Anatomy and Physiology of the carrot plant

Anatomy and Physiology of the carrot plant

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Anatomy and Physiology of the carrot plant Part 1 Plants develop specialized roots, stems, leaves, and flowers to make them better adapted to their environment. People exploit many of these modifications as vegetables. An example of this is the taproot of carrots. The carrot plant stores sugars in the taproot to supply energy for the formation of flowers in later development. People dig up and eat the taproots while the sugar content is still high. Complete the following: • Describe the anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of a plant. Is the structure of your plant a modification from the standard root, stem, leaf, or flower? • Explain how this structure differs from the standard root, stem, leaf, or flower. • Compare the plant that you have chosen, its structure, and its function with 1 or more of your classmates’ choices. Part 2 Animals are important for humans in ways other than providing food. Medicines, clothing, beauty, fuel, air quality, building materials, and industrial products are a few of the ways in which humans exploit animals. Complete the following: • Choose 1 product or benefit that people get from animals (besides food), describe it, and explain how people benefit. • Which do you think is the most important benefit of animals? Select 1 benefit and explain. • List 3 adaptations that animals have that plants do not have.

Anatomy and

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Anatomy and Physiology of the carrot plant

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Excerpt from file: FirstnameLastname Instructor Coursetitle 22September2015 Title Lastname2 AnatomyandPhysiologyofthecarrotplant Anatomy Atypicalplanthastherootandshootsystem.Therootsystemservestoholdtheplantfirmlyto theground,absorbwaterandnutrientsandstorefoodfortheplantlikeinthecarrot.Theshoot

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