9-3: Final Project – Part 1

9-3: Final Project – Part 1

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9-3: Final Project – Part 1 Select any two of the following case studies from the textbook: Dell: High Velocity, Focused Supply Chain Management Gate Gourmet: Success Means Getting to the Plane on Time Mediaware- Turning the Supply Chain Upside Down Provide a comprehensive overview including background and analysis (one or two pages) of each of the two case studies. Then answer all of the questions given at the end of each of the two case studies. Your answers must incorporate concepts and theory from course material and outside references. Each answer may be 200–300 words. Cite your sources in APA format.


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9-3: Final Project – Part 1

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Excerpt from file: Running Head: Final Project Part 1 FinalProjectPart1 Int'lSupplyChainMgmt16TW1 CaseStudy:GateGourmet:SuccessMeansGettingToThePlaneOnTime Gate Gourmet is a catering company that offers its services to airlines. They have operations in 30 different countries and manage 115

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