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____ is when the home is financially and legally transferred to the new owner.

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Title insurance to protect the ____ is usually required.

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Which of the following documents outlining all of the costs associated with closing on the sale of a home must the purchaser receive at least 1 business day prior to the closing?          

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____ fee is (are) common miscellaneous costs in buying a home.

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____ insurance is generally required when a borrower makes a minimum down payment.

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VA-guaranteed mortgages are very much like FHA-insured mortgages except they

• Question 7
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What basic factor(s) affect(s) the monthly payment on a mortgage loan?

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What is the maximum amount a lender would lend on a house valued at $160,000 if an 85 percent loan-to-value ratio were required?

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____ is (are) generally part of the monthly house payment.

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____ are generally not paid by the buyer of a house.

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____ should be completed before interacting with sellers.

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Brian  has decided he would like to negotiate on a car with a $32,000 sticker price. If the dealer's cost on this car is 15 percent lower than the sticker price, Brian should be able to negotiate a price some what higher than

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Jessie just bought an SUV and financed it with an automobile loan. She will pay 48 monthly payments of $425 each and one final payment of $3,000. What type of clause is in her sales contract?

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A vehicle lease is essentially

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Never discuss ____ with an auto dealer.

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Preshopping research for new cars should focus on

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Same as cash offers often carry the risk that

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A(n) ____ is a refund of part of the purchase price.

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A consumer can save money by

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The first consideration in any negotiation is

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Excerpt from file: 0outof1points ____iswhenthehomeisfinanciallyandlegallytransferredtothenewowner. SelectedAnswer: a. Foreclosure CorrectAnswer: c. Closing Question2 0outof1points Titleinsurancetoprotectthe____isusuallyrequired. SelectedAnswer: d. buyerandlender CorrectAnswer: c. lender Question3 1outof1points ...

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