7-2 Problem Set: Transportation Problem

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7-2 Problem Set: Transportation Problem The problem you are to solve is located in the Module 7 Overview. Solve the Dee Creek linear programming model using the Microsoft Excel Solver tool. Refer to the tutorial on how to use the Solver tool (click on each image for a better display).

For additional details, please refer to the Problem Set Rubric document located in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubric section of the course. Be sure to interpret your result!


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7-2 Problem Set: Transportation Problem

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Excerpt from file: Transportation Problem Answer There are 3 production facilities and 3 warehouses. This is an assignment problem. QuantitytransferredfromproductionfacilityBattleCreektowarehouse QuantitytransferredfromproductionfacilityBattleCreektowarehouse

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