Proposal essay eng 106

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The Disappearance of the Freshman Fifteen Grand Canyon University: Eng-106 April 11, 2016 Everyone has heard of the freshman fifteen once they become a college student, where you gain roughly fifteen pounds from eating unhealthy foods and not having a great amount of exercise. Colleges are known to have fast food options on campus, along with a cafeteria where you can choose between a main meal, along with fruits, vegetables, salad, and such. However, Grand Canyon University does not offer this. Grand Canyon University has a variety of food options, but every single one is unhealthy. From Chick-Fil-A, which offers chicken nuggets, fries, etc., to a greasy pizza place, to more restaurants that offer burgers. GCU does not have a cafeteria,...

Proposal essay

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Proposal essay eng 106

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:THEDISAPPEARANCEOFTHEFRESHMANFIFTEEN TheDisappearanceoftheFreshmanFifteen SarahJackson GrandCanyonUniversity:Eng106 April11,2016 1 TheDisappearanceoftheFreshmanFifteen 2 Everyonehasheardofthefreshmanfifteenoncetheybecomeacollegestudent,whereyou...

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