NRS 410V Week 3 Case Study # 2; Managing Congestive Heart Failure

NRS 410V Week 3 Case Study # 2; Managing Congestive Heart Failure

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Case Study # 2: Managing Congestive Heart Failure Your Name Grand Canyon University NRS 410v - Pathophysiology and Nursing Management of Clients Health October 2016

Introduction Case Study There is a case study presented. A 76-year-old male was experiencing labored breathing, 4 pitting edema, and moist crackles throughout lung fields. Patient (Mr. P) is experiencing cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure (CHF). This patient has been hospitalized for treatment of CHF symptoms before (Case Study 2, 2013). Mr. P has been finding it very difficult to manage diet restrictions as well as all his medications. Mr. P lives with his wife but does not have any other help with managing these issues. Mr. Ps wife is sad that her husband is declining, but she is not able...

NRS 410V

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NRS 410V Week 3 Case Study # 2; Managing Congestive Heart Failure

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Excerpt from file: CASESTUDY:MANAGINGCONGESTIVEHEARTFAILURE CaseStudy#2:ManagingCongestiveHeartFailure YourName GrandCanyonUniversity NRS410vPathophysiologyandNursingManagementofClientsHealth October2016 1 CASESTUDY:MANAGINGCONGESTIVEHEARTFAILURE 2 IntroductionCaseStudy

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