Apply UGESP to planning and staffing:

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This DB/Case focuses on Learning Objective 2: Apply UGESP to planning and staffing:

You are the director of staffing and you have to develop the first Affirmative Action Plan for your company. How are the AAPs of 1970 different than today’s AAPs? How would you use the UGESP to help validate your recruiting and selection process? You might want to check out 41 CFR 60 – 1.12 and 41 CFR 60 – 2.17(d). Refer to specific sections of your book, UGESP, or other texts.


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Apply UGESP to planning and staffing:

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:ORGANIZATIONALSTAFFING Organizationalstaffing Name Course Institution Lecturer Date 1 ORGANIZATIONALSTAFFING 2 Differencesbetweenthecurrentand1970sAffirmativeActionPlans Anaffirmativeactionfavorsmembersofadisadvantagedgroupintermsofrace,color

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