mad gab

mad gab

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Easel Aid Ease ManHe's a lady's man
Know SayerNose Hair
Ease Ace Life OxHe's a sly fox
Eye Pillow Fizz SighApple of his eye
Eight Wean Gull Any SizeA twinkle in his eye
Stirring Beak He KneeString bikini
Of Lions QuarrelA flying squirrel
Abe Who Beat WrapA booby trap
Dawned Rink Hand ArriveDon't drink and drive
You Shore New DullUse your noodle
Why Tail Huff HuntWhite elephant
Dew Wino HueDo i know you?
Sea Can't Higher Dove FitSick and tired of it
Ape Hand Hub HairA panda bear
Pretty Shack ScentBritish accent
Hiney Duck HissI need a kiss
Bail Heed Ant SirBelly dancer
Pooh Teal Is ShushBootylicious
Dawned Pea Hugger Limb AnnDon't be a girly man
Mike Ranch Healed WrenMy grandchildren
Dwell Fro SisTwelve roses
Up Arrow Tin IssuesA pair of tennis shoes
Ail Huck Each ArmA lucky charm
Weedy Man Done Ant SirWe demand an answer
Owe Forth Account Herd RugOver-the-counter drug
House Wheat This HoundHow sweet the sound
Fin SkateFence gate
Assess Seam Ease HeedA sesame seed
House The Why Funk HeadsHow's the wife and kids?
Us Punk Kick HidA spunky kid
Ache Inks High SpedA king size bed
mad gab

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