a slow reproduction process is a disadvantage of which form of reproduction?

a slow reproduction process is a disadvantage of which form of reproduction?

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Chemicals used in chemotherapy treatments to fight cancer can also harm cells in hair follicles and bone marrow. What characteristic do these cells most likely share with cancerous cells? Cell CycleThey divide rapidly.
What is the purpose of the cell cycle? Cell Cyclegrowth, repair, and reproduction of cells
A cell begins to send out incorrect chemical signals to neighboring cells. During which phase of the cell cycle did the cause of the change most likely happen? Cell CycleS phase
At which point in the eukaryotic cell cycle can a DNA mutation occur? Cell CycleS phase
Which can disrupt the cell cycle? Cell Cyclecancer
Which is the main reason cells are replaced in the body? Cell CycleThe cells are damaged.
At which point in the eukaryotic cell cycle does mitosis occur? Cell Cycleafter the G2 phase
Bacteria are single-celled organisms that make copies of themselves through mitosis. Which decribes the function of the cell cycle in bacteria? Cell Cyclereproduction
Each year, about 1.2 million cases of skin cancer are reported worldwide. An increased exposure to environmental conditions is a major link to the increase in cases. Based on this information, which is the best conclusion? Cell CycleLimiting exposure to the sun may reduce the chance of skin cancer.
An example of mitosis at work is a plant root Mitosiselongating.
Scientists use tissue cultures to study possible medicines that can be used to treat cancer patients. What is one benefit of this procedure? MitosisPatients do not receive harmful or ineffective medication.
Mitosis is important because it allows Mitosisnew cells to replace old damaged cells.
Which statement accurately describes the relationship between cytokinesis and mitosis? MitosisCytokinesis follows mitosis.
Which is the end result of cytokinesis? Mitosistwo cells that have two identical copies of DNA
Centromeres split apart during Mitosisanaphase
Early in mitosis, the nucleus, nucleolus, and nuclear envelope begin to dissolve in preparation for cell division. In which stage of the cell cycle is this process reversed? Mitosistelophase
Tissue cultures (samples of cancer cells) are taken from cancer patients, and the cells are then grown in a laboratory. What is the purpose of growing cancer cells in a laboratory? Mitosisto test medicinal treatments before giving them to patients
Which part of cell division is different in plant and animal cells? Mitosiscytokinesis
Which are replicated during interphase? Mitosischromosomes
How does interphase prepare cells for mitosis? Mitosisgrowth of cell and replication of DNA
In which phase of mitosis are chromosomes first seen as a result of chromatin coiling? Mitosisprophase
It is crucial that the process of mitosis is error free. This is because otherwise healthy cells can Mitosisbecome cancer cells.
During which phase of meiosis does crossing over of chromosomes occur? Meiosisprophase I
Which discovery did Gregor Mendel make? MeiosisTraits are inherited independently of each other.
How many chromosomes does a child inherit from his or her parents? Meiosis23 from the mother and 23 from the father
Which are produced as a result of meiosis? Meiosisgametes
How many homologous chromosome alignments are possible for independent assortment during meiosis? Meiosistwo
Why is meiosis important for organisms? MeiosisIt allows for genetic variation among organisms.
The number of chromosomes in each cell goes from diploid to haploid after Meiosisanaphase II
Which three processes are methods of genetic recombination? Meiosiscrossing over, independent assortment, and fertilization
Which best illustrates the result of the process of meiosis? MeiosisA daughter looks different from both her mother and her father.
What is the end result of meiosis? Meiosisfour different daughter cells
Three cells undergo meiosis. How many haploid cells are produced? Meiosis12
Which best defines a diploid cell during meiosis? Meiosisa cell that has double the number of chromosomes as the daughter cell
If an organism's diploid number is 12, what would be its haploid number? Meiosis6
Which definition correctly describes a haploid cell during meiosis? Meiosisa cell that has one complete set of chromosomes
Which is a homologous chromosome pair? Meiosistetrad
Which consist of sperm cells and egg cells? Meiosisgametes
Which best describes meiosis? MeiosisIt produces male and female sex cells.
Which process must the cell undergo to have identical cells at the end of cell division? Asexual and Sexual Reproductionmitosis
Fewer offspring is a disadvantage of which form of reproduction? Asexual and Sexual Reproductionsexual reproduction
Which include the male and female sex cells? Asexual and Sexual Reproductiongametes
Which is required for sexual reproduction? Asexual and Sexual Reproductionmeiosis
A slow reproduction process is a disadvantage of which form of reproduction? Asexual and Sexual Reproductionsexual reproduction
Rapid reproduction is an advantage of which process? Asexual and Sexual Reproductionasexual reproduction
A species of mud snail was studied for five years. During this time, scientists observed the season in which they mated, the number of offspring they produced, and the results of such stressors as drought, famine, and lack of mates. Which question were the scientists most likely studying? Asexual and Sexual ReproductionAre mud snails able to reproduce both asexually and sexually?
Which of these pairings is correct? Asexual and Sexual Reproductionmitosis, part of asexual reproduction because it produces diploids
The first correlation below shows the relationship between types of cell division. Below that is a correlation showing the types of cells that each type of cell division produces. Finish the bottom correlation based on the type of cells produced. Mitosis: Meiosis Somatic cell:? Asexual and Sexual ReproductionGamete Cell
Mitosis produces which cell type? Asexual and Sexual Reproductiondiploid
In the study of cancer, researchers have used different types of cells, different environmental conditions, and different experimental designs. But, all researchers have arrived at the same conclusion. What does this say about the conclusion? Cell Differentiation and SpecializationIt is well supported.
Which best describes homeostasis? Cell Differentiation and SpecializationSpecialized cells work independently to perform specific functions and also as a team to perform the functions of the body.
Which specialized cells are responsible for transmitting messages throughout the body? Cell Differentiation and Specializationneurons
Which statement best describes embryonic stem cells? Cell Differentiation and SpecializationEmbryonic stem cells are capable of self-renewal and unlimited differentiation.
Which cell is unspecialized? Cell Differentiation and Specializationstem cell
Scientists use squid nerve cells in research because the nerve cells of a squid are 1,000 times fatter than those of a human. How is the outcome of nerve cell research most likely to be affected if scientists were to study human nerve cells directly? Cell Differentiation and SpecializationThe outcome would be the same because in both cases a nerve cell is being researched.
Which cells are considered immortal? Cell Differentiation and Specializationstem cells
Which best describes red blood cells? Cell Differentiation and SpecializationThey transport oxygen throughout the body.
A zygote consists of how many cells? Cell Differentiation and Specializationone
Which is a source of adult stem cells? Cell Differentiation and Specializationbone marrow
In his study of pea plants, Gregor Mendel used which method to produce offspring? Topic Review Activitycross-pollination, by using parents that had different traits
In which series are the stages of interphase in the correct order? Topic Review ActivityG1 phase, S phase, G2 phase
Which process of genetic recombination involves genes from both parents? Topic Review Activityfertilization
Which process produces clones? Topic Review Activityasexual reproduction
In the study of cancer, researchers have used different types of cells, different environmental conditions, and different experimental designs. But, all researchers have arrived at the same conclusion. Which conclusion is that? Topic Review ActivityCancer cells lack contact inhibition.
Which of these pairings is incorrect? Topic Review Activityepithelial cells, react to stimuli
Living organisms respond to changes in environmental conditions such as temperature. Which series lists the correct order in which the body would respond to such a change? Topic Review Activitycell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism
The equations summarize the process of fertilization. Which equation represents fertilization? Topic Review Activityhaploid + haploid = diploid
Which statement best describes the overall change that occurs as a result of mitosis? Topic Review ActivityOne cell becomes two cells that have identical copies of DNA.
Scientists studied reproduction in the New Zealand mud snail to answer the question, "Are there benefits to reproducing sexually or asexually?" Which of these hypotheses would least likely aid the scientists as they worked to answer the question? Topic Review ActivityAsexual reproduction is advantageous over sexual reproduction because it decreases the snails' need for social interaction.
Imagine that a disorder that causes the cell cycle to stop affects the muscle cells of a frog's leg. What consequence is most likely to follow? Topic Review ActivityAn injury to the muscle will not heal.
In which of these stages is mitosis most important? Topic Review ActivityA cub tiger begins to grow.
Meiosis produces which cell type? Topic Review Activityhaploid
Which statement best explains why meiosis produces haploid cells rather than diploid cells? Topic Test...
All the major organs of the body are formed by week 10 of gestation. Which process makes this possible? Topic Test...
Which type of cell is capable of self-renewal? Topic Test...
What is the purpose of interphase in the eukaryotic cell cycle? Topic Test...
Which function of the cell cycle is especially important to burn victims? Topic Test...
Which best describes embryonic stem cells? Topic Test...
Which describes the process of a bacterial cell dividing to create two daughter cells? Topic Test...
Which describes the four cells that are produced at the end of meiosis? Topic Test...
Which stem cells are capable of only limited differentiation? Topic Test...
A cell contains the same DNA as its parent cell. This is a result of which process? Topic Test...
A sperm cell and an egg cell fuse to form which structure? Topic Test...
Which cells are most likely to react in the event that there is a reduction in the supply of oxygen to a person's foot? Topic Test...
During which phase of mitosis do the nuclear membrane, nucleolus, and nucleus dissolve? Topic Test...
a slow

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