. How long should you wait before trailing the deer?half an hour
Three factors contribute to spoiled meat after game is harvested. One of these factors is:heat
It is safe to shoot an arrow when the target is:in front of a safe backstop
Which statement about broadheads is true?dress game with great caution until you find all parts of the broadhead
There are four primary rules of firearm safety. One of these rules is:unload firearms when not in use
Which two items should always be locked away separately?firearms and ammunition
There are four main causes of hunting incidents. One of these causes is:hunter judgment mistakes
Which of the following describes safe handling of a firearm?Unload and case the firearm before transporting it.
The zone-of-fire in front of each hunters spans about:45 degrees
When should a hunter wear a fall-arrest system?whenever the hunter is off the ground
You need to haul your firearm into a tree stand. What is the first step you should take?Unload the firearm and open the action.
Two hunters are duck hunting in a boat. What is the safest position?back-to-back
HELP refers to the position you should assume in cold water. What does HELP stand for?Heat Escape Lessening Posture
How many people in the U.S. hunt?about 5% of the population
Hunting laws preserve wildlife. Hunter ethics preserve:the opportunity to hunt
True north and magnetic north are not the same. The difference between them is called:deflection
What is the correct treatment for shock?Keep the victim lying down. Loosen any restrictive clothing.
Hunters reduce surplus wildlife populations. Hunters play an additional role in wildlife management by:providing wildlife managers with information from the field
Which statement concerning rare, threatened, or endangered species is true?These species are fully protected by law.
Hunting loses respect as a sport when hunters:participate in hunting while ignoring the arguments of critics
When should a hunter begin to get in shape for a hunt?well in advance of the hunt
Clothing can affect your ability to perform safely and responsibly. How should you choose your clothes for a hunting trip?Always wear clothing suitable for the weather you expect.
You get lost and find yourself in survival mode. Your priorities are shelter, fire, and:water
Which of the following is a proper way to treat hypothermia?Replace wet clothing with dry clothing.
Which type of bullet is recommended for rifles with a tubular magazine?rounded soft point
Which type of bow has straight limbs that form an arc when strung?longbow
When do bowsights work best?when the distance is known
To take game and minimize its suffering, you must know the ______ of the animal you are hunting.anatomy
You stumble in the field. The barrel of your firearm dips into the ground. You follow the steps to check for an obstruction in the firearm. After pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, what is the NEXT step?Check for debris in the barrel.
Which of the following would be a good spot to store ammunition?a cool, dry location
When a rifle fires, a sequence of events takes place. After the firing pin strikes the primer, what is the next event in the sequence?The primer explodes and sparks the gunpowder.
A firearm safety:is a mechanical device that could fail
You are shooting a muzzleloader. A hang fire happens. What should you do?Keep the gun pointed downrange.
You are hunting with others. Which two factors are most important in choosing how to carry your firearm?muzzle control and terrain
Why should you aim with your dominant eye?to increase your accuracy
Hunters tend to pass through five stages of development. What is the focus during the sportsman stage?the total hunting experience
The second rule of firearm safety is "Treat every firearm with the _______ due a loaded gun."respect
Bullets spin when shot from a rifle or handgun. What causes this spinning?rifling
What is the FINAL step in correctly matching ammunition to a firearm?Match the information on the barrel to the information on the cartridge or shotshell.
Which of the following is a building block of good marksmanship?practice
When sighting-in a rifle:fire the rifle from a solid bench rest
You are shooting a rifle or handgun. What is the best way to pull the trigger for an accurate shot?apply slow, steady pressure until the gun fires
There are four standard rifle firing positions. Which position is best for learning the fundamentals of shooting?prone
Which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds?improved cylinder and modified
Why do hunters pattern their shotguns?to select ammunition with the best performance
You are shooting at a moving target. You estimate the length of lead necessary to hit the target. You maintain that lead as you swing with the target. You fire and continue the swing. This method of shooting is called:sustained lead
All hunters should take several steps to prepare for each hunting trip. Which step will help ensure that you take only legal game?learn about your quarry
A downed animal appears to be dead. What should you do before approaching this animal?Wait a short distance away. Watch for any rise and fall of the animal's chest.
Which statement about arrows is true?An arrow is as deadly as a bullet.
Where should broadheads be kept while traveling to and from the field?in a quiver with a cover
There are four primary rules of firearm safety. One of these rules is:Treat every firearm with the respect due a loaded gun.
You remove a firearm from its storage location in your home. How should you handle the firearm?Immediately point the muzzle in a safe direction.
Which is the safest device to use while climbing a tree or in a tree stand?full-body harness
What is the recommended method for attaching a haul line to a firearm?Tie it to the sling.
Two duck hunters are seated back-to-back in a boat. How large is the zone-of-fire for each hunter?180 degrees
What should you do if you fall overboard into cold water?Try to reboard your boat, even if it is swamped.
Why were hunting laws passed?to conserve wildlife
Most hunters would agree that certain hunting behaviors are ethical. Certain behaviors are unethical. Other behaviors are in a gray area, and each hunter must make a personal choice. Which of the following behaviors is in the gray area?A hunter baits deer with corn or protein pellets.
A compass always points to:magnetic north
What is the best way to treat a snakebite?Keep the victim calm. Take him or her to a hospital.
To survive, every animal needs a proper arrangement of food, water, cover, and space. These items make up the animal's:habitat
Why must you learn to recognize key characteristics of the animal you're hunting?to avoid taking illegal game or non-game animals
How can you show respect for natural resources?by following game laws and regulations
Firearm incidents, rough terrain, climate extremes, and getting lost are examples of:hunting risks that a hunter can prepare for
Which material provides warmth even when wet?wool
What is the BEST prevention for frostbite?avoid severe weather
What are the basic parts of ammunition?case, primer, powder, and projectile
Which type of arrowhead spears fish and secures them until landed with an attached line?fish point
One way of shooting a bow is the instinctive aiming method. What is true about this method?This method takes longer to perfect than the bowsight method.
Aside from being a good marksman, what is the key to making a clean kill?patience
You need to clear an obstruction from your firearm. What is the proper tool to use?a cleaning rod
For safety, a firearm should be stored:in a locked location, away from the ammunition
A telescopic sight (or scope):gathers light to magnify a target
What is a safe way to unload a muzzleloader?Fire it into a backstop.
There are several ways to carry a gun. The elbow carry:can cause the gun to snag in brushy terrain
What is the sight picture?what you see when a firearm's sights are aligned correctly with the target
Hunters tend to pass through five stages of development. What is the focus during the trophy stage?quality of game rather than quantity
Which of the following statements is true?A hang fire is when the primer fails to ignite the powder.
Choose the true statement about a firearm's maximum projectile range.When you know a firearm's range, you know how far the bullet or shot can travel and still cause injury.
Why is good marksmanship important?Good marksmanship is critical for a clean kill.
Sighting-in a rifle helps the shooter:determine problems with shooting technique
What is the term for continuing to squeeze the trigger after the bullet fires?follow through
There are four standard rifle firing positions. Which position provides the LEAST support?standing
When patterning a shotgun, what is a sufficient percentage of pellets within a 30-inch circle?at least 55% of the load, with even distribution
A hunter is right-handed. When shooting a shotgun, this hunter should:Bring the left foot slightly forward.
You are shooting at a moving target. You raise the shotgun and point where you think the target will be when the shot arrives. This method of shooting is called:snap-shooting
You sit concealed in one spot above the level of your quarry. This hunting strategy uses:an elevated stand
What should you do as soon as possible after tagging game?field dress it
It is safe to shoot an arrow when the target is:Be sure of the target, what is in front of it, and what is beyond it.
Safety rule violations can cause hunting incidents. An example of a safety rule violation is:pointing the muzzle in an unsafe direction
You are unloading your firearm. You start by pointing the muzzle in a safe direction. What is the NEXT step you should take?Put the safety on.
Which of the following is a factor in determining a zone-of-fire?the game being hunted
Which method is recommended for climbing a tree to enter an elevated stand?using a fall-arrest system (safety harness)
What group sets hunting regulations in most states?a wildlife management agency
Carrying capacity:can be changed by nature or humans
How can you show respect for non-hunters?by transporting animals without displaying them
Don't panic if you get lost. Never leave camp without fire-starting equipment. Always bring a map and compass. Always tell someone where you are going. These are:rules of survival
Choose the true statement about steel shot versus lead shot.Steel shot weighs about two-thirds as much.
Which type of bow has limbs that curve away from the belly of the bow?recurve bow
Most bowstrings have a small brass band to mark the correct position for nocking the arrow. What is the name for this band?nocking point
You need to check for an obstruction in your firearm. What is the FIRST step you should take?Unload the firearm.
How often should a firearm be cleaned to keep it in top condition?after each use
What are the two basic styles of firearm actions?single-shot and repeating
What kind of powder can cause serious injury if used in a muzzleloader?modern smokeless powder
There are several ways to carry a gun. The shoulder carry is a good choice:if all other hunters are in front of you
which two

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