Topic 1 Journal Entry 1 Motivation final

Topic 1 Journal Entry 1 Motivation final

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UNV-108 University to Success December 21, 2016 Ms. Lynn Basko Topic 1 Journal Entry 1: Motivation My incentive to enroll at Grand Canyon University(GCU) was due to the unsuccessful chapter in my life. Im classified as a long-term substitute teacher who conducts the same work of a degreed teacher without the pay. Nevertheless, my seven years in the United States Army has provided exponential knowledge and experience. I strive to continue my educational growth to remain resilient in this fast paced society. My father, Ralph Dunn Sr, once stated, Why would you choose to be paid for what you can do, instead, further your education and be paid for what you know. Hearing that compelled me to pursue my higher education. Anyone can push a broom and it is...

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 Topic 1 Journal Entry 1 Motivation final

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Excerpt from file: 1 RalphDunnJr. UNV108UniversitytoSuccess December21,2016 Ms.LynnBasko Topic1JournalEntry1:Motivation MyincentivetoenrollatGrandCanyonUniversity(GCU)wasduetotheunsuccessful chapterinmylife.Imclassifiedasalongtermsubstituteteacherwhoconductsthesamework

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