Ralph Dunn Jr Topic 3 Journal Entry Leadership and Service

Ralph Dunn Jr Topic 3 Journal Entry Leadership and Service

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Ralph Dunn Jr. UNV 108 January 2, 2017 Lynn Basko Leadership and Service

Leadership has many different definitions and many faces. Leadership can be good as well as bad. I personally defined leadership as a person who contains the ability to influence others to do either good or bad. This person conducts a service to others and can inspire dreams and aspirations inside other to accomplish goals. To serve others, is to perform a service for the benefit of someone other than self. Becoming an educator plays a big role in both the educators lives as well as a bigger role in the pupils future. We can all think back to our years of early education; therefore we can recall our best and worst teachers. My program of study will give me the knowledge and skills to relay the required...

Ralph Dunn

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Ralph Dunn Jr  Topic 3 Journal Entry Leadership and Service

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Excerpt from file: 1 RalphDunnJr. UNV108 January2,2017 LynnBasko LeadershipandService Leadershiphasmanydifferentdefinitionsandmanyfaces.Leadershipcanbegoodas wellasbad.Ipersonallydefinedleadershipasapersonwhocontainstheabilitytoinfluence

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