Chicano/ Mexican Culture

Chicano/ Mexican Culture

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Critical Thinking Questions: Why is La Virgen de Guadalupe important to Chicano/Mexican history and culture? What are the different ways that these authors define her? In particular, what role does La Virgen play in defining the lives of Chicanas and their sexuality? Read: “Guadalupe: The Feminine Face of God” (Jeanette Rodriguez-class reader); “Guadalupe: the Sex Goddess” (Sandra Cisneros-class reader); “The Undocumented Virgen” (Ruben Martinez-class reader); Read: “Forgive Me, Mother for my Crazy Life” (Luis Rodriguez-class reader);

Chicano/ Mexican

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 Chicano/ Mexican Culture

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Excerpt from file: 1 CHICANO/MEXICANCULTURE Chicano/MexicanCulture Name Course Institution Lecturer Date 2 CHICANO/MEXICANCULTURE ImportanceofLaVirgendeGuadalupetoChicano/Mexicanhistoryandculture TheimageofLaVirgendeGuadalupewasusedasavisualrepresentationofthefightfor

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