NRS 427V Week 5 Assignment 3 Community Teaching Plan; Teaching Experience Paper

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Teaching Experience Paper


Grand Canyon University: NRS-427VN

October 16, 2016

Teaching Experience Paper

On October 4, 2016, this writer gave a presentation to Junior Year students at North Point High School in Waldorf, Maryland.  The students are in the RN STAT program.  This program teaches students first aid, CPR, and allows them to sit for the State of Maryland Certified Nursing Assistant test after their first year.  This writer worked with the students instructors to find a topic that was both  a HP2020 goal and something that the instructor felt the students needed further education on.  The agreement was made to do the presentation on sexually transmitted diseases.  This writer put together a power point presentation and presented it to the class. ...
NRS 427V

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NRS 427V Week 5 Assignment 3 Community Teaching Plan; Teaching Experience Paper

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:TEACHINGEXPERIENCEPAPER TeachingExperiencePaper Name.. GrandCanyonUniversity:NRS427VN October16,2016 1 TEACHINGEXPERIENCEPAPER 2 TeachingExperiencePaper OnOctober4,2016,thiswritergaveapresentationtoJuniorYearstudentsatNorthPoint

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