which of the following is incorrectly matched with its secreting organ?

which of the following is incorrectly matched with its secreting organ?

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What type of hormones bind to receptors located on the cell membranewater-soluble hormones, such as insulin and epinephrine
What intracellular substance degrade cAMP, thus inactivating the response to a hormonePhosphodiesterase
Growth factor hormones such as insulin, bind to which type of receptortyrosine kinase receptors
Which is the correct order of events from hormone activating Gs proteinsactivation of G protein, binding of GTP, activation of adenylate cyclase, conversion of ATP to cAMP
Which second messenger causes the release of calcium from the endoplasmic reticulumIp3
Which of the following adrenergic receptors increase cAMP levelsB receptors (beta)
Which of the following hormones has intracellular receptorscortisol
What is the mechanism of action of lipid-soluble hormoneactivation of mRNA< which increases protein synthesis in the cell
After a lipid-soluble hormone is bound to its intracellular receptor, what does the hormone complex doacts a transcription factor and binds to DNA, activating a gene
Which hormone's receptor is always bound to DNA< even when the receptor is emptythyroid hormone
What keeps intracellular receptors from binding to DNA before a hormone binds to the receptorchaperone proteins (chaperonins)
Which hormone secreted by the pituitary gland causes the thyroid gland to release thyroid hormonesTSH
The release of ACTH from the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland causes theadrenal cortex to release glucocorticoids
Which hormone affects the smooth muscle of the ducts deferens and uterusOXT
Name 2 hormones that are stored and released by the posterior pituitary glandantidiuretic hormone (ADH) and oxytocin
What stimulates the secretion of anterior lobe hormones from the pituitaryreleasing and inhibiting hormones produced and secreted in the hypothalamus stimulate secretion of anterior lobe hormones
What stimulates the secretion of posterior lobe hormones from the pituitaryhypothalamic neurons stimulate the release of store hormones from their axon terminals located in the posterior lobe
Which gland is the target of the releasing and inhibiting hormones produced by the hypothalamusanterior pituitary gland
Indicate the action of prolactinstimulates and maintains milk production by the mother's breasts after childbirth
What is the function of the hormone produced by the alpha cells of the pancreasraising blood glucose
What is the function of the atrial natriuretic peptide hormone (ANP), a hormone produced by the heartdecreasing blood volume and pressure
Which organ is influenced by antidiuretic hormone (ADH)Kidney
What stimulates secretion of thyroid hormone from the thyroid glandTSH secreted by the anterior pituitary
Which portion of the adrenal gland secretes hormones in response to short term stressMedulla
Which portion of the adrenal gland secretes hormones that regulate blood pressureZona golmerulosa
Which of the following is INCORRECTLY matched with its secreting organTSH-Posterior pituitary
A decrease in the level of thyroixine would increase the secretion ofboth TSH and TRH
A hypophysectomized rat is missing itspituitary gland
Thyroxine is aslow acting hormone that enters the nucleus
Which of the following hormones is regulated by a positive feedback mechanismoxytocin
Which rat was euthyroid without any injectionsthe normal rat
An abnormally high level of which of the following will result in goiterTSH
Why did the TSH have no effect on the BMR of the thyroidectomized ratThe rat is missing its thyroid gland
The injection of TSH resulted in goiter inthe normal rat and hypphysectomized
Propylthiouracil injections resulted in goiter formation inthe normal rat
When blood glucose levels are highthe pancreas releases insulin
A liver cell responds to insulin bytaking in glucose and converting it to glycogen
What cells in the body respond to glucagon by breaking down glycogen and releasing glucoseliver cells
Body cells that respond to insulin includeliver cells, as well as most other cells of the body
When blood glucose levels are lowthe pancreas releases glucagon, which eventually causes blood glucose levels to increase
The body's tendency to maintain relatively constant internal conditions is calledhomeostasis
Glucose is stored in the human body asglycogen
Which hormone stimulates the breakdown of polymerized glucoseglucagon
Glucose remains in the blood stream as a result oftype 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus
Excess glucose can be found in the urinewhen the transport maximum for reabsorption in the kidney tubules is excessed, as a result of type 1 diabetes or as a result of type 2 diabetes
In this experiment, optical density is measured using aspectrophotometer
Using this assay, glucose concentration isdirectly proptional to optical density
Peptide hormones include which of the followingfollicle-stimulating hormone and calcitonin
Which of the following is INCORRECTLY matched with one of its functionsCalcitonin-inhibits osteoblast activity
Which of the following is INCORRECTLY matched with its primary secreting organFSH-ovaries
Inhibiting osteoclast activity would preventosteopenia and osteoporosis
Replacement therapies for which 2 hormones were tested in this experimentestrogen and calcitonin
Which of the following showed the greatest improvement in vertebral bone density for the ratsestrogen
The baseline T score for the rats was indicative ofosteoporosis, because their ovaries were removed
Which of the following improved the vertebral bone density of the ratsboth calcitonin and estrogen
The target cells for the hormone ACTH are located in theadrenal cortex
Tropic hormones include which of the followingboth ACTH and CRH
Which of the following is NOT characterized by high levels of cortisol in the bloodAddison's disease
Iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome isall of the above (often referred to as "steroid diabetes", a result of treatment with glucocorticoid hormones, physician induced)
High levels of cortisol would normally provide negative feedback to theanterior pituitary and hypothalamus
Which of the following structures or organs is NOT part of the upper respiratory systemLarynx
What is the name of the respiratory tract passageway that leads directly into each lungbronchus
Which of the following serves as a passageway for both foods or liquids and airpharynx
What is the name for the nostrilsexternal nares
What is the name of the bony plate that separates the nasal cavity from the oral cavityhard palate
Which subdivision of the pharynx is the superior portion of the pharynxnasopharynx
Which of the following is the largest laryngeal cartilagethyroid cartilage
Which of the following forms a lid over the glottisepiglottis
Which of the following structures is commonly referred to as the Adam's Applelaryngeal prominence
__ has a greater partial pressure in the pulmonary capillaries than in the alveoli, so if diffuses into the___Co2; alveoli
Which gas law explains why there is as much CO2 exchanged between the alveoli and blood as there is )2 exchanged, despite the fact that the partial pressure difference is so much smaller for CO2Henry's Law
How would the partial pressure of )2 and CO2 change in an exercising muscleThe partial pressure of )2 would decrease, and the partial pressure of CO2 would increase
Which way would )2 and CO2 diffuse during internal respiration)2 would diffuse into the cells and Co2 would diffuse into the systemic capillaries
Internal and external respiration depends on several factors. Which of the following is NOT an important factor in gas exchangethe molecular weight of the gas
During inhalationthe diaphragm and rib muscles contract
From which structures do oxygen molecules move from the lungs to the bloodalveoli
Which statement is correctIn the blood, oxygen is bound to hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells
After blood becomes oxygenatedit returns to the heart, and is then pumped to body cells
Hemoglobinis a protein that can bind four molecules of oxygen
When the diaphragm contractsit flattens out
Which of the following is a passive processexpiration
What is the driving force for the movement of air into the lungsthe pressure gradient
Which of the following describes the volume of air exhaled during passive breathingtidal volume
What is the difference between TLC and VCTLC includes RV
The minute ventilation iscalculated by multiplying the rate of respiration times TV
Under normal conditions, the forced expiratory volume is normally75-85% of the vital capacity
When the radius of the airway was decreasedexpiratory reserve volume decreased
During forced exhalationthe internal intercostal contract
Why is normal exhalation passiverespiratory muscles are relaxing and elastic tissue in the lung recoils
With emphysema, the muscles that contract with normal exhalation include which of the followinginternal intercostal and abdominal muscles
During an acute asthma attack, the obstruction is caused bybronchiole smooth muscle spasms
Which of the following would increase with exercisetidal volume, frequency of breathing, and minute volume
Without surfactantthe surface tension of the liquid in the alveoli would be greater and the alveoli would collapse
The pressure in the pleural cavity is called theintrapleural pressure
The pressure in the pleura cavity isless than the pressure in the alveoli and less than atmospheric pressure
In this activity, the pressure in the pleural cavity would be locatedbetween the bell jar and the outer wall of the lung
How did the pressure in the left intrapleural cavity change when the valve was openedit went from a negative number to zero and the pressure in the intrapleural cavity equalized with the atmospheric pressure
How did the total air flow in this trial compare with that in the previous trial in which the pleural caviites were intactit was cut in half
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