which of the following is true about cable internet?

which of the following is true about cable internet?

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Which of the following is required to connect two or more computers in a network?router
What must be installed in a PC to connect it to a network?Network adapter
Which of the following steps must you complete before you start the Network Setup Wizard in Windows 7?Install modems, cables, and network cards in each computer
Which of the following must each individual computer on a network have to function on the network?A unique name
For a wireless network, what does each computer in the network need?A wireless interface card
If you use Windows 7 to setup a home network, which option is used to access the Network Setup Wizard?Set up a new connection or network
Which of the following is NOT a good reason to install a wireless network in your home?All computers need to share one copy of Windows 7
Which of the following is TRUE about a wireless network?Cables are not required
What is the connection speed for the most commonly installed cable in home networks?100 Mbps
Which statement about wireless networks is TRUE?Wireless networks encounter more signal interference that wired networks
Who are war drivers?People who gain access to unprotected wireless networks
Which of the following statements about war drivers is NOT true?They want to protect access to government systems
A(n) ______ address is a unique number for a wireless access card.MAC
Which of the following is NOT true?You have to purchase a new wireless card to improve your wireless signal strength
Which of the following is NOT a reason you might want to prevent war drivers from accessing your wireless network?They might try to steal your computer
Which of the following prevents war drivers from accessing your wireless network?Allowing only specific devices to access your router
What is an important safety precaution for preventing unauthorized access to your router?Changing the default password
What makes it more difficult for a hacker to read your personal information?Encryption
Which of the following is NOT true?You can connect to any wireless network your computer detects
Which of the following statements is TRUE?Wireless signals sometimes can carry long distances
Which of the following connections does NOT require a modem?Satellite
Which is the slowest method of connecting to the internet?dial-up
Which connection method uses a phone line shared between voice and data transfers?DSL
Which of the following is NOT a broadband connection to the internet?Dial-up
What makes FION a unique broadband option?It uses fiber optic lines
Which of the following is an advantage of a satellite connection to the internet?It is available in rural areas, even when other broadband connections are not
Which of the following statements about a cable internet connection is TRUE?It requires a NIC
How does a satellite dish connect to a computer?Via a coaxial cable
Which connection provides the fastest transfer speeds when you connect to the internet?FIOS
What is an important consideration with regard to e-mail provided by your ISP?Web access
A network that has 10 or more nodes is usually configured as a _____.Client/server network
A network in which the nodes are located within a small geographic area.Local area network (LAN)
Network adapters _____.Enable nodes in a network to communicate with one another
The most common type of home network is ____.a peer-to-peer (P2P) network
Which of the following is made up of plastic or glass fibers that transmit data at extremely fast speeds?fiber-optic cable
Which of the following devices is needed to share an internet connection on a wireless network?A wireless router
The maximum speed at which data can be transmitted between two nodes on a network is called the ______.data transfer rate
A navigation device that transfers packets of data between two or more networks is called a _____.Router
The actual speed of data transfers that is achieved is called a ____.Throughput
When determining the best internet connection option to use, one of the most important things to know is _____.the type of internet connections available in your area
Most ____ allow you to connect wireless and wires computers to the same network.Wireless routers
____ internet connections are high-speed connections that include DSL, cable, and fiber-opticBroadband
DSL and cable modems are both connected to a ______.Network interface card
Which transmission medium is able to transmit data the fastest?fiber-optic cable
To connect to the internet wirelessly, you must _____.Be in a wireless fidelity hot spot and have the right equipment.
_____ services use special strands of optically pure glass or plastic that are as thin as a human hair to transmit data.Fiber-optic
You can purchase a(n) ____, which enables you to have wireless internet access with mobile devices.aircard
The term ____ is used to refer to the measurement of how fast data travels between computers.data transfer rate
The most common type of home network is _____.A peer-to-peer (P2P) network
A computer network is defined as two or more computers connected with ____ so that they can communicate with each other.software and hardware
Normal telephone wire is ____.Twisted-pair cable
Each device connected to a network is called a ____.Node
When setting up a network, you should set up any computers running the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system ____.First
Which of the following is NOT an example of a WAN?LANs connected in a single building
A network that has 10 or more nodes is usually configured as a ____.Client/server network.
Network architectures are classified according to ____.The way they are controlled and the distance between their nodes.
Client/server networks are controlled by a central server that runs a specialized piece of software called ____.A network operating system (NOS)
WPA stands for ____.WiFi Protected Access
Which of these is not a wireless device?Connectivity
Which of the following statements is true about Bluetooth?For Bluetooth 2 protocol, devices must be less than 60 feet apart to be able to communicate
Bluetooth was named after ____.King Harald Blatand
Bluetooth is a wireless protocol for ____.Short distance voice-data transmissions
Your bluetooth-2 enabled headset can be a maximum of ____ away from your cell phone.60 feet
All of the following would be likely candidates for Bluetooth connectivity EXCEPT a(n):Internal hard drive
Most bluetooth-enabled gaming controllers alow groups of up to ___ players to take part in a game at once.(30, 7, 2, 10)
____ wireless technology has the lowest level of power consumption.Bluetooth, Zigbee, AirPort, Infrared
Which of the following is not a wireless technology?Zigblue
Infrared, a wireless connection used in the past prior to Bluetooth, was limited because it ____.Required a direct line of site between devices
All of the following are mobile operating systems except:Windows 7
Popular smartphone CPUs include all of the following except:HP Pre 3
Smartphones store their operating system in ____ and their applications in ____.ROM; RAM
Smartphones include all of the following except:a mouse
The speed of a smartphone's processor is measured in ____, which is the number of operations or cycles the processor completes per second.hertz (Hz)
Most smartphones come with a standard collection of software that includes all of the following except:a spreadsheet
Smartphones support additional memory through ____.SD and micro SD Flash cards
The easiest way to transfer data from your smartphone to a desktop or laptop PC involves using a ____.Cradle
The process of making sure that your smartphone and your computer have the same exact data is called ____.Synchronizing
GPS is not likely to be used in which of the following?Water skiing
Global Positioning System (GPS) devices were built and operated by the ____.U.S. Department of Defense
The main input device of a smartphone is ____.A touch-sensitive screen
The storage capacity of portable media devices is measured in ____.Gigabytes
Which of the following specifies the number of times the analog wave is measured each second?Sampling rate
One factor that determines how much music a player can hold is the ____ of the MP3 music files.Quality
A microphone feeds the sound waves into a chip inside the recording device, called a(n) ____.Analog-to-digital converter
Most portable media players use built-in-flash memory, at type of ____ memory, to store files.Nonvolatile
Which of the following file formats is used to compress digital images?JPEG
Newer portable media players (PMPs) use a ____ port to transfer files from your computer.USB
The number of songs a portable media player (PMP) can hold depends on all of the following except ____.Volatile memory
The letters at the end of a file name that indicates how the data in the file is organized is called the ____.File extension
The process of users sharing files between computers is called ____.Peer-to-peer sharing
All of the following file formats are compatible for porable media players (PMPs) except:JPEG
You need a software application called a(n) ____ to access to the internet from a smartphone.Microbrowser
Ensuring that two devices, for example, a PC and a cell phone or smartphone, have the same files is the process of ____.Synchronizing
The most full-featured and powerful cell phones are put in the category of ____.Smartphones
Which of the following uses radio waves to transmit data signals over short distances?Bluetooth
The newest cell/smartphone displays are ____, which allow bright, sharp imaging and draw less power.OLED
Which of the following allows you to send messages that include text, sound, images, and video clips to the other phones or e-mail addresses?Multimedia message service (MMS)
Which of the following is specialized software made to display Web pages on a cell phone?Microbrowser
The Apple iPhone uses a version of ___ as an operating system.Mac OS X
The operating system of a cell phone is stored in ____.ROM
MPEG-4, H.264, and DivX are all examples of ____.Codecs
SMS delivers messages to the appropriate mobile device using ____ technology.Store-and-forward
The Apple iPhone uses a version of ____ as an operating system.Mac OS X
A ____ runs a full-featured operating system and weighs less than two pounds.Netbook
An iPod is an example of a ____.Portable media player (PMP)
____ is a single cable that carries all audio and video information from devices connected to a TV to the TV itself.HDMI
Web content specially designed for viewing via a cell phone or smartphone is written in a format called ____.WML (Wireless Markup language)
LogMeIn is an example of a ____.Remote access service for mobile devices
Flash memory, used by most MP3 players, is a type of ____.Nonvolatile memory
An internet connectivity plan is also known as a ____.Data plan
All the following represents intrusions on your computer's privacy EXCEPT:Maintenance
Backing up and updating your system is a function of the ____.Maintenance section of Windows tools
The following are basic functions that adware and spyware generally perform, EXCEPT:Keystroke logging
All of the following are included in the Security category of the Windows Action Center, EXCEPT:System backup
An unusual advertisement on your computer screen that pops up is usually caused by ____.Adware or spyware
The practice of advertisers using software that tracks personal information about you is called ____.Data mining
The Windows Defender program ____.Protects you from things that you would consider a violation of your personal property probably happening without your knowledge.
The purpose of a firewall is to ____.Stop computers that are connected to the internet from being attractive to hackers
All of the following are unwanted software a hacker could install on your computer EXCEPT:Ghosts
____ are hardware components that often contain firewalls.Routers
Norton Internet Security ____.Monitors programs that request internet access
The ____ features of a personal firewall enable you to designate responses to threats and set connection rules for specific programs.Program control
If you do not know how to configure your firewall protection settings, you might want to ____.Set the program control features to Auto
Windows Firewall ____.Logs successful and unsuccessful attempts to connect to your computer
All of the following can protect you from hackers EXCEPT:Antispam software
All of the following are true of virus protection software packages EXCEPT:You can only scan the entire computer each time you do a scan
Which is NOT a feature of antivirus software?Script kiddies
You can configure Windows 7 to automatically update, back up, and set restore points through the Windows Update menu choices available in the ____.System and Security menu of the Control Panel
Outsiders might try to infect your system through all of the following EXCEPT"Deleting a file
You deleted a file from your computer's documents folder that you jsut realized you need. In Windows 7, you can ____.Undelete it by going into the Recycle bin
Which of the following applications is a different type than the other three?Microsoft Office
Emptying the Recycle Bin should be done ____.Only after you have determined that you no longer need any of the files that you have deleted.
Setting a system restore point should be done ____.Prior to installing new hardware of software
Each of these tools is bundled with the McAfee Internet Security software suite, EXCEPT:Disk check
All of the following pose a threat to your computer EXCEPT:A firewall
Which device does NOT benefit from a surge protector?MP3 player
How does a surge protector protect against low-level surges?It passes excess current through to the ground wire
Which of the following is not a possible source of surges?Light switches
What is the difference between a surge and a spike?The length of time of the increase in the flow of electricity differs
Which of the following is not true about whole house surge protection?It is installed on each outlet in your home
What is the advantage of a UPS over a surge protector?It provides a limited time to save files.
Which of the following is NOT a way that surge protectors prevent damage from severe surges?Trip an alarm
How can you prevent information from being lost when you are working on an important document?Use Autosave
What is the state that a computer enters when it goes into standby mode as a result of power management settings?Hibernation
Spyware programs that monitor keystrokes with the intent of stealing passwords, login IDs, or credit card information are referred to as ____.Keystroke loggers
Configuring a firewall to ignore all incoming packets that request access to a specific port is known as ____.Logical port blocking
The most likely method of a hacker would use to access a computer is ____.Entering through its internet connection
____ floods a computer with requests until it shuts down and refuses to answer any requests for information.A DDoS attack
Hacker who break into systems just for the challenge of it (and who don't wish to steal or wreak havoc on the systems) are called ____.White-hat hackers
Virtual, not physical, communications gateways that allow a computer to organize requests for information from other networks or computers are called ____.Logical ports
Which of the following is a program that appears to be something useful or desirable but does something malicious in the background?A Trojan horse
A large group of software programs that run autonomously on zombie computers is called ____.A botnet
Amateur hackers who use tools created by skilled hackers that enable unskilled novices to wreak the same havoc as professional hackers are called ____.Script kiddies
Devices that use a unique personal characteristic, such as a fingerprint, in place of a password are called ____ authentication devices.Biometric
You can block logical ports to invaders and make your computer invisible to others on the Internet by installing ____.A firewall
When a hardware firewall is designed specifically for home networks, it is called a ____.Personal Firewall
Assigning IP addresses out of an available pool is called ____.Dynamic addressing
A ____ is a virus that is attached to documents such as Word or Excel files.Macro virus
Most savvy hackers use attacks called ____ that are launched from more than one zombie computer at the same time.Distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS)
Which of the following is a program that appears to be something useful or desirable but does something malicious in the background?A Trojan horse
A computer program that attaches itself to another computer program and attempts to spread itself to other computers when files are exchanged is called a ____.Virus
A virus that is triggered when certain logical conditions are met, such as opening a file or starting a program a certain number of times is called a ____.Logic bomb
Which of the following could be detected by antivirus software?Worms
A virus that replicates itself into a hard drive's master boot record is called a ____.Boot-sector virus
The most likely method a hacker would use to access a computer is ____.Entering through its internet connection
A program that executes whenever a computer boots up, ensuring that the virus will be loaded into memory immediately, even before some virus protection programs can load is called a ____.Master boot record
Which of the following virus types uses the address book in the victim's email system for distribution?Email virus
Which of the following are considered slightly different from viruses as they can run independently of host file execution?Worms
Which of the following virus types infects your computer by running a program that searches for common types of data files (such as Microsoft Word and Excel files) and compresses them using a complex encryption key that renders your files unusable?Encryption
The most likely method a hacker would use to access a computer is ____.Entering through its internet connection
All of the following can be used for backing up data files EXCEPT:RAM
A computer virus normally attaches itself to another computer program known as a ____.Host program
____ floods a computer with requests until it shuts down and refuses to answer any requests for information.A DDoS attack
A(n) ____ virus runs a program that searches for common data files, compresses them, and makes them unusable.Encryption
A ____ is a virus that is triggered when certain conditions are met, such as a file opening or starting a program a certain number of times.Logic bomb
All of the following approaches can be taken to protect your notebook computer from theft EXCEPT:Installing an external hard drive
A ____ is a virus that is attached to documents such as Word of Excel files.Macro virus
The purpose of network address translation (NAT) is ____.Hide user IP addresses from the Internet
Configuring a firewall to ignore all incoming packets that request access to a specific port is known as ____.Logical port blocking
Macros enable users to ____.Automate repetitive tasks
In VBA a macro is called a ____.Procedure
You start recording a macro by clicking the ____.Record Macro button in the Code group of the Developer tab
All of the following is true about a macro in Word EXCEPT:It can only be used once
You run (execute) a macro by clicking the ____.Macros button in the Code group pf the Developer tab
You can give a macro any descriptive name you want as long as it does not have ____.Blank spaces
A macro is created using the ____.Macro Recorder
Altering an existing macro involves ____ it.Editing
Integrated developed environments or IDEs ____.Provide a lot of help in working through programs, making sure that you do not have errors
One widely used IDE is ____.Microsoft Visual Studio
When you add a breakpoint in a program a little red ____ is inserted to the left of the line of code.Stop sign
The if statement is referred to as all of the following EXCEPT:A loop decision
You want any grade of 65 or higher to display a value of "Pass" and any grade of 64 or lower to display "Fail". You would accomplish this on the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE using ____.If...else
Any sales amount that is greater than $1,000 gets a salesperson a bonus of $200. A sales amount of $978 would cause a bonus amount of $0 to result because it would trigger the ____ command to execute.Else
This type of control structure is used when you are going to do the same piece of work with just small differences again and again.For loop
Which is NOT a comparison operator used in While or If statements?^
If...Else, While, and For are control statements used to implement ____ decisions in the Visual C++ IDE.Binary
Alice enables you to ____ programming commands.Drag and drop
Which is not true regarding Alice?It had no help screens whatsoever
Carnegie Mellon has worked with Sun Microsystems and Electronic Arts to make Alice all of the following EXCEPT:Expensive to use
Each object in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) has its own ____.Properties
Alice can be used for all of the following EXCEPT:To write C++ programs
A9n) ____ enables Alice to evaluate something and either perform one set of actions or another.Binary decision
Alice enables you to learn programming by creating ____.Animations
The ____ programming language is running behind the scenes in Alice.Java
What is the first step of the system development life cycle?Problem and opportunity identification
Before they decide which programming language to use or start writing code, programmers first develop a complete description of the task the program needs to accomplish, called the ____.Problem statement
Which phase of the system development life cycle explores the problem in depth and develops program specifications?Analysis
Which of these is NOT one of the three features in a loop?Binary decision
Which is the final step of the system development life cycle?Maintenance and evaluation
Programmers today use the ____ languages most often.Third-, fourth-, and fifth-
A9n) ____ is a set of specific, sequential steps that describe in natural language exactly what the computer must do to complete its task.Algorithm
____ is a text-based approach to documenting an algorithm.Pseudocode
A ____ is a visual diagram of a process, including the decisions that need to be made along the way.Flowchart
Which of the following is NOT an important factor to consider in choosing a programming language?The popularity of the language?
____ supports visual programming and allows programmers to write substantial amounts of code simply by dragging and dropping controls.Microsoft Visual Basic
Which programming language can be compiled once and then run on any computer, regardless of the operating system?Java
Which of the following languages is a subset of Visual Basic used to introduce interactivity to a Web page?VBScript
Which of the following is NOT actually either a programming or a scripting language?HTML/XHTML
Which of the following languages facilitates exchange of information between Web sites and allows users to define their own tags?XML
Which of the following statements about C++ is FALSE?It has less security than C does
Java is a(n) ____ language.Object-oriented
For Web page interactivity, programmers would use:JavaScript
If a programmer wnats a user to be able to request information from a company's Web site, he or she would use:ASP or PHP
____ is a language that is similar to JavaScript but customized for the Flash animation environment.ActionScript
Which of the following is NOT a language used to create Windows applications?JavaScript
Which of the following languages is often used to create graphical user interfaces for Windows?Visual Basic
Which of the following is often used to develop Web-based multimedia and animation effects?Adobe Flash
Which of the following development environments enables Web sites to talk to each other easily by introducing a standard way for software to interact through Web services?The .NET framework
The process by which program code is converted into machine language is called ____.Compilation
____ is the instructions programmers have written in a higher-level language.Source code
Which of the following statements about pseudocode is TRUE?It is a text-based approach to documenting an algorithm
Information is most closely related to which of the following?Output
One of the earliest languages is ____.Machine language
Which of the following is the final stage of the program development life cycle (PDLC)?Finish the project
SQL is an ecample of a ____-generation language.Fourth
Which language do programmers use if the problem requires a lot of number crunching?C++
Decision points consist of binary decisions and ____.Repeating loops
Which of the following is not part of the design plan for the database?Develop the reports
The two types of objects responsible for collecting and recording databases are ____.Tables and forms
Which is NOT a Microsoft Access database object?Slides
Which database object enables you to ask questions of the database?Queries
When creating a table in Design view, you will be prompted for each of the following EXCEPT:Report Names
A form enables you to see the same information you would see on a table ____.One record at a time
Unless you specify otherwise, the default location for saving Microsoft Access database files is ____.My Documents
All of the following are listed when you click the View button arrow EXCEPT:PivotForm View
Which data type enables you to store numeric values that need to be calculated?Number
The ____ key enables you to advance from one field to another.Tab
What effect does clicking the >> button in a Microsoft Access wizard have?It selects all the fields to be added
You can use any of these methods to find records or filter a table EXCEPT:Help Menu
All of the following is true about a query EXCEPT:It is a professional printed presentation
Which database object filters out what you don't want to see?Queries
Queries can be used to generate ____.Reports
If you change the field name type from Number to Text, you could end up ____..Losing data
You want to find the addresses that begin with the number 16 on Pennsylvania Avenue. What do you type into the search criteria?16* Pennsylvania Avenue
You can add fields to the query by ____.Dragging or double clicking
Reports can be made form all of the following EXCEPT:Multiple forms
The simplest way to create a query is to ____.Click the query wizard button
Reports are better than queries because ____.Reports present query results or table data in a more professional format
Which of the following is NOT a main operation of a DBMS?Analyzing data
A description of the data you capture in a database is contained in the database's file and is referred to as the:Data dictionary
____ are the values a database will use for a field unless the user enters another value.Default values
Which of the following choices provides a view of the data fields to be entered, with appropriate labels to assist database users in populating a database?Input form
____ checks are set up in a database to alert the user to an incorrect entry.Validation
The data dictionary defines all of the following EXCEPT:The query language to be used
Properties that must be satisfied for an entry to be accepted into a field are called:Field constraints
A(n) ____ check confirms that only textual characters are entered into a field.Alphabetic
____ a database involves organizing it in a new manner, such as in alphabetic order.Sorting
Looking through all the records in a database to find data that matches one specific criterion is referred to as:Browsing
A database ____ is something you ask of the database so that it provides you with only the records you wish to view.Query
Businesses routinely summarize the data within their databases and compile a(n):Summary data report
IN a database, a text field capable of holding complete paragraphs is referred to as a ___ field.Memo
To ensure that there are no duplicate records in a database table, you need to establish a(n) ____.Primary key
Which of the following is a reason for creating a list instead of creating a database?To organize data for simple tasks
What is the Access object that organizes data into fields and records?Table
Most small businesses use ____ databases as they are reliable and less costly.Relational
In a database, a video clip would be stored in a(n) ____ field.Object
____ databases can easily be customized to provide information to a variety of users (based on their need) and can process data much faster than pure relational databases.Multidimensional
Which of the is NOT a database component?List
Which database object is used to view individual records one at a time?Input form
A group of related fields is called a(n) ____.Record
All information systems perform all of the following functions, EXCEPT:Storing programs
A(n) ____ assists employees in accomplishing their day-to-day tasks and improving communications.Office support system
____ are used to keep track of everyday business activities.Transaction processing systems
If your sales transactions are collected one day and processed at a later time, you are using:Batch processing
In ____, a transaction processing system database is queried and updated while the transaction is taking place.Real-time processing
A(n) ____ report displays conditions that are unusual or that fall outside of a typical range and might need attention from the user.Exception
The original transaction processing systems were designed to output:Exception reports
A(n) ____ helps managers develop solutions for specific problems using data from databases and data warehouses, and enables users to add their own insights and experiences.Decision support system
A ____ provides intelligence that supplements the user's own intellect.Knowledge-based system
A(n) ____ enables users to communicate with computers using natural spoken or written language.Natural language processing system
A ____ is a large-scale electronic repository of data that contains and organizes in one place all the data related to one or more organizations.Data warehouse
Which of the following is NOT a typical main source of data in data warehouses?Financial sources
____ typically contain financial and statistical analysis tools used to analyze the data provide by examples.Model management systems
In an organization, a data mart pertains to:A single department
Information gathered from Web pages by compiling information about things such as user habits and demographics is referred to as ____ data.Clickstream
When managers analyze large amounts of data on which to base sound decisions, they are using the process of:Data mining
A ____ displays a subset of data from a table (or tables) based on the criteria specified.Select query
SQL uses ____ to extract records from a database by using English-like expressions that have variables and operations.Relational algebra
Which type of database excels in the storage of structured, analytical data?Relational
In a database, a ____ is synonymous with a category of information.Field, record, row
The speech-recognition feature of Microsoft Windows is an example of a ____.Natural language processing (NLP) system
____ databases have the largest market share among the primary types of electronic databases.Relational
Microsoft ____ is a database management system.Access
____ helps to ensure data integrity by maintaining information in only one place.Data centralization
The type of information system that uses model management systems is a(n) ____.decision support system, transaction-processing system, management information system
Classification, affinity grouping, and estimation are ____ methods used by managers to make their data more meaningful.Data mining
The different array of computers, peripherals, and media (cable) is called network ________.Topology
In a ________, all devices are connected together through a central switch.Star topology
The main advantage of a bus topology is that ________.It is inexpensive
The purpose of a token ring is to ________.prevent data collisions from occurring
All of the following are network topologies EXCEPT:Bridge
All of the following are problems with the bus topology, EXCEPT:It is expensive
In a ________ topology, all computers are connected in a line on a single cable.Bus
All of the following are names for the topology where computers and peripherals are attached in a circle EXCEPT:Token circle
All of the following are navigation devices to move data around the network EXCEPT:Star
You need to know your computer's IP (Internet Protocol) address for ________.gaming and remote access usage
An Internet service provider provides you with a different IP address every time you connect with them because ________.it enables them to assign you a random IP address from a pool of unused IP addresses when not all of their customers are connected to their system at any given time
If you have a router connected to your computer, you can find your IP address by finding your way to the ________.http://www.whatismyIP.com Web site
Besides the IP address, in Windows 7 at the Local Area Connection status box you can also find the ________.speed of that connection
The Web site www.WhatisMyIP.com provides you with ________.your router's IP address
All of the following would require you to know your IP address EXCEPT:downloading new software.
If you are using a cable modem, the speed of your Internet connection will depend on ________.how many other users are on the same neighborhood connection
In Windows 7, when you double-click Local Area Connection you can find all of the following information, EXCEPT:who else is connected.
When you are using a router, Windows 7 Local Area Connection cannot show the IP address because ________.the router assigns the IP address
All of the following factors make the life of a network technician different than studying networking, EXCEPT:the need to work outdoors all of the time.
Network Technicians often hold the professional certifications _________.MCSE and A+
Problems are logged in by users into a database and ranked by importance according to _________.how many people they affect
All of the following are important for a network technician, EXCEPT:getting a 4-year degree.
The first place we can often find replacement parts for current computers is _________.in the computer graveyard
l of the following are examples of tasks that occur in a typical network technician's day, EXCEPT:keep everyone happy.
At the end of the day, network technicians _________.check off the problems in the database that were resolved and make a list of unresolved problems to be addressed the following day
Which is NOT part of the personal profile of a network technician?They have an ability to read people emotionally and predict how they will act.
All of the following are typical problems that a network technician would handle EXCEPT:repairing telephone line malfunctions
It is sometimes difficult to solve wireless connectivity problems because _________.users expect wireless connectivity to be equivalent to wired connectivity
Which type of server is designed to keep track of who is logging on to the network and which network services are available?Authentication
A school network might use a(n) ________ server to store software such as Microsoft Office.Application
All of the following are considered dedicated servers EXCEPT:Internal servers
________ allows multiple users to connect to the Internet through one connection.Network
A ________ is a group of two or more computers (or nodes) that are configured to share information and resources.Network
A ________ server provides client computers with access to information stored in databases.Database
Not every large network has a Web server. Instead, many companies use a(n) ________ to host their corporate Web sites.Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
________ networks do not require a dedicated server.Peer-to-peer
As users are added to a network, what type of server is added to take the load off of the main server?Dedicated
A ________ is a group of two or more computers (or nodes) that are configured to share information and resources.Network
A ________ server provides client computers with access to archived data.Database
Which type of network can only support up to 10 users efficiently?peer-to-peer
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a client/server network?not centralized
Networks are classified according to their size and the:distance between their physical parts.
The inclusion of a ________ is the one component that makes a client/server network different from a peer-to-peer network.Server
________ connect wireless devices (such as Bluetooth-enabled PDAs) within 30 feet of each other.PANs
Which of the following is the primary difference between a LAN and a WAN?geography
The ________ topology is the easiest to repair and maintain.Star
In a star topology, the nodes connect to a central communications device called a ________.Switch
Which of the following is an advantage of using a ring topology?fair allocation of network access
In a ________ topology, all computers are connected with a single cable.Bus
When selecting cable for your network, which of the following would NOT be a consideration?Cable width
Which of the following is FALSE about a star topology?When one computer goes down, other computers on the network also go down
When using ________ cable, data travels through glass or plastic strands.fiber-optic
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of coaxial cable?glass fiber strands
Which of the following 802.11 standards offers the fastest throughput?802.11n
WiFi enables devices to communicate using:Radio waves
A ________ is a device that routes signals through a network.Switch
To amplify a network signal and connect multiple ports to a network, use a(n):Repeater
A ________ is also referred to as a "smart" hub because it is able to send data to only those devices that are the intended recipients.Switch
ich of the following statements about switches on a network is FALSE?Data is sent to all computers on the network when using a switch.
________ are used to send data between different collision domains on a network.Bridges
Network adapters installed inside a computer are referred to as:network interface cards.
External entities communicate with a network using a(n):IP address.
Which of the following statements about network adapters is FALSE?They have a physical address referred to as an IP address.
________ are devices that perform specific tasks to allow computers to connect to and communicate on a network.Network adapters
Which of the following is TRUE about MAC addresses?No two computers have the same MAC address.
Which of the following would be a valid MAC address?01:40:87:44:79:A5
A(n) ________ server provides client computers with access to information stored in databases.Database
Cable television, as well as some networks, uses ________ cable.Coaxial
Which of the following is NOT a common network topology?Cluster
Which of the following is something a network adapter does NOT do?It uses high-powered signals so data can move easily over network transmission media.
A(n) ________ needs to be installed on each client computer and server connected to the network to provide the services necessary for them to communicate.network operating system
What is CSMA/CD?Method used to avoid data collisions
Which of the following networks is most known for data collisions?Bus
What is the name for a group of data packets that are sent together?Frame
A(n) ________ server is a server that stores and manages files for network users.File
Which of the following is something you would NOT consider when choosing a cable type?cable radius
s a working knowledge of HTML, creating codes requires ________.a text editor such as Microsoft Notepad or WordPad
A good Web site for learning about HTML code is ________.htmlgoodies.earthweb.com
A section of text that conforms to HTML standards is called a(n) ________.element
Complete the following sentence: ________ are to opening as ________ are to closing.;
All of the following are sections of a Web page EXCEPT:Foot
If you want your name to appear in the title bar of the browser window when the Web page displays, you should put in the ________ section.TITLE
You have a handwritten essay that you would like to make into a Web page. The next step would be to ________.type the essay into your text editor
The basic HTML document contains ________ sections.3
Each element in HTML documents are marked with ________.Tags
All of the following is true about Hypertext Markup Language, EXCEPT:it is a programming language.
Which of the following is the correct form of an opening HTML tag?
________ addressing means that your ISP assigns your computer a temporary IP address from an available pool of IP addresses each time you log on to the Internet.Dynamic
How does the computer know the IP addresses of other computers?Your computer consults a database maintained on something called a domain name server to determine other users' IP addresses.
________ is the main suite of protocols used on the Internet.TCP/IP
A set of rules for exchanging electronic information is called a ________.computer protocol
The communications methodology that computers use to transfer data is called ________.Packet switching
IPv6 uses what number system to create IP addresses?Hexadecimal
At a minimum, what content must all data packets contain?recipient's address, sender's address, reassembling instructions, and data
The Internet protocol responsible only for sending packets on their way is called ________.user datagram protocol (UDP)
All IP addresses must be registered with the ________, which is responsible for allocating IP addresses to network administrators, just as the U.S. Postal Service is responsible for assigning zip codes to geographic areas.ICANN
An IP address that does not change and is usually assigned manually by a network administrator is called a ________.static address
________ uses a dedicated connection between two points that remains active for the duration of transmission.Circuit switching
Which protocol is used to transmit e-mail over the Internet?SMTP
A unique number that identifies a computer, server, or device connected to the Internet is called a(n) ________.IP address
A good way to protect your e-mails is ________.to use encryption
________ is the ability of two or more people to communicate in text over the Internet in real time.Instant messaging
Which of the following specifications is used to simplify attachments to e-mail messages?MIME
When only the two parties involved in sending a message have the code, this is called ________.private-key encryption
A(n) ________, possessed only by you, is highly secure and is used to decode received messages.private key
Which protocol uses standard Internet connections to make phone calls over the Internet?VoIP
Which of the following is an example of an e-mail client?Microsoft Outlook
A ________ protocol requires two computers to exchange control packets before sending data.connection-oriented
A(n) ________ server takes a pool of IP addresses and shares them with hosts on the network on an as-needed basis.DHCP
An IP address that does not change and is usually assigned manually by a network administrator is called a(n) ________.Static address
________ is the communications methodology where data is broken into smaller chunks to be sent over various routes at the same time.Packet switching
________ lines are high-speed, fiber-optic communications lines.OC
If you regularly download and upload files, chances are that you are using ________.FTP
Transport Layer Security (TLS) and ________ are two protocols that provide data integrity and security for Internet transmission.Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Individual Internet users enter an ISP through a(n) ________.point of presence
Which of the following statements concerning IPv4 addresses is FALSE?The addresses are 16-bit numbers.
Which of the following statements concerning IP addresses is TRUE?Dynamic addressing is normally handled by DHCP.
la familledie Familie
familial,e, familiauxfamilir, Familien-
la grande familledie Grossfamilie
les parentsdie Eltern
le preder Vater
le papader Papa
la mredie Mutter
la mamandie Mama
le filsder Sohn
la filledie Tochter
le frreder Bruder
la surdie Schwester
les frres et sursdie Geschwister
les enfantsdie Kinder
l'oncle m.der Onkel
la tantedie Tante
le cousin, la cousineder Cousin, die Cousine
les grands-parentsdie Grosseltern
le grand-pre, grands-presder Grossvater
la grand-mre, grands-mresdie Grossmutter
le papider Opa
la mamiedie Oma
vivre ensemblezusammenleben
s'occuper desich kmmern um
l'amour m.die Liebe
s'aimersich lieben
la haineder Hass
amoureux, euseverliebt
tomber amoureuxsich verlieben
le baiserder Kuss
s'embrassersich kssen
prendre dans ses brasumarmen
le mariagedie Hochzeit, Trauung, Ehe
se marierheiraten
le marider Ehemann, Mann
la femmedie Ehefrau, Frau
mnagedas Ehepaar
les fianaillesdie Verlobung
la sparationdie Trennung
se sparersich trennen
l'amiti fdie Freundschaft
l'ami, l'amieder Freund, die Freundin
amical,e, amicauxfreundschaftlich
le copain, la copineder Freund, die Freundin
personnel, lepersnlich
les gensdie Leute, Menschen
le membredas Mitglied
le voisin, la voisineder Nachbar, die Nachbarin
le typeder Typ, Kerl
la rencontredie Begegnung, das Treffen
la runiondie Versammlung
le rendez-vousdie Verabredung
prendre rendez-voussich verabreden
l'invit,eder Gast
aller voirbesuchen
rendre visite ()besuchen
la connaissanceder/die Bekannte, die Bekanntschaft
le contactder Kontakt
contacter qnKontakt aufnehmen mit jem.
le groupe d'amisder Freundeskreis
tre ami avec, tre amie avecbefreundet sein mit
voir du mondeunter Leuten sein, unter Leute gehen
l'homme mder Mensch
la viedas Leben
vivant,elebend, am Leben
la naissancedie Geburt
natregeboren werden, zur Welt kommen
l'enfance fdie Kindheit
la jeunessedie Jugend
jeunejung, jugendlich
l'adulteder/die Erwachsene
la vieillessedas Alter
vieux, vieil, vieillealt
l'ge m.das Alter
avoir ... ans... Jahre (alt) sein
grandirwachsen, aufwachsen
la mortder Tod
mortel, letdlich
trouver la mortums Leben kommen
la tombedas Grab
l'enterrement m.die Beerdigung
le veuf, la veuveder Witwer, die Witwe
la penseder Gedanke
penser denken an
penser dehalten von
rflchirnachdenken, berlegen
le souvenirdie Erinnerung
se rappelersich erinnern an
l'espoir m.die Hoffnung
supposervermuten, annehmen
sans doutewahrscheinlich
se demandersich fragen
le sensder Sinn
le sentimentdas Gefhl
la joiedie Freude
le plaisirdas Vergngen
le bonheurdas Glck
heureux, euseglcklich, froh
malheureux, euseunglcklich
trangeseltsam, sonderbar, eigenartig
le riredas Lachen
le souriredas Lcheln
aimer faire qcgern etw. tun
adorersehr gern haben
la surprisedie berraschung
la peurdie Angst
faire peur erschrecken
inquiet, inquitebeunruhigt, besorgt
la tristessedie Traurigkeit
seul,eallein, einsam
le douteder Zweifel
sans aucun doutezweifellos
la larmedie Trne
le regardder Blick
regarderansehen, hinsehen
couterhren, zuhren
le bruitdas Gerusch, der Krach, der Lrm
l'odeur f.der Geruch
le parfumder Duft
le sensder Sinn
la sensationdas Gefhl, die Empfindung
sentirfhlen, riechen
which of

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