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First you must read chapter one from the book the Struggle for the Democracy and then you should identify and discuss the three fundamental principles of representative democracy as discussed by the authors of The Struggle for Democracy.

Then you should read chapter 4 form the book: Democracy for the few, and explain how Dr. Parenti defines "Wealth" and "Want" in that chapter.

Dr. Parenti suggests that "the capitalist economy has an overbearing impact upon political and social life."

To Dr. Parenti the nature of our capitalist economy (wealth v.s. want) has undermined those three fundamental principles of democracy identified in the Struggle for Democracy for the majority of the American people.

You must explain Dr. Parenti's position on wealth and want in the United States.

Then you must explain do you see those influences in some of the most recent Presidential elections in the United States? Were those three fundamental principles of Democracy violated in any of our presidential or elections?

After answering above questions you must explain your own position on those issues. Do you agree with Dr. Parenti? Which one of them was more convincing and why? Explain why you agree or disagree with him.

Keep in mind that you must cite specific examples from all assigned chapters and all authors to support your position. Also keep in mind that your long post must be at least two and half pages, single spaced. I'm asking for atleast 3 pages plus the works cited.


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