State Credentialing Board Research Project

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State Credentialing Board Research Project Gerry Carballo Grand Canyon University

INTRODUCTION Each profession requires some standards of quality of service and sustainability of that. It will help in upgrading the standards along with aboding to the established law and order. Every country has their own licensing procedure and it is specific for specific departments or firms. Professional counselling help in providing right guidance in the career growth along with ensuring that each firm should undergo this mandatory system so that the quality of the product or services could be maintained and the rights of the customers should also be maintained (Capuzzi, & Stauffer, 2016). The professional counselors are professionally trained this to equip ourselves much before the entry of the...

State Credentialing

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State Credentialing Board Research Project

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:STATECREDENTIALINGBOARDRESEARCHPROJECT StateCredentialingBoardResearchProject GerryCarballo GrandCanyonUniversity 1 STATECREDENTIALINGBOARDRESEARCHPROJECT 2 INTRODUCTION Eachprofessionrequiressomestandardsofqualityofserviceandsustainabilityofthat.It

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