the is the governmental body that regulates political action committees (pacs).

the is the governmental body that regulates political action committees (pacs).

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Immigrant US citizen I hereby declare, on oath . . . that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms [weapons] on behalf of the United States when required by the law . . . so help me God. This oath is recited by
war In the United States, the draft would most likely be implemented during a
responsibility adult citizens Every man and every woman in this Nation-—regardless of party—who have the right to register and to vote, and the opportunity to register and to vote, have also the sacred obligation to register and to vote. For the free and secret ballot is the real keystone of our American Constitutional system. -President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1944 This quotation addresses
naturalization An immigrant can become a US citizen through a process called
take part in Teach for America To volunteer for national service, US citizens can
two-part test The naturalization process involves several steps including
homeless shelters To volunteer for community service, US citizens can
a summons In the United States, potential jury members are notified of their duty by
police officers What is an example of a civil service job?
registering at 18 In the United States, the responsibility of voting includes
lives in country not citizen What is the best definition of a resident alien?
18 Young American men must register with the Selective Service System when they reach the age of
chosen at random What is the first step in selecting US citizens to serve as members of a jury?
freedom of speech and obey laws Which pair of statements best compares the rights and requirements of US citizens?
cleaning litter from the street One example of a civic responsibility that is not a requirement is
men= conservative The chart compares prospective voter support leading up to the 2012 presidential election. This chart demonstrates that
race The graph compares support for candidates among prospective Hispanic voters leading up to the 2008 presidential election. This graph demonstrates the influence of ? on political ideology.
moderate, conservative, Libertarian The US Republican Party mostly includes members who are
values freedom over involvement Libertarianism could best be described as a political ideology that
government performed better by private businesses What do most Libertarians tend to believe?
progressive Younger women who want to see new kinds of government programs are more likely to vote for a candidate who
traditional approaches Conservatism could best be described as a political ideology that
conservative What kind of person is most likely to hold a right-wing ideology?
federal regulation, broad role, Social Security What do most left-wing voters tend to believe? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY.
improve society Liberalism could best be described as a political ideology that
liberal ideology Women who are strong supporters of women's rights are more likely to vote for a candidate who
rights for everybody What do most progressives tend to believe?
Democratic candidate This graph compares support for candidates among prospective Hispanic voters leading up to the 2008 US presidential election. The graph shows that in 2008, more people in the Hispanic community planned to support
political ideology A set of beliefs about politics and the role of government.
35% Based on this graph, which percentage of poll respondents were Democrats in November 2012?
moderate Which word best describes a voter at the political center?
help voters understand Which is a primary goal of debates?
National Party Which is at the top of the political party organization?
limited The Democratic-Republican Party was based on the idea that the central government of a country should be
health care Which issue is most important to the Democratic Party?
perform tasks Why are volunteers placed at the base of the political party organizational pyramid?
shapes debate and control agenda Political parties are important in the US Congress, because party affiliation
similar beliefs about government Which best describes a political party?
combining antislavery factions How did the Republican Party form?
state goals What is the purpose of a political party's platform?
inside national party The most influential and powerful members of a political party are most likely found
reform Third parties play a significant role in the election process because they advocate
soon after nation was founded When did the two-party political system first develop?
caucus A meeting of party members to choose a nominee through debate is called a
candidate elected The main purpose of a political campaign is either to get an issue passed or
oversee a campaign organization The role of a campaign manager is to
corporations more freely pay In the Citizens United case, the Supreme Court ruled that
individual donors, campaigns, and require that donors Which statements apply to the financing of a political campaign and the laws controlling it? Select all that apply.
candidates not corrupted Laws are passed to regulate the funding of political campaigns in an effort to ensure that
primary Before a general election can take place, a political party may hold a election to select a candidate for office.
passing campaign-finance laws Which of these best describes a role of the federal government in the election process?
both parties are dependent Look at this graph, showing funding for campaigns for election to the House of Representatives, 2011-2012. What is the most logical conclusion that can be drawn from this graph?
administered fairly The most important role of election officials is to make sure that an election
volunteer, communications, and fund-raiser Which of these people might be a member of a campaign staff? Select all that apply.
only party members In a closed primary, who selects a political party's nominees for office?
communications director In a political campaign, the person with the responsibility of contacting the media and creating printed materials is the
government Public financing of a campaign comes from which of these sources?
absentee ballot What happens when voters are out of state on Election Day?
proof residency, form, deadline What are voters required to do? Check all that apply.
not redistricted since 1901 Why did the US Supreme Court rule against the state of Tennessee in Baker v. Carr?
reapportioned census Which best describes what happens to voting districts every ten years?
Older women vote in higher percentages than younger men. Voter Turnout Gender and Age What is the most accurate conclusion someone can draw from this graph?
Voter turnout Look at the bar graph. Which would be the best title for this graph?
person, online, ballot, and mail In which ways can voters cast ballots? Check all that apply.
gain advantage Why do political parties most often try to gerrymander voting districts?
18 In the United States, at what age are citizens allowed to vote?
register with their states Before people can take part in an election in the United States, they must
% of Democratic primary Look at the table. What information is missing from the table that could help someone draw the most accurate conclusion about voter turnout in primaries and general elections?
2008 and 2012 were presidential election years. % of Voters Look at the information in this bar graph. Based on this graph, what conclusion can someone draw?
run independent campaigns If super political action committees (PACs) cannot donate directly to political campaigns, how do they best support the campaigns?
educate and inform lawmakers How does lobbying benefit the government?
causes and values Which best describes what social interest groups generally promote?
tailor information in support Which best describes why it is significant that lobbyists provide information to lawmakers?
provide financial support and regulate Which of these are true of political action committees (PACs) but not of interest groups? Select all that apply.
federal election commission The ? is the governmental body that regulates political action committees (PACs).
judicial To which branch of the federal government did the National Rifle Association submit its brief in support of super PACs in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission?
business interests Which best describes what economic interest groups generally support?
Broadway league Which of these is an example of an economic interest group?
Ethical Treatment of Animals Which of these is an example of a social interest group?
first Which amendment to the Constitution gives people the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances?
creates opportunities for corruption How does lobbying negatively affect government?
research and understand issues How does lobbying negatively affect government?
influence representative's decisions Read these words from the First Amendment to the Constitution. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. This amendment gives citizens the right to
promote policies When policymakers use the media to deliver specific messages to citizens, what are policymakers trying to do?
sell themselves and their messages Ultimately, what do politicians use media to accomplish?
new ideas When policymakers use the media to deliver a message, what sort of response do they encourage from citizens?
generate, organize, and solicit For what purposes do politicians generally use the Internet? Select all that apply.
enable campaigns Which best describes how social-networking sites help political campaigns, especially when compared to traditional media?
required citizens to be proactive The Internet and social media have increased the level of interactions between politicians and citizens, but how has their use changed the nature of the interactions?
enabled more active participation How has the Internet changed the way voters interact with campaigns?
only source of information Why is media coverage of elections important?
congressional record The ? is the name of the publication produced by the government that covers debates occurring in Congress.
hear discussions on laws Which of these best describes what the media generally facilitate for the public?
stay informed about current laws Which of these does the media allow the public to do?
connecting on social media Which of these is a way in which politicians, particularly on the state and national level, would most likely interact with citizens online?
same social media as citizens Which best describes why candidates and politicians use the Internet?
influence voters Which best describes why politicians spend millions of dollars on advertising during elections?
can motivate people to vote How is voter behavior affected by opinion polls?
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