Practicum Worksheet 11 19 15

Practicum Worksheet 11 19 15

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Topic 3: UNV-502: Introduction to Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences Practicum Licensure & Personal Plan Worksheet
Details: Complete the attached Practicum Licensure and Personal Plan Worksheet. Type your responses directly onto the worksheet. Make sure to include in-text citations from your sources when completing your justifications; citations must be presented in APA format. Use APA citations for each part of the assignment as indicated in the worksheet instructions. Include an APA reference page. Solid academic writing is expected.

Practicum: Cite appropriate questions in this section using the Practicum Manual. For Students Using Typhon System Only: Bachelors in Counseling with an Emphasis in Addiction, Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse Manual for...

Practicum Worksheet

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 Practicum Worksheet 11 19 15

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Excerpt from file: Topic3:UNV502:IntroductiontoGraduateStudiesintheHealthSciences PracticumLicensure&PersonalPlanWorksheet Details: CompletetheattachedPracticumLicensureandPersonalPlanWorksheet.Typeyourresponsesdirectlyontotheworksheet.Makesuretoincludein...

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