PCN521 R M6ExperientialInterventionTemplate

PCN521 R M6ExperientialInterventionTemplate

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PCN-521 Module 6: Experiential Interventions Directions: Review the Vargas Family Case Study, Module 6. Develop three experiential interventions that you would use with the Vargas family. Its time to get creative! You have noticed that the Vargas family struggles with emotional expression, particularly with congruent emotional expression (i.e., words, actions, and body language being congruent). Using the Experiential Interventions Template, develop three experiential interventions that you would use with the family and describe why they would be helpful to the family. Be sure to fully address each section in the template for each of the 3 interventions in your paper: Intervention 1 Title of your Intervention: General Goals: Materials Needed: Advance Preparation Needed:...

PCN521 R

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PCN521 R M6ExperientialInterventionTemplate

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Excerpt from file: PCN521Module6:ExperientialInterventions Directions:ReviewtheVargasFamilyCaseStudy,Module6.Developthreeexperiential interventionsthatyouwouldusewiththeVargasfamily. Itstimetogetcreative!YouhavenoticedthattheVargasfamilystruggleswithemotional

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