NRS 427V Week 5 Discussion Question 2

NRS 427V Week 5 Discussion Question 2

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NRS 427V Week 5 Discussion Question 2 NRS 427V Concepts in Community and Public Health Grand Canyon What spiritual issues surrounding a disaster can arise for individuals, communities, and health care providers? Explain your answer in the context of a natural or manmade disaster. How can a community health nurse assist in the spiritual care of the individual, community, self, and colleagues?

Whether a disaster is natural or manmade it comes with many emotional effects on those involved such as stress from trauma, anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, depression, and irritability. These emotional effects linger long after the disaster and become long term issues for those involved. For example it has been almost 15 years since 9/11, although it has been that long those...

NRS 427V

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NRS 427V Week 5 Discussion Question 2

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Excerpt from file: NRS427VWeek5DiscussionQuestion2 NRS427VConceptsinCommunityandPublicHealthGrandCanyon Whatspiritualissuessurroundingadisastercanariseforindividuals,communities,and healthcareproviders?Explainyouranswerinthecontextofanaturalormanmade

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