which of the following statements about cookies is not true?

which of the following statements about cookies is not true?

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White-hat_____ hackers break into systems for non-malicious reasons such as to test system security vulnerabilities.
CyberloafingUsing your computer for non-work activities while you are being paid to work is known as ______.
Time bombA ______ is a virus that is triggered on a certain date.
A firewallYou can block logical ports from invaders and make your computer invisible to others on the Internet by installing ______.
FBI and National White Collar Crime CenterThe Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the _______.
Boot-sector_______ viruses are often transmitted by a flash drive left in a USB port.
Launch a denial of service (DoS) attack on your computerA packet sniffer is a program that can enable a hacker to do all of the following EXCEPT _______.
Theft of servicesAll of the following were top cybercrimes reported to the IC3 in 2012 EXCEPT ______.
Computer virusesCreating and distributing ____ is one of the most widespread types of cyber crimes.
Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans ApartCAPTCHA stands for ______.
FirewallA ________ is named after a housing construction feature that slows the spread of fires from house to house.
Use a dictionary to find a lengthy word that is easy to rememberRules for creating passwords include all of the following EXCEPT ______.
Spyware_______ is a program that gathers information about your surfing habits without your knowledge.
PolymorphicWhich of the following classifications of viruses can change its own code to avoid detection?
CybercrimeWhich of the following is formally defined as any criminal action perpetrated primarily through the use of a computer?
WormA ______ takes advantage of file transport methods to spread on its own.
PharmingWhich of the following is NOT a virus category?
PharmingWhen malicious code is planted on your computer and alters your browsers ability to find web addresses, it is known as _______.
RootkitA _______ allows a hacker to gain access to your computer and take almost complete control of it without your knowledge.
Placing a found virus in a secure area on the hard driveWith regard to computer protection, quarantining is defined as _________.
Cookies obtain your personal information by searching your hard driveWhich of the following statements about cookies is NOT true?
EngineeringSocial _______ is any technique that uses social skills to generate human interaction that entices individuals to reveal sensitive information.
Installing a manufacturers printer driverAll of the following are ways that can infect your computer with a virus EXCEPT _______.
A DDoS attack_______ floods a computer with requests until it shuts down and refuses to answer any requests for information.
Virus signatureA ________ is the portion of virus code that is unique to a particular computer virus.
A time bombWhich type of virus was the famous Michelangelo virus?
People pretending to represent official organizationsFBI-related scams involve ______.
Macro virusA _______ is a virus that is attached to documents such as word or excel files.
Logical port blockingConfiguring a firewall to ignore all incoming packets that request access to a specific port is known as _____.
GraywareAdware and spyware are referred to collectively as _______.
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