PHI 413V Week 4 Benchmark Assignment Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection

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Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection Your Name. Grand Canyon University: PHI-413V October 2016

Today there is a growing trend for health care providers to treat patients from a Holistic view. As nursing theorist Madeleine Leininger explains, Our rapidly growing multicultural world makes it imperative that nurses understand different cultures to work and function effectively with people having different values, beliefs, and ideas about nursing, health, caring, wellness, illness, death, and disabilities. The majority of Americans believe religion and spirituality is very important and affects their health care encounters. Patients want to discuss their spirituality with their providers as part of the plan of care. Several spiritual assessments have been put...

PHI 413V

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PHI 413V Week 4 Benchmark Assignment   Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection

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Excerpt from file: SpiritualNeedsAssessmentandReflection SpiritualNeedsAssessmentandReflection YourName. GrandCanyonUniversity:PHI413V October2016 1 SpiritualNeedsAssessmentandReflection 2 TodaythereisagrowingtrendforhealthcareproviderstotreatpatientsfromaHolistic

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