Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare Informatics

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BIO 102 - Humans and the Environment Make-up Integration Activities Each student may make up a maximum of 60 Integration Activity (the weekly homework assignments). All make-up assignments must be submitted by our last class BEFORE the week of final exams. A. Become an Agent of Environmental Change (up to 30 points) 1. Identify an environmental problem in your neighborhood or region (200 word minimum): a. Describe the problem. b. Explain how this problem impacts the environment. c. Provide photographs of the problem (no humans in picture please) 2. Develop a project that will help remediate this problem (200 word minimum). a. Explain how this project will help reduce the impact of the environmental problem that you’ve identified. b. Identify individuals who will help put your plan into action. c. Create a timeline for completing the project. 3. Put your plan into action (200 word minimum) a. Describe how your project helped to solve the problem you identified. b. Provide photographs to show your outcomes. B. Biochar Lecture (up to 30 points) 1. Go to the STEM Speaker Series Website at: 2. Watch the video of : Biochar: An Ancient Solution To The New Problems of Climate Change and Food Security" by Russ Losco from Nov. 26, 2013 Direct link to youtube account: dex=5 3. Take notes while watching the lecture. 4. Use your notes to write a 400-word essay explaining what Biochar is and how it contributes to sustainable development. 5. Submit both your notes and your essay.

C. Children’s Picture Book (up to 30 points) 1. Create a children’s picture book explaining the concept of sustainability. 2. Pictures may be drawn by hand, photographs, or downloaded from the internet. IF you are using pictures from a website, you must credit the site where the pictures were originally found. 3. The book must have a cover and a title page. 4. The back page must list the references that you used in creating the book. 5. The book must be at least 10 pages, excluding the cover, title page, and list of references. 6. Books may be created digitally or by hand. If the book is created by hand, the pictures must be neatly glued onto the page. 7. Points will be awarded based on originality, creativity, neatness, and accuracy. D. Creativity (points vary – must be pre-approved by Prof. Devenny) Do you have an idea of something that you would like to do to make up your missing points? Paint a picture? Write a play? Perform a song? These are just a few examples of activities that students have submitted in the past. Tell me your idea and we’ll come up with the criteria and point values.

Healthcare Informatics

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Healthcare Informatics

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Excerpt from file: 1 Runninghead:HEALTHCAREINFORMATICS HealthcareInformatics Name Institution Course Lecturer Date 2 HEALTHCAREINFORMATICS HealthcareInformatics Introduction Informationonhealthcaretechnologyanditsapplicationisanecessityforgrantapplicationsand

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