AB 204 Unit 5 Assignment

AB 204 Unit 5 Assignment

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AB 204 Unit 5 Assignment 1) Assume there is a simple economy where people consume only 2 goods, food and clothing. Further assume that the market basket of goods used to compute the CPI consists of 100 units of food and 20 units of clothing. 2) Calculate how much each of the following items is worth in terms of today's dollars using 180 as the price index for today. 3) The table below uses data for 3 hypothetical countries. All the number values are in thousands. Complete the blank entries in the table below. 4) The following table indicates U.S. real GDP data. Calculate real GDP per person for 1987 and 2005. Then use real GDP per capita to compute the percentage change in real GDP per person from 1987 to 2005.

AB 204

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AB 204 Unit 5 Assignment

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Excerpt from file: AB204Unit5Assignment 1)Assumethereisasimpleeconomywherepeopleconsumeonly2goods,foodandclothing.Further assumethatthemarketbasketofgoodsusedtocomputetheCPIconsistsof100unitsoffoodand20 unitsofclothing. 2)Calculatehowmucheachofthefollowingitemsisworthintermsoftoday'sdollarsusing180asthe

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