2-1 Discussion: HP’s Agile Practices

2-1 Discussion: HP’s Agile Practices

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2-1 Discussion: HP’s Agile Practices
HP’s global supply chain is agile with respect to production of computers and printers. In other words, it implements product modularity and postponement, despite the fact that parts are shipped from overseas. Conduct research on HP’s agile practices and share your knowledge with the other students. Your discussion should include comparison with HP’s competitors (such as Dell and Acer).


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2-1 Discussion: HP’s Agile Practices

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Excerpt from file: HelloClass, HPusesanagiledevelopmentmethodologythatenhancesthewaycompaniesbuildsoftware. Theyexpandedtheirsoftwareportfolioinordertokeepupwiththeircompetitors.Twooftheir biggest software that improved their development was HP Sprinter and HP Accelerator

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