Homework 10

Homework 10

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Homework 10

Answer the following questions. Use complete sentences and correct grammar. Remember the “3 Cs” – Clear, concise, and complete.

Refer to the video about stealing office equipment/supplies.

  1. The perpetrator began her fraud by stealing a computer from work. How did she acquire more equipment? What did she do to convert the assets into cash?

  2. When does pilfering become stealing?

Refer to the book/lecture:

  1. Sheila Marmon is a foreman for Mirror Enterprises, a regional plumbing company. She recently ordered some plumbing supplies from the company warehouse for an office building project she is overseeing. When the supplies arrived at the job site, however, she loaded them in his truck and took them home to use in remodeling her master bathroom. What kind of inventory theft scheme did Sheila commit? a. False shipments b. Unconcealed larceny c. Asset requisition C d. Misappropriation of intangible assets

  2. Angela Benton works part-time at an independent record store. Whenever her friend, John Ritter, comes into the store during one of her shifts, he picks up a CD and brings it to the register where Angela is stationed. After ringing a “no sale” transaction on the cash register, Angela pretends to swipe John’s credit card for payment. She puts the CD in a bag and gives it to John, who walks out without actually paying for the merchandise. What kind of scheme is being committed? a. Fake sale A b. False refund c. Sales skimming d. Cash larceny

  3. Ben Rogers works as a cashier for Tillis Sporting Goods. One afternoon, he asked his sister Dawn to come into the store. When she arrived, Ben put three watches, two fishing reels, and four pairs of sunglasses in a sack and gave it to her. Dawn walked out of the store, sold two of the watches, and returned to the store later to return the other items for a refund. What type of asset misappropriation has been committed? a. Sales skimming b. Pay-and-return scheme c. False refund scheme d. Inventory larceny scheme D

  4. Widget Corp. is a company that sells small and medium widgets. A downturn in the market has caused severe financial problems in the company. In order to fool the auditors as they begin their inventory count, several of Ace’s managers have begun stacking empty boxes in the warehouse to create the illusion of extra inventory. This scheme is known as: a. Forced reconciliation b. Physical padding B c. Inventory shuffling d. Misappropriation of intangible assets

  5. To supplement her income, Teresa Wardmaupin decided to start her own bookkeeping business while still working as an office assistant at a small CPA firm. Not having much start-up capital for her new business, she used her phone at work to contact clients and her work computer to print invoices and client letters. However, she ordered and paid for her own office supplies and used her own postage stamps to mail the invoices and letters. From the information given, has Teresa misappropriated any of the firm’s assets? a. Yes A b. No

  6. In one of the cases in the textbook, Larry Gunter was a shipping clerk for a computer company that manufactured microprocessor chips. How was his theft discovered? a. A security guard found the chips in a routine check of his work cart. b. An inventory manager filling an order noticed that many of the chips were missing. B c. The auditors found the shortage when they conducted the annual inventory count. d. His co-worker notified the loss prevention department in exchange for a cash award.

  7. How was Gunter punished? a. He was arrested, charged with grand theft and embezzlement, and sentenced to prison. A b. He was indicted for receiving stolen property, placed on probation, and ordered to repay the company for the value of the stolen chips. c. The company fired him but agreed not to prosecute him if he repaid the money and did not go to the media. d. He wasn’t, because he found out about the investigation and skipped town on the day he was to be arrested.

  8. In one of the cases in the textbook, Swainler’s Technology discovered that someone had stolen 1,400 hard drives from its computer warehouse. How did the investigator identify Boucher’s involvement? a. Boucher’s ex-wife found out and contacted Swainler’s board of directors. b. A former employee of Swainler’s went to work for a competitor and told his manager about Boucher’s involvement. c. The investigator found telephone calls made by Boucher to a warehouse where some of the stolen drives had been traced. C d. Investigators found a large cash deposit in Boucher’s bank account around the time that the drives went missing.

  9. Which of the following control weaknesses were present in Swainler’s Technology? a. Because the company was run primarily on trust, many transactions were conducted without any documentation or controls. A b. The surveillance cameras on the loading dock didn’t work. c. Background checks were required only on senior executives and accounting personnel. d. All of the above

Homework 10

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Homework 10

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