which of the following events occurs during transcription?

which of the following events occurs during transcription?

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Which of the following is found in RNA but not in DNA?an additional hydroxyl group
A uracil nucleotide is ______ base attached to the _________ with the 5' carbon of the sugar attached to a phosphate group.one-ringed:carbon of sugar that has an OH group at 2' carbon
Which of the following is only associated with RNA?Uracil
Which of the following is true about double-stranded DNA?Its strands have a sugar-phosphate backbone
Which of the following statements is true about double-stranded DNA?The strands run in opposite directions
Which of the following builds new strands of DNA?DNA polymerases
Which statement about DNA replication is CORRECT?The leading strand is built continuously, and the lagging strand is built in pieces.
During DNA replication, which nucleotide will bind to an A nucleotide in the parental DNA?T
The molecule that seals the gaps between the pieces of DNA in the lagging strand isDNA Ligase
Which statement about DNA replication is false?DNA ligase adds nucleotides to the lagging strand.
Which of the following enzymes catalyzes the elongation of a new DNA strand?DNA polymerase
The transfer of genetic information from DNA to RNA is calledTranscription
The "one gene-one polypeptide" theory states thatthe function of an individual gene is to dictate the production of a specific polypeptide.
A gene is usually_______.the information for making a polypeptide
In the genetic code,many amino acids are specified by more than one codon
Which of the following is NOT true about the genetic code?The genetic code is ambiguous.
Which of the following events occurs during transcription?A molecule of RNA is formed based on the sequence of nucleotides in DNA.
Which of the following is a correct statement about mRNA?mRNA moves from the nucleus to the cytoplasm following RNA processing.
The site of translation isribosomes in the cell cytoplasm.
Which one of the following does not play a role in translation?DNA
Which of the following does not occur during RNA processing?mRNA attaches to the small subunit of a ribosome.
Which of the following takes place during translation?the conversion of genetic information from the language of nucleic acids to the language of proteins
Which of the following is a function of a tRNA molecule?joining to only one specific type of amino acid
Which of the following options most accurately lists the sequence of events in translation?codon recognition peptide bond formation translocation termination
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