123Brown is the New Green

123Brown is the New Green

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EXPERIENTIAL EXERCISE II George Lopez: Brown is the New Green Do the work according to the movie, and follow all the instruction. "Finally there is someone that you can invest in that looks like you, speaks like you, relates to things you relate to, and make our culture okay to talk about.†- George Lopez You have critically explored filmmaker Phillip Rodriquez's insightful docudrama titled George Lopez: Brown is the New Green. Hopefully, you were able to identify with the observations of Latino icon and advocate George Lopez through his behind-the-scenes access to his television show, stand-up routine and life experiences. One of the overarching issues is the "collective state of confusion about Latinos" that permeates American society. 1. Discuss the video with your teammates. How does George Lopez's perspectives about the marketing and "staging" of Latinos impact the following statement: "Art imitates life"? In other words, is the marketing of and to Latinos reflective of realworld VALs, or more of a constructed identity? As part of your answer, you may wish to address the Spanish-language networks and Hispanic advertising agencies' approach to the Latino market in marketing and media. 2. In your team discussion, think about the role set of Bill Dana - the character actor who portrayed "Jose Jiminez" - and discuss how his own ethnic identity was or was not consistent with the Latino characterization. Then, please address whether or not you think Bill Dana was enabling stereotyping and/or prejudice. 3. What insights did you glean from the interviews with the Latino youth market about their own ethnic identities? brief summury of movie : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00Hz16hs55k Find the movie, watch it and do the work according to the instructions above. 4 to 6 pages paper typed 12 font double space.

123Brown is

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123Brown is the New Green

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