which responsibilities were assigned to the federal government under the articles of confederation?

which responsibilities were assigned to the federal government under the articles of confederation?

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law enforcementThe government provides a number of public safety services, including
federalState governments must follow which type of laws
Government creates laws and provides leadershipWhich best describes the two main functions of US government
to represent their interests in governmentWhich best describes why voters choose political candidates
guarantee rights for citizensA purpose of government in the United States is to
monarchyWhich form of government serves the interests of royal family members
In some countries, citizens do not have the right to voteWhich best states a difference between voting in the US and in other countries
communistA country governed by a central party is best characterized as
police officersA public safety service the US government provides is
separation of powersThe division of the US government into three branches is called
building bridges and roadsOne responsibility of the government is to provide public works, which includes
the economyWhat does the US government help regulate
judicial branchThe part of the US government that interprets laws is the
public educationThe government provides a number of public welfare services, including
theocracy and communismWhat are two types of oligarchies
A communist government is led by one political partyWhich statement best defines a communist government
he holds all of the powerIn an autocracy, what kind of power does the leader hold
from the time of taking the throne to their deathHow long is an individual monarch's term of rule
federal systemCentral and state governments influence each other in
large groups of voters would be difficult to manageThe best reason why direct democracy would not work well in the United States is that
direct and representativeThe two forms of democracy are
Athens had a small populationWhy did direct democracy work for the ancient Greek city of Athens
The leader maintains power through forceWhich statement best characterizes a dictatorship
is the leader of the party that won the most seatsIn a parliamentary system of representative democracy, the prime minister
all citizensIn a direct democracy, who votes on government policy
citizensIn the United States, who elects the legislature
Citizens elect leaders who vote on the issues in a representative democracy, and citizens vote on the issues in a direct democracyWhat is the main way a representative democracy differs from a direct democracy
a government ruled by a small, elite groupAn oligarchy is best defined as
separates powers, keeping one body from gaining too much powerA benefit of a bicameral legislature is that it
threeHow many of the Ten Commandments can be found in the laws of the United States
general assemblyAll citizens in ancient Athens took part in government by voting in the
citizens to participate in governmentThe most important way in which the Greeks influenced American democracy was by allowing
Women can vote and serve in governmentWhat would most surprise an ancient Athenian about government in the United States today
treated all its people fairly regardless of classPericles claimed that the Athenian government, unlike other Greek city-states
vote on important decisionsA direct democracy is one in which all citizens
The legislative branch in Athens had two main bodiesIn what way did ancient Athens influence the framers of the United States Constitution
Greek-city statesWhere did democracy begin
equality of all citizensYou shall not render an unjust judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great: with justice you shall judge your neighbor. Which principle of American government is reflected in this passage
living and worshipingThe Ten Commandments are a list of rules for
Christians and JewsJudeo-Christian principles refer to the religious beliefs and values held in common by
romeIn addition to Judeo-Christian principles, American government was influenced by principles first used in ancient Greece and in
twoA bicameral legislature is made up of how many bodies
allow for a diversity of opinionsstate which becomes progressively more and more a unity will cease to be a state at all. Plurality of numbers is natural in a state; and the further it moves away from plurality towards unity, the less of a state it becomes. Aristotle believed that the citizens of a successful state must
Commentaries on the Laws of EnglandThe English document that laid the groundwork for judges in the US to rule based on precedent is known as the
gave more power to the people and protected their rightsAn important effect of the Magna Carta on English government was that it
common laws became more accessibleWhat was an important effect of Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England
speak freelyThe English Bill of Rights declared that each member of Parliament had the right to
parliamentAccording to the English Bill of Rights, who makes laws regarding taxation
legislative branchThe Magna Carta led to the creation of Parliament, England's
were tired of his tyrannical ruleThe Magna Carta was presented to King John in 1215 because people
the monarchyThe English Bill of Rights put limits on the power of
common lawWhich of these best completes the empty box to the right with limited government and rights for citizens
created a record of common lawWilliam Blackstone was important because he
kingThe Magna Carta placed clear limits on the power of the
due processNo freeman is to be taken or imprisoned or disseised of his free tenement or of his liberties or free customs. . . . To no-one will we sell or deny of delay right or justice. This part of the document granted people the right to
protection against unusual punishment and the right to trial by juryKey privileges included in both the English Bill of Rights and the US Bill of Rights include
right to trial by jury, bear arms, and protection from cruel and unusual punishment.Which rights for citizens appear in the English Bill of Rights? Check all that apply
communicate opinions and ideasThat the freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of Parliament. According to this excerpt, members of Parliament are allowed to
precedentCommon law refers to laws determined through
power over the English monarchy3+The Glorious Revolution of 1688 demonstrated that Parliament had
freedomWhen the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person, or in the same body of magistrates, there can be no liberty; because apprehensions may arise, lest the same monarch or senate should enact tyrannical laws, to execute them in a tyrannical manner. According to the quote, what is lost if one person has too much power.
the natural rights governing human behavior and societyWhat did the philosophers of the Enlightenment seek to understand
naturally reasonableJohn Locke believed humans are
thinkHave the bravery to use your own reason! - that sums up the meaning of enlightenment. According to the quote, the Enlightenment encourages people to do what for themselves.
individualThe key idea of John Locke's Enlightenment theory was to protect and enhance the freedoms and rights of
Thomas HobbesWho supported the Enlightenment idea that people are naturally selfish
life, liberty, and propertyLocke argued that all humans are born with what natural rights
to reduce libertyLaw was brought into the world for nothing else but to limit the natural liberty of particular men in such manner as they might not hurt but assist one another and join together against a common enemy. According to Hobbes, what is the primary purpose of the social contract?
human reasonWhat did philosophers of the Enlightenment have faith in, believing it could answer questions and solve problems
rulersAccording to John Locke, who must respect the rights of the citizens
universal rightsWhich term is synonymous with "natural rights," according to Enlightenment philosophers
governmentJohn Locke helped develop the idea of a social contract between citizens and the
to limit the power of any single group or personWhy did Montesquieu advocate the separation of powers
innately violentJohn Locke thought that people were neither good nor bad innately. How did Hobbes's views differ from those of Locke's
as usefulHow did the Enlightenment's theories of government view the role of government
reasonThe Enlightenment was an age of inquiry based on what, not religion
do not come from the governmentJohn Locke believed that natural rights
government violated social contract, it is okayUnder what circumstances did John Locke think it would be acceptable for the people to overthrow the government
driving on the highwayWhich could be considered an act indicating acceptance of the social contract
Government has the power to protect natural rights, but people can change their government if it fails to do soWhich best summarizes the social contract outlined in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence
the rights that cannot, or should not, be taken awayWhich statement describes a natural right
cannot be surrenderedThe Declaration of Independence refers to rights as being unalienable. What does "unalienable" mean
the bodyWhich part of the Declaration of Independence acts as an implied plan of action, in that it lists laws and practices to be changed
They are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.John Locke, an Enlightenment-era philosopher, influenced the American movement for independence. Locke believed that all people were entitled to natural rights. Which quotation from the preamble to the Declaration of Independence enshrines natural rights
They were taxed without having representation in Parliament.Why were taxes an ongoing source of conflict for the American colonists
Yes. It outlines when it is appropriate to remove a government.Does the preamble to the Declaration of Independence indicate reasons why the new independent government might be similarly removed or overthrown? Why or why not?
He believed the king would only approve laws that benefited Britain.Why did Thomas Paine question British authority to rule the colonies in Common Sense
Thomas Paine published Common SenseAs the result of a conflict between British troops and a colonial militia in Massachusetts
It was the first major act of defiance by the colonistsWhich best describes why the Boston Tea Party is considered such a significant event in US history
the PreambleIn which section of the Declaration of Independence is the purpose of government described
1774As the colonies moved toward independence, the First Continental Congress was created in
inalienableWhich type of rights did the colonists who drafted the Declaration of Independence most want to protect
a government based on a social contractThe preamble to the Declaration of Independence outlines the principles upon which the new government would be based. Which of these best describes one of those principles
the right to self-governThe Declaration of Independence intended to end British rule in the colonies, and grant citizens
No. The war started a year before the Declaration of Independence was written.Was the Declaration of Independence intended to be a formal declaration of war? Why or why not
increased open public support for independenceWhich had the greatest influence in prompting the Second Continental Congress to declare independence
In order for the Articles of Confederation to be more successful, all states must work together.If the cartoon is interpreted with the Articles of Confederation in mind, what would it most likely be saying?
drawing up treatiesWhich responsibilities were assigned to the federal government under the Articles of Confederation
the statesIf a power was not specified under the Articles of Confederation, who would be responsible for it
administrativeThe fact that there was no national military was a weakness in which area of government
to have a unified nation for times of warWhich was a main reason for creating the Articles of Confederation
Nine of the states had to agree before a law was passedWhy was it very difficult to get laws passed under the Articles of Confederation
weakWhich word best describes the federal government that was created under the Articles of Confederation
The Declaration of Independence outlined a relationship between individuals and the government but did not detail the power and control of that governmentWhy did colonists feel the Articles of Confederation were necessary even though the Declaration of Independence was already written
The national government didn't hold enough power.What was the main failure of the Articles of Confederation that eventually led to the US Constitution
The federal government had no national armyWhat would be the federal government's biggest problem if a war was imminent
There was no national court systemWhich reason most closely illustrates why the federal government was unable to maintain order in the new nation
all of themA state legislator wants to amend the Articles of Confederation. How many states would have to agree in order for the amendment to pass
Both regions recognized that how enslaved people were counted would significantly affect representationWhy was the issue of slavery so important to the delegates of the Constitutional Convention
a government made up of two parts or housesWhat is the best definition of bicameral
to discuss a better system of governmentWhy did the state delegates meet in 1787
representationThe issue of slavery at the Constitutional Convention was actually an issue about
They generally had less enslaved labor than the southern statesWhich statement about the northern states in the 1780s is accurate
the House of RepresentativesIn what part of the Great Compromise are the ideas of the Virginia Plan represented
in every single stateAccording to the 1790 census, where did enslaved people live within the United States
The farms of the South raised agricultural productsWhat was the primary way the farms in the South differed from those in the North
It created balance by blending the Virginia and New Jersey plansHow did the Great Compromise resolve the dispute about representation
delegatesWhat were the men who came to the Constitutional Convention referred to as
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