University Studies Goals as Experienced in the BA495 Business Strategy Capstone

University Studies Goals as Experienced in the BA495 Business Strategy Capstone

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University Studies Goals as Experienced in the BA495 Business Strategy Capstone 3 pages, 1.5 spacing, 12 pt Arial font (10% of the course grade) This course has 5 primary goals that serve as the cornerstones around which each University Studies capstone class is designed: Inquiry and Critical Thinking, Communication, Appreciation of Human Diversity, Ethical and Social Responsibility, while contributing to a Community partner. These goals cover the following: • Make a difference in the community. This means being “all in” to serve your client, striving to produce recommendations for superior future performance. • Appreciate human diversity. In this course, we will focus on diversity issues that are central to business success: embracing cultural differences, addressing the needs of varied stakeholders, and working through differences across team members. • Understand social and ethical responsibilities. Businesses confront profound social and ethical issues in their pursuit of corporate social responsibility. Both through case analyses and the client work, you will need to weigh the social, environmental, and economic implications of your recommendations. • Engage in effective communication. Throughout your career, effective communication will be fundamental to your success, so we will practice both written and oral, and individual and team Communication. • Hone critical thinking skills. Your client project will require you to thoroughly understand the client’s problem, analyze pertinent data, and formulate recommendations. Working with a client will make this process very real and exciting. As you craft your essay, remember to write from your own experience with I/me/my language. This essay may be very personal. It will be important that you generate your observations and experiences with detail. You can use your weekly posts in your essay. You also can draw on frameworks from prior classes to shape your essay. As you write, ask yourself how do I claim this to be true? Be sure the content of your essay reflects those claims. You may consider these questions to craft the essay, addressing how you enhanced your approach to this goal:  From my own lived experience, how did engaging in the community project for this course enhance my abilities in understanding/practicing ethical and social responsibility?  How have the structure of this course, the assignments, the tasks of this class, and/or our class discussions enhanced my ability to analyze ethical and social responsibility?  How does this process of self-reflection enhance my ability to critically think about my beliefs and attitudes towards the real world issues related to ethical and social responsibilities?  How has the production of the inputs into the final project for the client allowed me to expand and practice my skills in ethical and social responsibility?  How have the readings and in this class furthered my skills in this goal area

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University Studies Goals as Experienced in the BA495 Business Strategy Capstone

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