which best describes why building alliances is a key strategy for lobbyists?

which best describes why building alliances is a key strategy for lobbyists?

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currently reside outside the United States but are American citizens.A person is born a US citizen if he or she has parents who
serve at homeless shelters.To volunteer for community service, US citizens can
The names of possible jurors are chosen at random.What is the first step in selecting US citizens to serve as members of a jury?
eighteen.Young American men must register with the Selective Service System when they reach the age of
taking and passing a two-part test.The naturalization process involves several steps including
income and payroll taxes.American citizens must pay federal taxes including
police officerWhat is an example of a civil service job?
They will serve in the military when required. They will support and defend the US Constitution. They will show allegiance to the nation's laws.What do naturalized US citizens swear to do for their new country? Check all that apply.
a summons.In the United States, potential jury members are notified of their duty by
registering at or after the age of eighteen.In the United States, the responsibility of voting includes
The National partyWhich is at the top of the political party organization?
to state the goals of the party and its position on issuesWhat is the purpose of a political party's platform?
shapes the debate and controls legislative agenda.Political parties are important in the US Congress, because party affiliation
reform.Third parties play a significant role in the election process because they advocate
RepublicanThe political party in the twentieth century that generally opposed government expansion to solve social problems is the Party
They perform the most essential tasks.Why are volunteers placed at the base of the political party organizational pyramid?
hold a national conventionAccording to the Federal Election Commission, what is one action that a national party committee must perform?
limited.The Democratic-Republican Party was based on the idea that the central government of a country should be
only party membersIn a closed primary, who selects a political party's nominees for office?
Both parties are dependent on raising huge sums of money to fund their House campaigns.Look at this graph, showing funding for campaigns for election to the House of Representatives, 2011-2012. What is the most logical conclusion that can be drawn from this graph?
Corporations and labor unions have too much power.Which of these arguments might be used by someone who supports strict campaign finance laws?
Campaigns are complex undertakings, and candidates must hire staff members to manage specific activities.Which of these is the best reason to explain why candidates for office hire campaign staff to run their campaigns?
a candidate elected.The main purpose of a political campaign is either to get an issue passed or
passing campaign-finance lawsWhich of these best describes a role of the federal government in the election process?
caucus.A meeting of party members to choose a nominee through debate is called a
oversee a campaign organization.The role of a campaign manager is to
Individual donors can contribute up to a set amount and no more. Campaigns are financed by public and private donations. Finance laws require that donors and the amounts given be identified.Which statements apply to the financing of a political campaign and the laws controlling it? Select all that apply.
register with their states to vote.Before people can take part in an election in the United States, they must
provide proof of residency fill out a form register before a given deadlineWhat are voters required to do? Check all that apply.
Voter Turnout by Income Group, 2008Look at the bar graph. Which would be the best title for this graph?
Voter Turnout, 2006-2012Look at the bar graph. Which would be the best title for this graph?
They must vote using an absentee ballot.What happens when voters are out of state on Election Day?
in person online by absentee ballot by mailIn which ways can voters cast ballots? Check all that apply.
to gain a political advantageWhy do political parties most often try to gerrymander voting districts?
They are reapportioned based on information in the census.Which best describes what happens to voting districts every ten years?
PresidentVoters cast ballots in great numbers in a year when there is an election for of the United States.
Older women vote in higher percentages than younger men.Look at the bar graph. What is the most accurate conclusion someone can draw from this graph?
causes and valuesWhich best describes what social interest groups generally promote?
Yes, they advise on rules and legislation and file briefs with the courts.Do lobbyists exert influence among all three branches of government? Why or why not?
It facilitates communication between the public and lawmakers.Which of these is considered a benefit of lobbying?
political actionPowerful and influential groups called committees have arisen to finance political campaigns, mostly on a national level.
business interestsWhich best describes what economic interest groups generally support?
Building alliances places more pressure on lawmakers.Which best describes why building alliances is a key strategy for lobbyists?
They apply pressure on lawmakers to pass laws that are favorable to clients.Which best describes the work done by lobbyists?
Lobbying helps educate and inform lawmakers.How does lobbying benefit the government?
Lobbying creates opportunities for corruption.How does lobbying negatively affect government?
They run independent campaigns in support of candidates.If super political action committees (PACs) cannot donate directly to political campaigns, how do they best support the campaigns?
It is the only information source that most people have.Why is media coverage of elections important?
to generate donations to organize supporters to solicit supportFor what purposes do politicians generally use the Internet? Select all that apply.
the ability to hear discussions on laws and the lawmaking processWhich of these best describes what the media generally facilitate for the public?
No, news entities offer opinions, debate, and interpretations of events.Do news entities provide only the facts? Why or why not?
promote policiesWhen policymakers use the media to deliver specific messages to citizens, what are policymakers trying to do?
stay informed about current and proposed lawsWhich of these does the media allow the public to do?
Congressional RecordThe is the name of the publication produced by the government that covers debates occurring in Congress.
transparencyIn covering policy and the lawmaking process, what do the media help provide to the public?
to sell themselves and their messagesUltimately, what do politicians use media to accomplish?
aware of the issues.The media aim to make the public
Both supported a strong central government.How is the Democratic Party similar in beliefs to the Federalists?
It has enabled immediate communication between candidates and supporters.How has the Internet revolutionized political campaigns?
wards.Local organizations are organized by precincts, counties, and
a group formed to influence government policyWhich of these best describes an interest group?
citizenship by birth citizenship by naturalizationHow is citizenship achieved in the United States? Check all that apply.
It offers advantages to those with money.Which of these is a negative impact of lobbying?
PACs combine individuals' donations into significant contributions.Which best describes how political action committees (PACs) enhance the power of individuals?
political action committees (PACs) businesses interest groups unionsOn whose behalf do most lobbyists work? Select all that apply.
by encouraging and participating in debates over differing ideologiesWhat is one way in which parties demonstrate commitment to a platform?
volunteer for the Peace Corps.Even though it is not a requirement, many American men
lack sufficient votes to pass a law.The chart shows the 112th U.S. Congress (2011-2012). Based on the information in the chart, if the Independents in the Senate chose to vote with the Republicans in the Senate, the Republicans would
voting for a nominee themselves, not through a delegate.In a direct primary, voters are
undecidedPolitical advertisements are considered most effective among voters.
Pollsbest help the media and candidates better understand where voters stand, especially during election campaigns.
which best

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