MGT 420 Contemporary Business Leaders

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Contemporary Business Leaders Student A. Sample Grand Canyon University: MGT/420 Date Note: Even though APA does not require the date on a title page, it is a requirement for GCU papers Insert YOUR information here.

Your introduction should be typed here. It should be at least four sentences and include a thesis statement. Please note that you should follow all APA writing rules within your essay. This means avoid first and second person (with the exception of the personal reflection), do not use contractions, and use citations throughout your paper! And remember  this is NOT an opinion paper. Do not write I think or I believe. Prove your points with research (the text counts as one of your sources). Please see the rubric at the end of this document. If...
MGT 420

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MGT 420 Contemporary Business Leaders

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:BUSINESSLEADERS 1 ContemporaryBusinessLeaders StudentA.Sample GrandCanyonUniversity:MGT/420 Date Note:EventhoughAPAdoesnotrequirethe dateonatitlepage,itisarequirementforGCUpapersInsertYOURinformationhere. WorkinginTeams 2

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